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There is another secret revealed on Zoo Season 3 Episode 9, and you won't believe it.

It's in connection to the Oz siblings, and it's one Robert kept from both his son and his daughter.

It could change everything, including whether or not humanity can finally reproduce again in the future.

While Jackson and Abigail share these (not very) tender moments with each other, Jamie struggles to save Mitch.

Mitch had his head fixed by Abigail, but does Jamie decide to rescue him from Mr. Duncan or not?

You might not believe the answer to the question, but you'll want to see how it plays out.

When Dariela finally takes Isaac home, that leaves Abraham behind to focus on a cure. 

Now he has all of humanity and Clementine in his care. Which will be the first to receive his many talents?

Since Sam Parker has shown up, it's probably the patient closest to home.

Be sure to watch Zoo online to see how everything goes down. It's getting so good!!

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Duncan: Abigail. Who is this person?
Abigail: Duncan, meet Sam Parker, the father of Clementine's baby.

That's OK. We have Jackson. We can use him to get Clementine back.