The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Too Fast, Too Furious

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Relationships were tested, rekindled, and a few were left with a question mark on "Too Fast, Too Furious."

It was a blast from the past on The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4 as familiar faces and fan favorites Cole and AJ returned, as well as Cortney.

Former crushes and exes? It definitely made for an interesting hour!

S.W.A.K - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

Callie and Brandon both have their respective pitfalls in all of their relationships, but their level of self-awareness within their relationships has been quite the journey.

Callie had her hands full because not only did she have Cole to contend with, but she also had AJ.

It was so great having Cole back, if only briefly. Not only has his friendship with Callie been one of the best in the series, but it has been a gratifying experience following his transformative journey.

Cole Blushes - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

It's a pity that Callie fell out of touch because life got in the way, but it does speak to a larger problem she has. More on that in a bit.

Callie and Cole's conversation wasn't as uncomfortable as it could have been. Cole did have a massive crush on Callie, and his belief that she rejected him because he's transgender was a hell of a lot easier than accepting that she just wasn't into him.

If Cole wasn't happily dating Marissa, there is no doubt Callie's new relationship with Aaron would have hit him harder. Whether cisgender or transgender, guys have a difficult time processing why they've been "friend-zoned" and their insecurities rear their ugly heads, leaving little room for rational thoughts.

Cole: I guess I'm surprised that you're dating a guy whose...
Callie: I told you that wasn't--
Cole: I guess, I didn't totally believe you. It's easier than thinking it was me who was the problem.
Callie: Cole, there was never a problem. We were friends, okay?
Cole: But weren't you friends with Aaron, too?

It's great that Callie has this person in whom she can confide as she takes on a relationship that's different for her, but Callie's problem always lied in her communicating with everyone but the person she needed to most.

Callie shouldn't have been talking to Cole about her sex life with Aaron when she didn't even attempt to speak to Aaron first. Cole and Aaron may both be transgender, but they are different people who like different things. What Cole likes in bed may be entirely different than what Aaron may like.

Lying Here With You - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

The cringe-worthy scene of the night was when Callie (attempting to go off of some things Cole shared with her), was making out with Aaron and remarking on how masculine and strong he was. The second-hand embarrassment was real.

It was not only fake and over done, but without meaning to, she came across patronizing. It's a relief that Aaron and Callie talked it out and both acknowledged they aren't ready to have sex.

It was quite revealing and a sign that Callie needs to continue working on herself when she admitted that she was willing to go along with having sex despite not being ready.

Callie: When we are ready, like, both of us, I'm going to need to be able to ask you some stuff without feeling like I'm saying the wrong thing, which I'm gonna.
Aaron: Hey, hey, hey, there's nothing you can't ask me. Nothing. Just please ask me and not someone else. I need to feel like I can trust you too. Deal?
Callie: Deal.

Oh Callie, honey, why? Cole picked up on it during their conversation. He asked her about her wants and likes, and she didn't even know how to answer. Aaron was left asking her why she would go through with something she didn't want to do.

Callie learning how to love and value herself as much as she loves and values others has been five seasons in the making. She's slowly making progress, but it's disheartening to witness how difficult this process is for her.

Exploring New Ground - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

The hour also tackled the unresolved issues between Callie and AJ and how it affects Callie's relationship with Aaron.

AJ was another welcome face in this installment. It has been a long time since we saw him, and despite how everything went down with Callie, he's another favorite recurring character on the series.

Aaron assumed Callie had residual feelings for AJ. He also felt like he was a rebound. That was a fair assessment for him to make, but Aaron is at fault just as much as Callie here. He pursued her the entire time she was with AJ and instigated along the way. What did he expect?

Callie: It's not my fault you cheated on me.
AJ: OK, I didn't say it was.
Callie: Maybe you didn't say it, but you treat me like it was.

Callie has it out with AJ, and it was undoubtedly cathartic for her. Yes, much of what she said had merit. In no way did any of her actions justify the fact that he cheated on her, and he should not blame her for his choice.

That being said, AJ never flat out said that he did. Callie's own guilt and insecurities fueled that belief more than anything. Then, she shared that with everyone who wasn't AJ (i.e., Brandon). She made AJ look like a terrible person, and she was absolved of her own faults within their relationship.

Callie, much like she fell out of touch with Cole, is so wrapped up in her own issues or her latest quest that she hurts the people she cares about around her.

Communication Is Crucial - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

Either she throws everything into her romantic relationship and loses sight of all, including herself (as she did with Brandon), or she throws herself into too many things and doesn't realize that her romantic relationship is about more than just her moral support (as she did with AJ).

One of AJ's best traits (in general and while dating Callie) is his ability to be straightforward. AJ didn't coddle Callie or shy away from calling her out when necessary, and that was a breath of fresh air.

Callie attempted to lay most of the blame for their relationship failing on AJ, and he wouldn't let her do that. He still owned up to his wrong though.

You want things to be clean between us? Fine. This was a two-way street. We both made it hard and we both made it end. There. Clean enough for you?


He didn't hesitate to remind her that she cheated on him. She and Aaron kissed, but Callie was also emotionally involved with Aaron from the second she met him despite being with AJ.

I respect that AJ did an awful thing but is held accountable for it. He isn't a horrible person because of it. It's an unfavorable turn of events that Callie has Brandon believing AJ is a bit of jerk when her relationship with AJ was complicated.

Don't add to the tension between the soon-to-be brothers. Speaking of that, the new family dynamic composed of Ana, Mike, the baby, and AJ is divine.

They are such a darling little familial unit, and it's a nice break away from the endearing but chaotic family life at Stef and Lena's house. They all get along quite well.

The Handyman - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

Can we see more of that, please? Mike and Ana's relationship was questionable for many reasons, but now that we've caught a glimpse of their domestic life, their engagement doesn't seem so bad.

Mike deserves to be happy, and I, for one, am thrilled that he didn't let Stef or his second guessing interfere with his proposal.

Brandon will have another stepmother and two more siblings. So, Ana's baby is the biological sibling of the twins, who are Brandon's adopted siblings, and AJ, his new brother, is also the ex-boyfriend of Brandon's ex-girlfriend/current sister. This show needs a flowchart.

Cortney was added into the mix, too. Where Cortney and her rambunctious son are, Brandon's "Captain Save a Girl" quality at the expense of his most important relationships, is sure to follow.

Resting Brandon Face - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 3

What's a young working mother to do when she's in desperate need of a babysitter because she, for some reason, still doesn't have a steady one? Why, call her ex-boyfriend to babysit for her, of course!

Brandon and Grace are a nice couple. Brandon was able to confide in Grace about his relationship with Cortney and his fear of moving too quickly on their own.

It was a fantastic moment of self-awareness, particularly when he mentioned his equal parts endearing and annoying habit of being a caretaker.

So, it came as no surprise that he would invite Cortney and Mason to stay in what has become the Fosters very own B & B. Seriously, they should just start renting that sucker out for a quick buck.

Blow for Blow - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

Brandon casually shoved Gabe's belongings aside so he could put up Cortney and Mason until Gabe comes back from his work trip. That won't go over well with Grace.

Why did they bring back Cortney and Mason? I hoped they set fire to this relationship a long time ago, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Cortney and her offspring are back to screw up everything. Ugh.

Grace, at least, didn't give Brandon the "be the bigger person" spiel when it came to Jesus. Lena being upset with Brandon for finally reacting to Jesus hit all too close to home.

Lena: Brandon! Stop it! You want him to fall and hit his head again?!
Brandon: He started it. He pushed me first.
Lena: He has a TBI. What's the matter with you?!

Brandon has the patience of Job. His shoving Jesus back was every bit as instinctive as breathing. He's faced the brunt of Jesus' ire and it's no wonder things didn't get physical between them a lot sooner.

Their moment of reconnecting was the highlight of the hour. While it's not comparable per se, Brandon was in a position to understand Jesus' struggles and give him advice as someone who made it through to the other side of a physical setback.

Who else wanted in on that hug? Does this mean they're on stable ground, or will things get rocky again?

Jesus: I'm sorry that I keep taking everything out on you. Look, I've been angry because I'm afraid that I'm never going to be the same again.
Brandon: You're not. When my hand got smashed, I thought my life was completely over. Everything I worked for... I thought I would never play piano again.
Jesus: Yeah, but you did.
Brandon: Yeah I did, but I had to learn how to play differently. It took a lot of hard work. A lot of time. If you're patient, you can come back from this. Just because things won't be the same, doesn't mean they won't be okay.

Jesus' relationship with Emma didn't fare as well. Emma has agitating, unlikable moments (like when she made snide comments to Mariana), but there is a mature quality to her that is admirable.

When she and Jesus came face-to-face for a talk, she pointed out that there's no way for Jesus to pretend as if he's okay with her decision when she knows he isn't.

She stood by her choice that she made over her body because it was her life, but she gave Jesus the opening to acknowledge his hurt and pain over it.

Emma Stands By her Choice - The Fosters  Season 5 Episode 4

The Fosters has handled this arc masterfully. At no point has Emma been portrayed as wrong for making her choice. There's no angst or regret because it was the best choice for her. She's stood by her convictions on that.

They have also allowed Jesus to have his perspective on it, with the extra weight of his position being supported by his own experience as a child who was given up. He's not wrong for feeling his feelings.

Lena was not wrong for feeling hers. She and Stef quickly smoothed things over when Jesus brought up the conversation he overheard, but that has to cut deep, and a deeper conversation is necessary for that. Lena and Jesus are owed that chance to have a scene together with just them hashing that out.

Lazy Libido - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

As much as Jesus is working towards accepting that his life may not be the same, it's still difficult for him to accept in what ways that may be the case.

The thought of a student aide accompanying him to his classes has him considering the G.E.D route instead.

Emma's treatment of Mariana was brutal. She has every right to be mad. She doesn't have to be so nasty though.

I'm just not really great at not being great at things.


Emma's "mean girl" streak was back and for a bit, it appeared as if Ximena's little sister would activate her inner "mean girl" and be cruel to Mariana as well.

Fortunately, her jealousy over Mariana receiving encouragement didn't get in the way of things.

Roller Derby is good for Mariana in part because it's something she actually has to work at. She's not used to not being good at something, and roller derby has her out of her comfort zone.

Bumps and Bruises - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4

Mariana was also afraid of falling and getting hurt. She kept holding back. It's that type of relatability that makes Mariana a relatable character even when she's more often than not grating.

Ximena and her little sister have a way with words and giving advice. It's possible that both girls will be just the type of friends Mariana and Callie need in their lives.

What are your thoughts on the Callie/Aaron sex storyline? Which character return excited you most? Are Jesus and Emma over? Sound off below!

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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

AJ: Hey, Mike told me that Troy Johnson confessed. You were right about him.
Callie: Yeah, but I was wrong about a lot of other things so...gotta go.

Emma: Is there a story about Jesus and a baseball bat?
Brandon: Uhh, why?
Emma: I saw your door was smashed in, did he do that?