The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Safe as Houses

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On The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2, Cindy's husband realized that his wife needed much more help than any doctor at a hospital could give him and released the two priests to do their thing.

Father Tomas is getting more and more comfy with letting the demons in, and as much as Marcus is against it, Tomas' method of exorcism is working. They could have spent a few more days trying to help Cindy, but Tomas' inside track freed the demon within her rather quickly.

In A Bind - The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2

But how dangerous is it for Tomas to keep letting demons invade him? Isn't there a possibility that some demon residue might be left behind?

He described it as a gift, but what happens if the demon never leaves? Is what he's doing related to integration at all?

Marcus doesn't like what Tomas is doing at all. Cindy's demon tried to convince Tomas that it's because he's jealous, and that may be true. Marcus has been fighting demons for a long time and here comes this young hotshot who can fight the demons in a more efficient way.

I can understand Marcus feeling that after all he's done that he should be given some sort of gift as well. The only thing exorcisms have done for him is cause him grief. His life would be easier if he had a little bit of magic like Father Tomas does.

Instead, it's become a burden for him. I have to wonder why he continues to do it. What is he gaining by saving people from these demons? He doesn't seem to be enjoying it at all, not that ridding people of demons is something to be enjoyed, but Marcus has no sense of joy after a successful exorcism.

How many priests are actually out there ridding the world of demons? Even though he's not supported by the Vatican, he still should at least feel some sort of personal satisfaction in helping people, but I don't get that feeling from him.

Father Marcus on the Scene - The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2

He's one miserable guy. And now he and Father Tomas are on the run.

Father Bennett had been slipping him cases and Bennett kind of got busted for it. The Vatican has an issue with Marcus, and they want him back to punish him or kill him or something. I'm not sure why they think he's the problem. They feel threatened in some way by Marcus. 

Do all those priests integrated with demons think that Marcus will be able to get rid of them? Is that even possible? I would imagine that if someone is integrated with a demon, the only way to save that person would be through death because the demon is so wrapped up in the person's soul. Am I wrong?

Father Bennett stepped into a hornet's nest, and now he's on the run too. But before he took off the one priest gave him a picture of a woman to find who is on their side. So Bennett has his own mystery to solve. 

Bennett told Marcus to run, so he and Tomas are headed to Seattle. Bennett didn't say anything about Seattle, so it's interesting that Marcus chose to head there, of all places.

On the Run - The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2

But at least the story will be more cohesive once Marcus and Father Tomas arrive. Going between two stories the way we are now is exhausting. 

I still think the evil has attached to Caleb. He's acting strange, but he's also a teenage boy with issues, so it's hard to determine if that's really the case. Something is happening in Seattle, and all those kids are going to be in trouble.

Some other mysteries were thrown our way too like Nicole. Who is she and why are Andy and the kids mourning her? What happened to her?

It was disturbing that Shelby was walking alone at night in the woods. The woods are scary, and bad things happen in the woods.  After witnessing such a horrific event like the birth of that deformed lamb (and the subsequent killing of it via a pitchfork) why didn't the farmer give him a ride home? 

Teenager or not, he shouldn't have been by himself. 

What's wrong with the adults in this story?

Something in the Woods - The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2

And look what happened to him? The Bible bearing boy was stalked by something out there and ended up bringing home the nasty lamb (at least I think that's what he had in the blanket). I'm confused as to why he had the thing and why he couldn't get into the house.

It was just creepy. Why protect the house with blood from a lamb that probably wasn't a lamb at all?

I'll be glad when Marcus and Father Tomas get to Seattle. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Vatican story plays out and if it's going to be tied to Seattle in any way.

And who is this mystery woman Bennett is going after? And what happened to Nicole? And will Marcus and Tomas grow farther apart as they differ on how to do exorcisms?

What do you guys think? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Safe as Houses Review

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