Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5 Review: Danger Zone

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For an installment that had a large portion of it take place in a combat zone, that was a quiet hour.

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5 was one of those bottle episodes that had become the saving grace of Grey's Anatomy Season 13, but this time around it was just OK.

That's alright though, the rest of Grey's Season 14 has been spectacular, so I'll happily take an OK bottle episode if the rest of them kick butt.

It was an uneventful hour, but it did serve as a swan song for Nathan and romantic Omelia as we know it. 

Megan Listens Intently - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5

So, is that the official farewell to Nathan Riggs? Really? That's it? Megan's return could have and did, in some ways, bring a bit of conflict and drama, and Nathan was the one impacted the most. That much was to be expected, but I expected more to come from it.

Nathan had just begun to flesh out as his own character outside of being the man Owen butted heads with or the man who relentlessly tore down the walls encasing Meredith's heart since Derek's death.

He was becoming his own person, and Megan's return easily would have opened things up for his very own storyline that didn't necessarily have to be related to Meredith or Owen. It's unfortunate because he was secondary to other characters' storylines his entire time on the show.

He finally got his moment, and it was at the very end. So, up until now, he's been a plot device to further other people's storylines, and now he's gone. But, he did get rewarded by the end. Nathan finally got his happy ending.

Nathan's Happy Ever After

The brief moment where he and Meredith exchanged "thank you" texts was sweet. She gave him his second chance at a happy ending with his soulmate, and he helped her move on. 

There are some Nathan and Meredith shippers out there, and this has to be bittersweet for them. Nathan was merely a stepping stone. It's going to be interesting to see how Meredith moves on from here.

It was odd seeing the flashbacks and how he went about becoming engaged to Megan, isn't it? Who chooses to propose to a woman on the whim to cover up the fact that they cheated on her with someone else? Using that same woman's piece of jewelry?

He could have and should have just come clean right then and there rather than carrying on such a charade. Of all the excuses, justifications, and lies, that had to be the slimiest way of handling that situation. At what point should it have dawned on him that maybe he should backtrack on all of that?

Teddy: How could you do this to her?
Nathan: I don't know. We were fighting and--
Teddy: You were fighting so you propose to her using your side piece's jewelry?

Nathan committed to that lie. He would have kept it up to if not for Teddy. Don't you just love Teddy? She instantly figured out what happened when Nathan was bragging on the plane and wasted no time calling him out on it.

Her advice was the best she could have given him for that situation. He needed to be honest, but up until that point, he still seemed content to chalk it up to him and Megan having issues in their relationship, so he sort of justified it.

It also sucked that Megan then confessed to cheating too. It was like Nathan was let off the hook because at some point Megan cheated on him first, even though he didn't know that she had cheated on him when he cheated on her. Did you get all of that?

Two Heart Doctors - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5

That doesn't make it a wash, nor does it make Nathan less guilty. By the end of that debacle, frankly, I was annoyed. 

Not nearly as annoyed as when Megan told Owen that Nathan cheated on her, but she never mentioned that she also cheated on Nathan.

Would it have changed much? Probably not, but that's a very important piece of the story that was left out and given that Megan disappeared shortly after, that left Riggs to deal with Owen hating him for a decade without ever knowing the full story.

It's not like Nathan would have told Owen who assumed his sister was dead that Megan cheated on him. It would have come across like he was tarnishing her memory. I get why Nathan never said anything. 

Poised and Ready - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5

Again, I doubt that it would have changed that much though because Nathan didn't know Megan had an affair at the time of his own affair. 

There was more focus on that aspect of the story than there was on Megan being captured. Am I the only one who would have preferred seeing a glimpse of Megan captured over the years instead? Yeah, that would mean shifting the focus to a recurring character, but it would have been more interesting. 

So, Megan's patient was the one who shot up everyone and they didn't find out until Megan was on the helicopter. It wasn't surprising nor was it entertaining. I expected more excitement and drama surrounding Megan's capture.

The second shooter was an Iraqi woman. That guy tried to stop her.


Megan and Owen taking a road trip was super fun though. Abigail Spencer and Kevin McKidd singing and dancing along to Salt 'n Pepa's "Push It" was easily the best scene of the hour. In fact, if half the installment consisted of those two engaging in a little car-pool Karaoke, it would have been incredible.

Their sibling bond was entertaining. Derek and Amelia were the only brother and sister that Grey's spent a great deal of time on, and their relationship was strained and filled with resentment. 

Hunts Having Fun

Owen and Megan genuinely care about one another and seemed to get along well with the exception of Owen being the protective, controlling older brother. Owen was not at his most likable with some of his moments with Megan.

He interfered with her military career which kept her from a promotion, and that was infuriating with a healthy dose of sexist, too. Meagan was the best of her unit and deserved to climb the ranks, and Owen couldn't just let her be because he was too concerned about his "baby sister." 

It's one thing to be concerned and worried, but it's a whole other thing to actively butt in and take over. He was selfish when it came to Megan and prioritized what he felt was right over her autonomy as her own woman.

OK, I get this and you stay in Seattle.


That being said, his wanting to keep Megan in Seattle was understandable. She just got back and she's alive and healthy. I can understand why he didn't want to let her go yet. Malibu is so far away from Seattle. He just wanted to be near his sister.

It was nice that she called him out on clinging to his ideas and how he feels things are supposed to be because Owen certainly does that. There was a brief moment where it seemed like he was going to take that as giving up on having his own family, and that would have been a crappy move, but thankfully, they didn't do that.

Instead, after time spent hashing things out and smiling and being happy with his sister, Owen went home and finally broke things off with Amelia. It was needed and necessary. They both deserve to be happy and neither of them has been for a long time. Not together.

Omelia End

They will be awesome friends, but as a couple, it was time to call it quits. No sense in them continuing to hurt each other, and better to end things now when they're finally in a decent place. 

They both looked relieved like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders after all of that. I'm happy for them. But, I'm happy for Owen because he just never seems to be happy. I can't think of a time when he genuinely was. 

Did anyone catch Megan calling him Eeyore? That was the perfect nickname, certainly better than Diamond, although it's disconcerting to find out that Owen was always uptight. It's time for Owen to live a little, really live, and smile, and have fun, and enjoy life. 

Solace in Seattle - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5

All it took was a heart-to-heart with his sister. Siblings have a way of keeping a person in line better than parents at times. 

So, Nathan gets his happy ending, Megan gets her happy ending and her son, and Owen and Amelia both get to turn over a new leaf and have a fresh start. 

What did you guys think of "Danger Zone?" Were the flashbacks lackluster? Are you happy Amelia and Owen finally called it quits? Will you miss Riggs? Hit the comments below and let us know what you think.                          

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Danger Zone Review

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