Dynasty Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Spit It Out

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Fans watching Dynasty Season 1 Episode 2 came for a wedding but stayed for a murder mystery. 

Things didn't skip a beat, picking up right after Matthew's "accidental" death at Windbraier, which was caused by a malfunctioning Carrington truck.

Almost immediately, Blake calls in his pocket cop, which to me screamed: "I'm guilty."

Blake and Krystle  - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 2

There were also plenty of other indicator that would have made Blake the most obvious suspect.

He just found out his wife Cristal was sleeping with Matthew. When he tried to send Matthew away to China, he refused saying money didn't matter and he was going to stay with the woman he loved. 

Since flashbacks revealed he was going to leave Claudia, it's safe to assume that he was referring to Cristal, which probably didn't sit well with Blake, who is used to getting it all.

He also tried to push the blame away and steer the cops in the direction of Jeff Colby, another enemy who recently purchased the land right from under him. Not to mention he was entering into business with Fallon, thus making her Blake's competition.

He even tried to warn her not to act on impulse. Did he know what was going to happen on the land?

I'm not the only one pointing fingers in his direction. Claudia, Matthew's widow, is also convinced Blake offed her husband to silence him.

Thanks to Steven, we find out that she suffers from impaired memory, paranoia and delusions following a car accident last year. Still, she seems to retain a lot of information, which leaves me wondering how much of her memory is intact?

Mathew's Funeral - Dynasty

Does she have incriminating information on the Carrington's? Just like Matthew, she isn't one to be paid off for her silence. 

Since protecting the business also means protecting the family, Blake forces them to put on a united front.

If the family doesn't point fingers at each other, maybe they can all get away with it.

That means Fallon and Cristal, despite hating each others guts, have to form an alliance.

Don't get it twisted, they still despise each other, but they are willing to play nice in the public eye. 

Cristal seems to be genuinely trying to wrap her head around everything that's transpired in the past 24 hours and simply mourn an ex.

But Fallon is ruthless, taking jabs at her at any moment and giving the show that "bitchy" character we all love to hate. 

She even went as far as performing sexual acts on the driver and wearing red to the funeral simply to be petty. 

Even though Cristal pushing her into the grave was the most unrealistic part -- and let's face it, she would have probably broken a few bones on her way down -- I still couldn't help but cheer her on. It was hilarious and totally deserved. 

Fallon and Krystle - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 2

Part of the grieving process means forgetting about Matthew and burying their relationship with him in the grave. 

Her first test comes when they feed her to the wolves almost immediately since, in case you forgot, she runs the PR department. Spinning stories, specifically murder cover-ups, in favor of the company is literally what she was hired to do. 

And since she's now COO, Fallon wants to see "what she's made of."

She's hoping to see her stepmother fumble, but she handles it like a pro, for the most part.

Well, at least better than I would ever handle announcing the death of my ex-lover on my wedding night.

Cristal may be a good human, but she's a good asset for the family; she fits in. 

She had to weasel her way in somehow, and Willy wasn't wrong when he said that she slept her way to the top.

I'm sure she knew that it wouldn't be easy, but I don't think she expected this level of manipulation and deceit.

And with such a rocky start, she's basically forced to learn what it takes to survive. 

Krystle - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 2

That's why, even though she's aware that Blake tried to pay off Claudia, taunted her by returning Matthew's possession to Claudia and even invited the press to the wedding to sell his story, she sticks by him. 

Heck, she even defends him! She marched over to Willy and told him that she never loved Matthew and fired him. It was bold, but most importantly, it was her committing to this family.

That wouldn't come so naturally though if she didn't already have some experience with doing questionable things in the name of family.

Sammy actually makes the realization that she loves how family-orientated Blake is because she can relate to him. 

The question becomes: what terrible and dysfunctional things did she do in her past for family?

Blake: We need to come together to protect our family.
Krystle: You mean our business.
Fallon & Blake: Same thing.

All we know for now is that her real name is Celia Machada and whatever this secret is, it would "break Blake's heart."

He seems like a tough cookie to me -- he literally threw a funeral for a man he probably killed and pretended to be distraught -- so what could possibly be bad enough to hurt him? I cannot wait to find out. 

For the most part, Sammy's character has been rather pointless. 

We constantly see him flirting with Steven and bringing up Cristal's past. 

He clearly targeted Steven the night they hooked up to weasel his way into the mansion. But after pointing out how lucky he was to have Cristal in his life, why would he assume she wouldn't allow him to stay in the first place?

I had a feeling Sammy was using Steven, but I did not expect Steven to know he was being used. I guess when you have all that money, you come to expect it, but there has to be a bigger story here. 

The Carrington's  - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 2

Unless Sammy is just sticking around for the pool privileges, for which I definitely cannot blame him. I'd lie to for that kind of luxury too! 

Will Sammy come to Steven's aid now that he's been arrested for Matthew's murder?

We were all so focused on crucifying Blake that we never considered that the nonchalant son could have been behind it the whole time.

He, like Colby and Fallon, was also involved in Windbraier negotiations and possibly thought no one would suspect him. But aside from that, what motive does he really have?

And how did the FBI even come to that conclusion? Did Jeff Colby throw him under the bus?

Colby may have told Fallon that she can trust him, but it all went down right after his sister told him never to get into bed or business with the Carringtons!  Did he play her?

You can watch Dynasty online in case you missed it and comment below! 

Spit It Out Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Blake: We need to come together to protect our family.
Krystle: You mean our business.
Fallon & Blake: Same thing.

Steven: Quick question: is there a cactus where your heart should be?