How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Where Is The Baby?!

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On How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 8, we got to see Annalise deliver Laurel's baby, but we did not get to see what really happened at the hospital. 

TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Justin Carreiro and Whitney Evans discuss that big baby saving moment, Dominick's return and so much more!

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What did you think of Annalise saving the baby?

Jasmine: I was holding my breath during that entire sequence. It was so intense. I was obviously concerned about Laurel and the baby, of course, but I felt horrible for Annalise.

It was like this moment of, I don't want to call it redemption per se, but watching this woman who lost her own baby, then lost Wes who meant so much to her, fight like hell to save this baby who could be Wes' baby... It was so twisted and so emotional, and poetic.

Justin: I couldn't look away! My heart broke for her as she tried to save the baby and keep it alive. I'm glad she was able to save it. If she had lost another life, Annalise would never have been able to survive it.

Whitney: I was glued to the television! But I must admit it was a lot more graphic than I was ready for. Annalise stepped up big time, and I knew she was going to do whatever she could to save Wes's baby.

Hey, Friend! - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 8

Why was Dominick watching Laurel's apartment?

Jasmine: Maybe it's his baby; I kid. I'm guessing he may be on to Laurel. Perhaps he knows that she's trying to take down Mr. Castillo, and he's reporting back.

Justin: He might be onto her and find her suspicious. He could be thinking that she is up to something and he needs to keep his eyes on her after the whole Wes situation.

Whitney: I have no idea, but I'm assuming he's been following Laurel for awhile and is just keeping tabs on things.

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Did Asher confess to a crime?

Jasmine: I can't think of any other reason he could be in that jail cell. Maybe he told them he touched the murder weapon, but there would still have to be more to that. Asher being taken in and eventually thrown in jail is a big ole question mark for me.

Justin: No, I don't think he did. There could be some piece of evidence that came up which implicated him as compared to the others. Asher could be forced into a bind.

Whitney: He would have had to, right? How else would he have been arrested right on the spot like that considering Laurel was gone and Michaela didn't say anything? I don't see how else he ends up behind bars.

Nate Has a Visitor - How to Get Away with Murder

What did you think of Simon accidentally shooting himself?

Jasmine: I thought it was ludicrous. I am not a fan of the "accidentally blows his brains out" scenario and how it unfolded. Who waves an unknown gun around like that?

Even if he didn't shoot himself, there are about a dozen different ways that scene would have gone wrong. And how did Laurel manage to waltz into the place with a gun in her purse anyway?

Justin: Stupid. After all of the buildup to this big murder, we get the equivalent of an accident. There's no way Laurel would've forgotten to set it to its safety mode. This shooting felt completely forced, and it ruined the conclusion to this murder mystery.

Whitney: I think it played out more comical than it was meant to and I think that's a shame because it was really built up to be something shocking and ending up being a bit ho-hum.

Bonnie Has Revenge in Mind - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 7

Is Annalise really scared of Bonnie?

Jasmine: She, more than anyone, actually knows Bonnie and knows what she is capable of, so I believe she is. Bonnie's need to get back at Annalise was so strong that up until recently she was willing to destroy innocent people in the process. That was very low and very scary.

Justin: I'm on the fence about this. While I do think she is somewhat scared of Bonnie, I think part of it was to stay away from the situation as a whole. Both Annalise and Bonnie are going through a few things. Their drama has reached a new level.

Whitney: I agree with Jasmine. Bonnie has proven to be a very dangerous person, and Annalise knows that better than anyone. Right now Annalise knows that for her to remain sober and on the right path, she can't have Bonnie in her life.

What do you want to happen in the second half of the season?

Jasmine: I want to find out how Isaac plays into all of this because why was he at the hospital? Is it crazy that I would love for Annalise and Connor to go back to kicking ass in court?

Obviously, nothing can be back to the new normal after all of this, but I kind of wish Michaela can continue playing Annalise Lite and clean up the mess while Annalise and Connor go back to better themselves. I also want a DNA test to put this Baby Daddy business to bed, and Castillo to die so that can be put to bed too.

Justin: I agree with Jasmine regarding a lot of the storylines. This baby daddy drama needs to now! The same goes for Isaac and the drama surrounding Laurel's father.

Whitney: I'm most interested in how Isaac will play into everything going forward. And how the group dynamic will be going forward. They always find their way back to one another, but things may be more strained than usual this time.

Grade the first half of How to Get Away with Murder Season 4.

Jasmine: I would give it a B. I loved Annalise cutting ties and working on herself. I loved the focus on cases. I adored her and Connor working together. I also enjoyed Michaela and Asher, and I enjoyed Michaela working at the firm with Tegan.

Laurel has been frustrating me, and I tire of this business with her father. Also, Bonnie has been hit or miss for me at times, but I do like the friendship she formed with Nate and learning more about her past with Annalise.

Justin: This would be a C+. I loved Michaela's storyline working at the law firm and her relationship with Asher. The development of Connor's personal life and his professional aspirations finally rounded him out.

And I liked how Annaliese got back into the rhythm of taking care of herself. However, Laurel was a mess, the Isaac storyline was confusing, and this ENTIRE murder mystery plot failed because of the climax/reveal.

Whitney: I'll give it a solid B. Jimmy Smits was a fabulous addition and Annalise being away from the group for the most part actually worked. This hasn't been my favorite first half of a season, but it was pretty solid all around.

Over to you, How to Get Away with Murder Fanatics. What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments below!

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