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Under one minute to go, but with 10 seconds to go, Jamie hit the switch.

When Jamie comes to, Max reveals Mitch or Duncan or whoever he was is no longer on the plane.

The tank kept Clem safe. Abraham can still make the cure. But Dariela is standing behind him with the family's bags. He has to ask where this is coming from.

Of course, Abe cannot walk away from the cure when it's so close. Dariela shouldn't even ask.

They all say goodbye. Dariela is obviously not thinking that as unsafe as things are on the plane, being alone and potentially used as bait isn't safety, either.

Duncan calls Abigail. He's in trouble. The biodrive is malfunctioning. She's pissed he's still alive and the plane's still flying, but he needs to go "home" if he's to survive.

Jamie is super worried.

Logan doesn't think it's as easy as cleaning up the four nests they've seen. He is certain there will be more.

I don't know where Duncan was, but it took him only a few minutes to get "home."

With a quick flick of some gizmo, Abigail had him fixed.

Duncan tells Abigail all about Clem and her situation.

Sam Parker is with Abigail. Abigail tells him they've been experimenting on Clementine. Nothing Jackson attempts to say sways him.

Max has done something with the tentacled hybrid. Logan is on board, and asks about spores. He needs info asap.

Abigail can talk to hybrids the way Jackson talks to animals because she's a hybrid.

Abigail has done a really great snow job on Sam Parker. He thinks Abigail is the good guy and our guys are the bad guys. As such, he allows Abigail to give him something that will mess with his blood before it transfuses into the baby. It's going to totally fuck with both Clem and the baby, but he fails to open his mouth before Abe starts the transfusion.

The plane shepherd has guns on Abigail. Duncan is walking toward Jamie, Jackson, and Max hoping to kill them.

Jackson has the gizmo that turns Duncan on and off.

Jackson saves Abigail. Abigail saves Jackson. Jackson stoves Abigail's head and tries to pull spinal fluid, but something's wrong. She might be near dead.

Jamie has Duncan at gunpoint. She needs him more than Mitch at the moment. He's going to do something Mitch would never do.

Logan and his pal are heading into an abandoned parking structure in Seoul. It's slick.

It looks like there are a bazillion ballsacks filled with those octopus creatures hanging from the ceiling. Ewwww.

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Duncan: Abigail. Who is this person?
Abigail: Duncan, meet Sam Parker, the father of Clementine's baby.

That's OK. We have Jackson. We can use him to get Clementine back.