The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 Review: When Harry Met Harry

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It's all about superhero mentoring on the latest chapter of The Flash as Barry takes Ralph under his wings.

But The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 also deals heavily with Harry's ability to make friends while actively searching for DeVoe.

Behold The Elongated Suit - The Flash Season 4 Episode 6

For an episode titled "When Harry Met Harry" it was surprisingly the thing we saw the least. I have wanted to see Tom Cavanagh get to play several versions of himself at the same for almost two seasons now.

So when it was revealed that it was happening during The Flash Season 4, "When Harry Met Harry" could not get here soon enough. But yet this was the arc that served as the B- or C-plot.

Seeing the many Harrisons was absolutely outstanding. Why did Harry have to send away Wells the Grey?! The timing of that Doppelgänger was terrific given the big Lord of the Rings TV news earlier.

I would love for this to become an annual event for The Flash; a get together with a bunch of Wells to help crack a big mystery.

As fun as it was to see the council of Wells, it had several issues. To begin with, it felt that this was more about helping Harry develop his poor skills in making friends. But making friends with himself just seems weird.

Go Flash Go - The Flash Season 4 Episode 6

The other problem is that we didn't get to see the team crack the mystery. That was left in offscreenville; talk about a missed opportunity. I understand if it's perhaps difficult from a practical standpoint, but still.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciated every moment we got with the council. But it felt extremely misleading that we got so little of them together. I guess a good takeaway is Harry is beginning to develop his social side.

Given the Earth numbers that they dropped with each Wells, I would love to see The Flash visit those universes at some point. The comic book expert in me feels there is something familiar with Earth-22.

The other focus of "When Harry Met Harry" was the progression of Ralph as a superhero. I think the next few episodes need to tone down Ralph's sleaziness or at least keep it in balance.

But I feel hopeful that after recent events, we are getting there. When that girl got hurt because of Ralph's recklessness, you could tell that it would serve as his wake-up call.

Who Is Under The Cover - The Flash Season 4 Episode 6

But can someone explain how Ralph and Barry were able to get medical information out of the girl's doctor? They never showed us Ralph and Barry introduce themselves as cops so how did that work?

My only guess is that between the transitions of scenes, they must have addressed it with her mother. At least I hope they did because otherwise how did Ralph manage to stay with her alone at the end?

I admit, though, that it was one of my favorite scenes as it was sweet to see Ralph keeping the girl company. At first, when he told Barry he was meeting a girl, I rolled my eyes. 

I honestly thought Ralph was still in his womanizer mode. But thankfully, I was wrong, and we got a genuinely sweet moment for Ralph.

Even though I miss Wally around as Barry's partner, I enjoy seeing Barry as a mentor for someone again. It shows you how much he has evolved and matured since his time in the Speed Force.

Two Cool Superheroes - The Flash

Last, but not least, we have the twist with DeVoe. I was a little worried how his reveal to Team Flash would play out. But the thing that continues to work with him is that his "flaws" are part of DeVoe's plan.

Even that small scene with the Mechanic questioning his decision to out himself so soon was a strong touch. The final scene when they posed as an ordinary married couple I got both excited and nervous.

If Barry doesn't look into that guy because he is in a wheelchair I will be disappointed. The Flash Season 4 is all about intelligence rather than who is the fastest speedster alive.

I want Barry to use his experience with Eobard Thawne as he deals with DeVoe. If the The Flash Season 4 Episode 7 opens up with him no longer suspecting DeVoe only because of the handicap, it will be a disservice to Barry as a character.

But at the same time, I want DeVoe to continue to make it difficult for the team. Only time will tell how this will play out, but I look forward to seeing DeVoe's plan unfold.

CCPD Is On It - The Flash Season 4 Episode 6

The bus-meta of the week was intriguing because of her powers. But once again, it became another one-dimensional baddie of the week which is another one of The Flash's ongoing problems.

The powers are usually pretty darn cool, but it's how they are written as characters that's annoying. Although given that DeVoe has some plan for the 12 bus-metas, there is still a chance they can get their time to shine.

Overall "When Harry Met Harry" felt like a slight mislead, but worked overall. The Council scenes, while limited, were some of the best we have seen from Cavanagh throughout his time on the show.

Ralph and Barry's dynamic continues to grow while Ralph is evolving from his bad boy phase. The ending with DeVoe has the potential for a great mind-game between our hero and villain -- if it's written well.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Flash Season 4 Episode 6! What did you think of Black Bison?

Do you wish there was more time with the Council of Wells? What is up with DeVoe?

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When Harry Met Harry Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Cisco: It's like your junk has been burnt into my brain.
Harry: You're welcome.

Ralph: So I see you didn't go to Harvard.
Sharon: No, did you?
Ralph: I see what you did there.
Barry: If you can fix his personality too, that would be great.