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Max and Leroy get assigned a case ata haunted hayride where a girl seems to have disappeared into the woods by an unseen force. First though, the captain comments on their behavior as a partnership and how they need to be better. 

Max gets told he is in charge but then Leroy gets a text that says the same thing. Neither knows that the other thinks they are in charge and continue to bicker about if this is a fake prank or a paranormal incident. 

They talk to the girl that was taken and she only manages to say one phrase to them, and she continues to act very weird. They then dress up and go to the hayride as workers, they see some workers playing pranks on the people so Leroy assumes it has to be nothing serious.

Max and Leroy figure out that they were both told they were in charge. Max gets taken deeper into the woods by an unknown force. Leroy tracks him down and clues him into what he learned from Barry about a guy who owned the property before but was killed in the woods. They see the spirit of the guy and Max figures out that they need to put his bones back in the grave to stop him from haunting the area.


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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Real games have points so I can rub the score in my opponent's face after I win.


Max: I got us cheeseburgers.
Leroy: It's 6:30AM.

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