Ghosted Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Haunted Hayride

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Sometimes you just need to see Adam Scott try to eat two cheeseburgers in a limited amount of time before things actually turn supernatural.

It also helps that this is all part of the fun back and forth between Leroy and Max, everything works so much better when their partnership is the focus of the episode.

On  Ghosted Season 1 Episode 8, Max and Leroy need to figure out if a haunted hayride has a paranormal problem or is just guilty of pulling off a successful prank to make more business. While trying to get to the bottom of it, the team deals with some issues amongst themselves.

An Undercover Hayride - Ghosted

Max really is starting to come into his own with the paranormal leads that he follows with every mission. 

Making Max think that he was in charge was probably the best thing that could have happened because it made him push more. He didn't let his ideas be pushed off to the side because they don't sound like they could actually happen.

Leadership also allowed Max to take steps to figure things out even if he had to do it alone and that only helped them deal with the issue quicker.

It makes sense that only one half of the team can believe, but as the audience we know that everything isn't going to be a prank and it will never have a normal explanation. Following along with Max gets more and more promising every time he is right and Leroy can't exactly deny that truth.

Also, Max and Leroy need to make their morning rides to work a daily thing. From the car games to the 6AM burgers, nothing can match that kind of familiar entertainment.

Real games have points so I can rub the score in my opponent's face after I win.


Leroy continues to be the voice of reason that isn't exactly the one that is actually right in the end.

But he did realize that Max was right about something and didn't hesitate to help bury the corpse which has to mean progress. Leroy doesn't have to be open minded to every idea but it would probably help them come to conclusions quicker if both of them were considering every option.

It is also great to continue to see Leroy's fun side when it comes to Max, especially since those two are only getting funnier together. 

It has been some time since we have seen Leroy's personal life, specifically the kid we met in the pilot. He was the son of Leroy's old partner and it sounded like there could be more of a story there.

It might be possible to even bring him into the Bureau and watch the bond those two have while Leroy tries to keep his job a secret.

Max: I got us cheeseburgers.
Leroy: It's 6:30AM.

The mission at the haunted hayride was exactly the adventure for those people that are still not over Halloween. It explored an activity I was always fascinated by, and I liked that, in a way, both Leroy and Max were right about it.

There was the chance to fit possession and a spirit in one go, but it brought up the never ending reminder of having more time.

These stories have the chance to be drawn out more, maybe even in a way that shadows The X-Files but with more humor holding it up.

When there are is a story that has to be created before the characters can explore it, the end portion feels rushed. Leroy and Max need to first figure out what to do before they actually get to do it, and there never seems to be enough time for both.

During the paranormal, part I end up thinking about how much I would love to see them spend more time there.

A shorter time frame does allow for the mission not to get boring, but I have faith that if there was a chance for Ghosted to expand, they could mix humor and the paranormal missions into something very intense but hilarious. 

I rather send my kid to a circus than an American public school.


What did you think of the episode? Are you sometimes wishing things were longer? Which character is your favorite so far? What paranormal concept do you want to see explored in the future? Is there anything you want to see less of?

Let us know what you think below!

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Haunted Hayride Review

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Real games have points so I can rub the score in my opponent's face after I win.


Max: I got us cheeseburgers.
Leroy: It's 6:30AM.

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