Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Chapter Sixty-Seven

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Family drama? Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 3 has various levels of dysfunctional happening all at once.  

Some would actually call them modern families. 

Jane, who was scarred by all the unknown men her mother brought home when she was young, was pursuing her relationship with Adam and being careful not to expose Mateo to it too soon.

Introducing Adam to Mateo - Jane the Virgin

They were like secret agents, sneaking around whenever Mateo was at school or out with Raf. 

I don't know why Adam was waiting around the neighborhood waiting for her to flicker the lights. Wouldn't it just be easier to text? I guess it brought in that element of surprise.

Unfortunately, someone was to catch them fooling around and sure enough, it was Mateo who thought someone was attacking his mother. 

"Don't hurt my mommy," he yelled flailing his arms at Adam's face.

Mateo is my hero!

This is the second time Mateo tried to save his mom from the same attacker so either he's really bad at his heroic job or this repeat attacker is really good. 

I've never thought of the impact random men could have on a child but I commend Jane for not wanting to expose him if things weren't serious. 

And of course the minute these two did begin to trust each other, Mateo brought up Michael adding that he hoped mommy wouldn't cry as much over him as she did her husband. 

There was also a brief moment where Raf made Jane think that Adam was cheating with a girl named Tara but I'm so glad that wasn't the case. 

He doesn't seem like the kind of guy and if he was, why would he be trying to integrate with Jane's fam and meet Mateo?

Mateo to the rescue - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 3

I'm surprised Mateo even really remembers Michael but it was a touching moment for the series to still pay tribute to possibly one of the best characters. 

Eventually, the seriousness of it all hit Adam and told her "he's panicking."

While there hasn't been one significant thing to make me hate Adam, I'm also not 100% sold that "he's the one."

Sure, he makes Jane smile and bonded with Mateo over superheroes, freezing time and choreographed dances, but is it enough? I think Michael would have liked him though and given his blessing considering the two are alike in many ways.

Raf obviously feels some type of way about Adam but it's not like he could really say much because he was busy sleeping with Katherine, the hotel heiress who could help him get his hotel back from Luisa's grasp. 

Using someone to get what you want?

Sounds like something he judged Petra for.

It's a bit hypocritical but maybe he finally understood that sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for the greater good and for your family.

At least I hope it's for family and not strictly to prove a point. Jane continues to remind him to look at the big picture and what's really important.

Eventually, to prove to Katherine that he was serious about this relationship -- which we all know he isn't -- he introduced her to all three of his children.

Was that a terrible move? Probably. Especially because he made a huge stink about Jane wanting to introduce Mateo to another man so early on.

Will Rafael's sacrifice finally get them the hotel back? 

Raf and his kids!  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 3

Speaking of children, Rogelio was gearing up to be a father for the second time. 

Since he'd missed a lot of Jane's firsts, he really wanted to be involved in this child's life.

Not only was Darci making it harder for him by trying to keep him away but now she'd developed a full-blown relationship with his enemy, Esteban.

Esteban is acting like this is his child and she's constantly siding with him on things like a home birth, at Ro's house nonetheless.  

Babies seem to fix all the problems though and when Jane's baby sis arrives, even Ro and Esteban smile proudly at each other. 

Is this the beginning of a new friendship?

You have to hand it to Xo for being so calm and understanding. 

Ro is lucky that the Villanueva women are so chill. 

Petra, on the other hand, isn't chill. 

After finding out her mother somehow made her way out of jail (thanks, Luisa) and near her children, she was visibly shaken. I was laughing out loud when the twins had eyepatches and hooks courtesy of Babicka. 

The only way to get rid of Magda, according to Anezka, was to give up her shares of the hotel.

Obviously not ideal because this hotel is Petra's baby -- can you imagine her doing anything else?

But being the snoopy mother that she is, Magda overhears Katherine's plot: she's buying the Marbella and re-hiring Rafael to run it. 

While this seems like a solid plan for someone who has no other options, realistically, Raf will not want to work under his "girlfriend" who is much older and clearly a stage 5 clinger. 

Mateo and Adam - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 3

It seems to me like she's the new villain taking a seat in Jane and Petra's life, but she's less threatening on a murderous level and more threating in that "homewrecker" way.

Magda and Anezka have their hook, no pun intended, on Petra and promise not to tell Luisa what they know under one condition: they want a cut of the profits. 

Of course, that's a small price to pay, especially if she can add a stipulation that after they get their cash, they have to move back to the Czech Republic, never to be seen again. 

I actually wouldn't mind that. At first, Magda was the show's villainous mother. But over time, I became indifferent about her and I'm really not interested in seeing her torture her daughter again. 

Luisa currently holds that villain title as she's trying to screw over her brother, manipulate Petra into giving up her shares and hoping all the money will help break Rose out of jail.

The last thing we need to do is add Rose to this picture with yet another unrecognizable face, but you do crazy things for love. 

Rose is really set on getting the hell out of prison and she sends Luisa a shady "friend" to help get those shares. Her plan? Burn the place down for money. 

This would explain how one of a handful of teased characters might die. 

Will they accidentally be stuck in the Marbella when it goes down in flames? And how unfortunate considering Raf and Petra just put all that effort into remodeling! 

Missed the episode? Watch Jane the Virgin online and comment below! 

Chapter Sixty-Seven Review

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