Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 6 Review: Fan Friction

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Drink every time Kourtney says "living life" or Jonathan calls himself "food god." Wait, don't, you'll actually die after this episode.

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 6, Kim's dark side comes out when she goes on a strict new diet, while the Kardashian-Jenner family continue to give Scott the attention he thrives on.

Kim is Not Impressed - Keeping Up with the Kardashians

When will the obsession with Scott Disick end? I will say his conversation with Kim was a little enlightening and I want to feel for the man, but I can't. He's just so... pathetic and sad.

For Scott, any attention is good attention.


It's easy to feel for Scott when it comes to him not only losing Kourtney but losing an entire family, especially since his own isn't around, but Scott is such a pathetic man. He blames all of his problems on others, and most of the time it's Kourtney.

Her breaking up with him is the root of his sex addiction, attention-craving, I'm-the-victim ways.

At least that's how he spins it. It's her fault that he's lonely, that he's seeking out a new girl every day to be with because he's unhappy, and that he's losing his relationships with her family.

KUWTK S14E6 GIF 2 - Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 6

If they're not going to stop giving Scott more attention to broadcast how "hurt and upset" he is over his relationship with Kourtney falling apart, at least take the time to call him out and explain that it's all his fault.

Just in this conversation with Kim as we saw in the episode, Scott blaming him being with a different girl every day in Cannes on Kourtney being with the same guy for the weekend. Because she's happy and he isn't, and seeking comfort in women is how he hides his feelings.

What did he do with Bella? He just left her there somewhere?


It's kind of disgusting that the same slut-shaming conversations that always revolve around the girls aren't being applied to Scott. He's 1000 times worse than any of the girls have ever been.

It's time for this family to stop giving more attention to Scott when all he does is use said attention to make Kourtney feel like garbage, and to fuel his sex-crazed, sad lifestyle further.

KUWTK S14E6 GIF 3 - Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 6

Since Kris and Khloe's time together in Los Angeles never happened due to their busy schedules, it was pleasant to see the two actually spend some mother-daughter time together in Cleveland.

Plus, Kris finally got to see more of Khloe's life there, so maybe she won't guilt trip Khloe every other day about not knowing enough about her daughter's life.

You know what makes me feel empty inside? This fake voice that you use when you’re talking.


It's entertaining to see the commentary by the family on the insane rumors and allegations about themselves, especially this one about the family appearing at the Cavs game would either cause them to lose or be the reason the team lost.

Like Khloe said, sports fans are very dedicated, but it's ridiculous the way stories are spinned about this family in the media.

Everything they do is somehow wrong, or is the wrong decision, or negatively impacts someone else, whereas the media hardly ever focuses on the good deeds they all do.

Do they have Dairy Queens in Cleveland?


Any way, seeing as these girls have been putting up with this sort of backlash since the show took off a decade ago, it's interesting to see the struggles (like this one) that would be expected more toward the beginning of their rise to fame.

By now, you'd think they wouldn't be affected by random rants and people making up harsh rumors about them, at least not to the point where they would consider not attending an event because of it.

Khloe: I’m not getting him a gift. He gets coal.
Kris: What are you? Santa?

It really shows how normal they still are, even with the money, clothes, and fame.

KUWTK S14E6 GIF 1 - Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 6

Ah, Kim. Only Kim could make dieting be such an intense, dramatic event worthy of ending a friendship temporarily.

Honestly, though, do it. Jonathan has to be my (personal) least favorite of their friends, and every time he calls himself the "food god" a little piece of my soul dies along with the phrase.

Oh no, bread.


Seeing how insecure Kim is about photos and her body in earlier episodes truly shows how much this diet and lifestyle change means to her, and it's inspiring to see her actually take action and do something about what she's feeling.

Aside from her ridiculous comments about abstaining from bread, Kim is finally learning how to stand up for herself in a bigger way than she ever has.

KUWTK S14E6 GIF 4 - Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 6

First of all, she should have dumped the food all over Jonathan. He's such an ass and such an unsupportive friend to her.

But her telling him to stop and to treat her desire to change her eating habits and lifestyle seriously is something we might not have seen from the Kim of the past, so good for her, but I still wish she would have dumped some sort of food on his head.

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