Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Live in the All Along

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The Brown Sugar Harvest Festival finally arrived on Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 12, but it was nothing like I, or Charley, expected it to be.

It was clear that Charley had quite a shindig planned for the community, but Sam Landry had other ideas. 

Coming Together - Queen Sugar

The man seems to take Charley's success as a personal affront to his very existence and certainly an encroachment on his power over the people of St. Josephine. 

But all of Landry's shenanigans, from stealing the venue to closing the roads to traffic, only brought out what I love about Charley Bordelon, and that's her refusal to back down from a fight.

Let me tell you something, Sam. Maybe you can get to people who don't have a spine, but I have a backbone and I am not going away.


Granted, Charley needed some encouragement from Aunt Vi, Nova, and Remy when things looked particularly bleak, but they still managed to jump all of the hurdles thrown in their way and make this event a success.

Charley, we can make a way out of no way, that's what we do. Now it won't be what you had in your mind exactly, but we can celebrate our harvest.


I'm hoping that the Brown Sugar Harvest Festival becomes an annual event on Queen Sugar, much the way the Ewing family BBQ became a regular event on Dallas. 

Even Davis ended up helping with the Festival, but it certainly didn't look as though he was having much fun.

Davis and Tamir Judith - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 12

First, he found out he had to have surgery, which could mean he's out for preseason, all season, or the worst case scenario which went unsaid. If this surgery doesn't go well, could this be a career ender for Davis?

It made sense that the first person he would call was Charley. The two of them had been partners in his career from the start, but now things have changed. 

Watching Charley and Remy looking so happy together had to hurt, but hearing Charley say that she and Remy were serious drove the point home even further. 

Things will never be the same between Davis and Charley; the best they can hope for is to be friends and good parents to Micah, and I think Davis' apology, no matter how late in the game, helped that agenda.

Charley and Remy Get Closer - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 12

Where Charley and Remy's relationship seemed to be on an upswing, Nova and Robert's reached an unexpected low point.

When Nova showed up at Robert's last week, I really thought these two had a future, but everything changed when the two of them teamed up to go on TV and talk about Zika in the 9th Ward.

I knew it was the beginning of the end when Robert gave Nova that expensive necklace. That's just not who Nova is, and the gift obviously made her uncomfortable. 

If Robert had surprised her with something special to further their cause or help the community, Nova would have been thrilled, but this gift rang hollow and highlighted how Robert doesn't understand what makes Nova tick. 

The Family Comes Together - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 12

No doubt, Nova got blindsided when Robert went on the attack, but I did think she took it all too personally, although I'll admit that's easy to say when you aren't the person on the other end of the insult. 

I appreciated that Charley echoed what Robert had said about getting eyes on the screen and getting people talking. Charley knows how to use the media strategically to get a message across. She could probably even teach Robert a thing or two. 

But, for better or worse, this isn't a game to Nova, and her success doesn't factor into her goals.

Nova: I shouldn't have to disappear into you to make this work, and if you thought I ever wanted to leave my home, you never knew me.
Robert: No, I know you. I know what you could be.
Nova: That's the problem. I think you're a very good man, but you're no good for me.
Robert: Don't do this.
Nova: I don't need you to dream for me. I like what I've got.

These two are so good together in so many ways, but if Robert is always going to lead and expect Nova to follow, then she might be right about ending things.

I hate the thought of them breaking up for good because I've been rooting for this pairing since they first met, but I don't see Robert being content to stay in Louisiana, and I don't believe Nova would be happy if she left her home.

Someone would have to compromise, and I'm afraid Nova and Robert would end up resenting one another in the long run. 

In better news, Ralph Angel and Darla got their marriage license and were planning their wedding, but they were still plagued by communication problems. 

Ralph Angel believed Darla only wanted to get married by a judge because she knew money was an issue, but Darla was hesitant to have a "real" wedding because it would only bring focus to the fact that her parents weren't there.

Darla Looks Happy - Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 12

As much as I can't argue with Hollywood's advice about Ralph Angel getting a second job if he needs the money, I'm not sure Ralph Angel can handle that type of stress. Between running the farm and raising Blue, I fear that taking on a second job could cause more harm than good.

Now that Darla's parents are coming, I'm hoping the family can pull together and give this couple a beautiful, family wedding that won't break the budget. 

Well, all have to check back in for Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 13 to find out if that's the case.

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Live in the All Along Review

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Let me tell you something, Sam. Maybe you can get to people who don't have a spine, but I have a backbone and I am not going away.


Remy: Are you coming on to me?
Charley: Well I'm trying.
Remy: Well, come on then.