Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6 Review: Come On Down to My Boat, Baby

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After a brief and boring intermission with that bottle episode, the Grey's winning streak continued with this super fun hour.

What didn't Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6 have? There were fun cases, emotional cases, idiocy, laughs for days, and hookups. 

It felt like the Grey's Anatomy of yesteryear with the jokes, doctors being doctors, sexytimes, and grown adults reminiscent of high schoolers (but in a good way).

Resting At Sea - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6

It was easy, breezy, and fun. It was also the perfect episode to come before the big 300th because it felt like classic Grey's, and based on how things ended, it may continue down that path to our utter delight.

Can we just talk about Arizona and April's case? Listen, Jesus himself couldn't convince me to smuggle a gun into a prison using my hoo-ha. There isn't a single person on Earth that I love enough to do something so outrageous!

And Romeo and Juliet were deemed dramatic. Double A's 18-year-old patient takes the cake with that move. It was crazy enough when it happened, but the fact that it went off and shot the hospital hypochondriac in the femoral artery made it all the more hilarious. 

He was a pain in the ass to Bailey, but that ass of his isn't stepping foot into GSM after that incident. At least he had a reason to stay as long as he did in the hospital this time around. 

Danielle, did you put a gun in your vagina?!


The case was outrageous and funny as hell, but mostly, it just gave us that amazing friendship that is so much fun. It's funny; Arizona and April individually can be an acquired taste, but together, they are awesome. Triple-A, for the win (Awesome April and Arizona, if you will)! 

Carina and Arizona were a nice 'ship, but Arizona "accidentally" breaking up with Carina was a pleasant surprise. Maybe Arizona doesn't need to be tied down to one woman at a time. 

When she was first introduced to the series, she was a woman who played the field and got her thrills without being tied down. She's been tied down on and off ever since. 

Tinder Problems

Maybe April and Maggie aren't the only girls who need to swipe right. Carina sure isn't thinking twice about it. When DeLuca mentioned that his sister always slept with all of his friends, it didn't come as much of a surprise, but it was a hell of an underestimation.

A couple of hours later, there she was making out with Owen. Mixed feelings. Mixed feelings galore regarding all of these hookups the hour left us with, but more on that in a bit. 

It was royally messed up that Deluca made that disclaimer about his sister on the guys trip; Owen heard it, Owen invited DeLuca to move in with him, then Owen ended up macking on Carina by the end of the hour. 

The sanctity of the guys' trip was tainted with that move, Owen. 

Punchline Hits - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6

That guys' trip was a dream come true. For starters, we were reminded of the fact that Jackson and Alex are friends. It's been a while since we've seen their friendship in action.

Jackson tends to spend his time with his mom, Richard, Maggie, or April, and Alex spends a great deal of his time with Meredith and Jo. There was a time when Jackson and Alex had become "bros." 

The guys playing hooky was the best. Jackson inviting Ben, Owen, and DeLuca on a whim was fantastic. The fact that Jackson literally bought a boat in ten seconds just because Alex made a joke that was funny, and all the guys geeking out over Jackson's new Batmobile was hysterical.

Jackson Leads the Pack - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6

It was just nice to see all of them having fun together. How long has it been since the characters took time out to have fun together? When they're having fun, it's fun to watch. It's as simple as that. 

The light hazing of DeLuca, the friendly competition with everything, all of it was beyond entertaining. Ben's confession to the boys about passing his Fire Academy exam was a bit abrupt, but they have to make this transition somehow. The jabs about his having to tell Bailey were expected.

The funniest exchange on the boat though was when they all got into that discussion about sisters, and the debate started on whether or not Maggie should be classified as Jackson's sister. It was GOLD.

Alex: Since when do you have a sister?
Jackson: Uh, since Richard married my mom. His daughter Maggie. C'mon guys.
Owen: Barely. He still calls her Pierce.
Jackson: I mean we had dinner. We call that family dinner.
Ben: Yeah, no. Maggie is not your sister.
Owen: Right. It's like Amelia caling Maggie her sister.
Andrew: Wait, they're not sisters?
Ben: No!
Jackson: OK. Wait a second, you, you consider Meredith your sister though?
Alex: No, no. She's like family, but I don't call her my sister.
Jackson: Right, you wouldn't, like, sleep with her.
All the guys: Whoa! What, no?
Alex: Who said anything about sleeping together?!
Jackson: Who...who's ready for grilling?

The show is at least aware of the fact that this is causing bickering among fans and sorry to tell you all, but they are milking this for all that it's worth. 

Those people who ship Meredith and Alex got that great moment when Jackson asked if he would ever sleep with her since he doesn't actually consider her a sister, and Alex never gave a response.

Those people who ship Jaggie had the entire group of guys reminding Jackson that Maggie isn't really his sister like, and he also found a reason to bring up sex.

The best moments are when the show doesn't take itself too seriously and pokes fun. That was one of those moments.

Meredith wasn't thinking about Alex very much because she was dealing with being the hospital celebrity after being in the magazine. It's unfortunate that Jo couldn't be listed, but it did feel like Meredith was nice to her out of pity. 

Wilson, I don't think you're a victim. You were in a bad situation and got yourself out, you're a survivor. And I was nice to you because Alex asked me.


Remember when they hated each other? Am I the only one who misses that a little? Probably.

Jo is just...not pleasant. She's been better this season, but she took a slide back into insufferable, irritating territory when she tried to convince the judge to sign the consent form.

She is always making things personal or interjecting when she shouldn't. It's one of her many "charms,"  but who says they know something is unethical but goes ahead and does it anyway? Meredith should have gone off on her for that move.

Meredith may regret not nailing her to the wall for that because the judge died, and Rob the intern is not going to let it go. He worshipped that man and all the good work that he has done. Rob is probably going to unleash havoc.

Serial Killer Smile

Unfortunately for Meredith, she will be the one to face the brunt of it, especially now that the news is out that she's been nominated for a Harper Avery.

Jo ruins everything. 

There have been plenty of unbelievable incidents that have taken place on this show in 14 seasons, but Jo being in the running for Chief Resident has to be near the top of the list. It might even come before the time that lion was running loose in the street. 

When has Jo been Chief Resident material? Did I miss something? Please tell me if I did, I get that Stephanie is gone, but come on now.

Richard: I want to let you know that you are in the running for Chief Resident.
Jo: Did Meredith put you up to this? Alex? Ben?

Now, about those hookups; Amelia has been treading "likable" waters for a bit now. 

Her lack of confidence in doing a brain surgery so soon after her own was genuine. Her questioning who she is as it relates to her addiction was a great moment, particularly with Richard. 

Amelia has great mentors in Richard and Tom. Yet, her hooking up with Tom threw me. 

I'm OK with her and Owen seeing other people, but Tom? Eh. Owen and Carina were an interesting duo too. It was completely unexpected. Carina still needs more to do though. Other than people. Isn't she studying something? What gives?

Owen: What's your specialty?
Carina: Orgasms.

Hey, if their hoo-has and happy sticks are, well, happy; who am I to judge? 

It's too early to judge the Andrew and Sam thing, but mama needs all the details about their relationship. It felt like a brief nod (very brief) to when Meredith and Derek realized they worked at the same hospital after they hooked up.

Funniest Moments:

  • None of the guys knowing how to boat.
  • The horrified expression on Arizona's face when she realized that girl put a gun in her vagina, and her freak outs about raising Sophia and being a mom to a teenage girl.
  • All the girls and their Tinder Chronicles. 
  • Maggie hiding from her Tinder date.
  • Andrew not knowing that Amelia and Maggie aren't actually sisters, Alex's incredulous "who said anything about sleeping together?" and Jackson changing the subject.
  • Richard and Carina exchanging stories of things they took out of people.
  • DeLuca reacting to yet another roommate banging his sister.
  • The guys trying to discreetly come into the Intern dinner while drunk out of their minds.
  • That intern seeing the awkward exchange between Andrew and Sam and wondering how it was going to play out because they both are pretty.

Honestly, there were so many hilarious quotes throughout the hour. Check them out!

Did you find this hour as enjoyable as I did? What do you think about Jackson's plan to "get in the game?" Did any of the latest Grey's hookups pique your interest? Will Jo's unethical actions affect Meredith down the road? When will Jo's husband appear? Hit the comments below!

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Come On Down to My Boat, Baby Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

If I had that much money, I wouldn't be here. I'd buy a boat, a big boat.


Owen: Do you think we got this wrong? Made the wrong decison?
Amelia: No, but I wish I did.