Preacher Season 2 Episode 12 Review: On Your Knees

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It's the point of no return.

Jesse convinced himself he has no choice but to become the Messiah on Preacher Season 2 Episode 12 while shunning Tulip and Cassidy.

Hitler and Eugene continued their trek towards freedom, and the Saint of Killers returned. What does it all mean?

Changing Plans - Preacher

I loved seeing the Saint of Killers again, but this time around he was too calm and collected. It could be because he has part of Jesse's soul in him, or it could be because he wanted to savor the kill. Or maybe it was because he didn't have his tools to blast through everyone and everything.

Whatever the reason, I still would have liked to have seen a little more oomph to him.

In the end, it didn't matter because the demon guard came to get her quarry just as he was about to scalp Jesse. What a disappointing journey for the Saint of Killers. He didn't get to kill Jesse, and he didn't get to be with his family, either.

It's unclear what kind of deal he made with Hoover, but it might have had to do with scaring Jesse enough to entice to become the universe's savior. 

Jesse could be agreeing to it only because he's afraid that part of his soul is going to hell with the Saint of Killers. Yes, he's that selfish.

He doesn't have much choice in the matter now. The Saint of Killers is all cozy in his cell, and he's not getting out anytime soon.

Now the demon guard has to worry about Eugene and Hitler. I had thought their slide down the chute had put them back into the real world already, but instead, it sent them to Eugene's hell where he had to manipulate things to get them out. 

The Saint of Killers Returns - Preacher Season 2 Episode 12

And once they got out of Eugene's hell, they ended up in the air ducts. It will be frustrating if Eugene and Hitler get caught before they're free, but I'm taking a wild guess that Eugene will make it out and Hitler won't. 

I was right when I said in my Preacher Season 2 Episode 11 review that Jesse doesn't remember Eugene. He didn't want to send the Saint of Killers to hell because the guy had his soul, not because he felt guilty about sending Eugene to Hell. 

Jesse doesn't think about anyone but himself, and if he does go through with becoming the Messiah, it'll only be for self-preservation. He doesn't want to go to Hell himself and becoming the Messiah will help him avoid that fate.

I'd love to see Hitler return just to see what he does. Will he go back to his monster ways, or will he go back to the time before he became a monster?

If given a chance, Hitler would probably return to his old self before the change. That seems most likely. But even if he does make it out of Hell with Eugene, being free isn't going to last long. 

Hitler belongs in Hell, and it's obvious after the demon guard caught up with the Saint of Killers that they'll also catch up with Hitler and Eugene.

There's a better chance that Eugene won't have to go back, especially if he and Hitler can find Jesse, but there's a possibility that Eugene may want to go home first. He might want to find Tracy to see how she's doing.

Of course, he'll only find destruction, and that might enrage him even more. But enduring another search for someone will be grating.

The Pope Speaks - Preacher Season 2 Episode 12

It would be better if Eugene was able to confront Jesse now. Maybe seeing Eugene will set Jesse straight. 

Tulip and Cassidy tried to convince Jesse he was making the wrong choice, and they're not going to stop trying to convince him either.  Neither of them is the type to just walk away from something this important.

They've followed Jesse on his journey, and they believe in the vision that finding God is the answer. It's possible they will continue to search for God while Jesse works with Herr Starr.

I can't imagine that the process for becoming the Messiah is an immediate thing. What will they do with Humperdoo? 

If you think about it, we'll be one step closer to the Apocalypse if Jesse makes himself the Messiah. He'll be the false Messiah. Surely he knows this and knows that it won't be a good turn of events if he goes through with it.

Talking it Through - Preacher Season 2 Episode 12

Jesse Custer will be responsible for the end of the world. And that will fall in line with the Pope telling his flock that God is missing. Nothing like starting a panic now.

God may have sunk into some perverted mess, but he has to have his ear to the ground. He has to have some idea what's going on, and you'd hope he'll come to his senses and return.

Someone has to save Jesse from making the biggest mistake of his life!

What do you guys think will happen? Will Hitler return or only Eugene? What will Cassidy and Tulip do?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

If you need to catch up before the finale, you can watch Preacher online right here via TV Fanatic.

On Your Knees Review

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