Zoo Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Stakes on a Plane

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Abe and Dariela had plenty of time to try to save their family on Zoo Season 3 Episode 8, but instead, they strapped in after making sushi out of the cray-cray hybrid and let the plane fend for itself.

Will wonders never cease?

That was the most unexpected moment from "Stakes on a Plane," but any other predictability didn't stop it from being a whole lot of fun.

Three Pulses - Zoo Season 3 Episode 8

Things started out on such a great note. 

Max was fairly certain he would be able to make mince meat out of the bio thing in Mitch's brain, but he didn't count on the pulse generator running out of juice. Hell, the entire plane ran out of juice. 

While Abigail could have been involved with that because she had the means installed on board to get her grimy hands on just about everything (and everyone), it was caused by a hybrid. 

Was that thing that looked like a giant octopus new to the plane or did it hatch out of the egg Max brought on board? I would have thought the snake egg would produce, well, another giant snake. The goo running out from under that door led me to believe it was from a hatched egg, but then – octopus.

Anyway, it was a fun critter, grabbing folks by the legs and dragging them around the plane. It was nice to have him on board.

We Need to Fix The Plane - Zoo Season 3 Episode 8

Everyone was working together like good crew mates trying to get the plane into flying state again, and that couldn't have been done if Jamie remembered anything about the previous night. 

The tranq darts must be very strong if they even managed to wipe out Jamie's memory of Max being Mr. Duncan. That's not something she was likely to have forgotten otherwise.

Unfortunately, two pulses were apparently just what the doctor ordered to reset the biodrive in Mitch's head, and the reboot got Abigail's attention.

Really? Did anything else need to come to Abigail's attention?

Ouch My Head Hurts - Zoo Season 3 Episode 8

There was poor Mitch on the floor realizing his head was not right, practically calling out for his daddy – something else out of character for the people on board that damned plane – and right in the middle of terrorizing her brother a world away, it piques Abigail's interest.

If she's good at anything, we can give Abigail kudos for her ability to multitask.

She was extremely interested in how Jackson talks with the animals. Hey, who wouldn't be interested in how Dr. Doolittle does his little thing?

Brotherly Love - Zoo

I thought maybe Abigail had the same skills because she had done some experimenting on herself, but that's not the case. Anything she can do by way of talking to animals was picked up because of what she's learned through others.

How long she's been watching Jackson is unclear, but she's modeling her software after his brain. 

Isn't that flattering?

If only she weren't so skilled with a dart gun, she might have been eaten by now. If only Jackson could communicate to the animals to act upon his rage a little later when his sister wasn't expecting it. 

Except it's too late. Abigail got what she needed from Jackson's brain by taunting him much like the Mercedes killer has been taunting Bill Hodges on Mr. Mercedes.

Yes, she's that sick.

You Are A Bad Bad Person - Zoo Season 3 Episode 8

If Abraham was the only other person alive who knew what happened to Jackson's family, either his dad told her in great detail what happened (and she had a lot of details, right down to Connor's yellow blanket) or she's responsible for killing Jackson's family.

The pleasure she got out of taunting Jackson with the details leads me to believe Abigail killed her little brother's family. Until it's proven otherwise, I'm sticking with that theory.

That also leads me to Jackson turning the tables on her, getting his hands on her software so the IADG and his team can use it to control the hybrids after he uses mind control to kill her with an animal. Maybe while Duncan aka Mitch watches.

I'm Chuck Duncan - Zoo Season 3 Episode 8

Then again, maybe Abe told Abigail about the tragedy with Jackson and his family. Something about Abe has been sketchy lately.

Not only is he forcing his family to stay on the plane, but he didn't try to stop it from going down, which is weird. He could have locked his family in their seats and gone to turn on the switch. Why just sit there waiting to crash?

And what about that business with Clementine? He was willing to let both Clem and the baby die in the tank rather than only lose the baby because the baby is the future of humanity. No, Clem is the future of humanity. She can get pregnant due to her unique former illness and treatment.

If she loses the baby, there is a good chance she might be the one woman who will get pregnant again. Who would be stupid enough to let her die? Unless there's more to that baby that Abe knows, and he knows it because of Abigail.

It should be exciting to see what's next. So much could have happened in the 10 years we weren't with everyone. It could leak out in drips and dribbles shocking the hell out of us. What do you think?

If you want to relive some of life before the beginning of hybrids, you can watch Zoo online. Click through to get to some oldies but goodies.

Stakes on a Plane Review

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Max: You just stabbed your girlfriend in the neck with my tranquilizer dart. I think I deserve some answers.
Mitch: Well, I deserved a childhood free from chupacabra stakeouts, but we don't always get what we want.

Max: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It will be terrible. After awhile, it will still be terrible. But it will hurt a little less.
Mitch: That's beautiful. Can I cross-stitch that on a pillow?