Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Foul Is Fair

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RIP, Mr. Sprinkles. 

The untimely death of Casey's guinea pig wasn't the only tragedy on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 9. Much more pressing was the matter of where young Bria has disappeared to -- and how far Gabby is willing to go to find her. 

Dawson Gets Help - Chicago Fire

I won't lie, I was sad about Mr. Sprinkles demise. Not surprised really, but sad. I was holding out hope that maybe Mr. Sprinkles turned out to be Ms. Sprinkles and was going to be found with a fresh batch of Sprinklettes. 

I know, totally trite and cloyingly cute. But I can't help myself. 

How great was that painting that Lilly did, though? We better see that in future episodes!

Nose Plugs Season 6 Episode 9

At least Mr. Sprinkles death served a purpose. The guys from Truck 81 can really bring the humor, and they didn't let us down while sussing out that smell. 

Plots like this highlight how Fire is a well oiled machine. The writers set up a great concept, and then the actors take it home. Part of that comes from working together for a while, but a lot of it is just all around talent. 

I'm not sure what detail tickled me more -- the fact that Otis watches Chip and "JoJo" on Fixer Upper or Mouch's self-satisfaction with his (unnecessary) plumbing work. 

It's a total tear down. Chip and Jo-Jo would agree with me.


I'm just waiting for those left over pieces he was so unconcerned about to come back and bite the team in the ass. For his sake, I hope those new memory foam mattresses don't get ruined in a flood.

I don't think his fellow fireman would take that too well. 

But one of the things that Fire does well is call backs. Events don't happen in a vacuum on this show, which is one of the things we love about it. But maybe Mouch will luck out and first shift will have to deal with the fallout from his plumbing prowess. 

Mouch: Trudy and I have been turning the back bedroom into an Air B-n-B -- well, thinking about it. In preparation, I've been watching some DIY videos on plumbing. This might be a mainline problem.
Herrmann: Do it yourself plumbing? What could go wrong?

A story that doesn't seem to have much of a point right now: Gabby and Matt's marital issues. I'm still confused on where the miscommunication is stemming from. 

Is this supposed to be fallout from Matt's promotion, that he distanced himself too much from the men and from Gabby? I mean, his little speech to Boden was touching and showed self awareness, but I don't see what that has to do with his home life. 

And it seems like Gabby has been throwing up just as many walls as Matt has. 

As soon as you get out of touch with someone, when they feel like you've distanced yourself from their concerns, their problems, what were inches between you can grow into miles. I've been doing a little too much of that lately. Distancing myself.


Driving out to Joliet isn't a huge deal (although why didn't she save the gas and take the metra?), but still seems like something you would mention to your husband. 

I felt really bad for Kelly being put in the middle of their problems. However, I would have liked for the production team to make that tension even more pronounced by literally putting him in the middle. 

It's a small note, but that's the kind of thing that, in my view, takes a show over the top, paying attention to those small details. It may have thrown off the visual balance of the shot, but I think that even that reinforces the unease that we experience with the Casey's marriage isn't working. 

In the Middle - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 9

The problem is that if we -- or rather they -- don't have a clearly defined or understandable problem in their marriage, then how the hell is it going to get fixed? 

Sure, the writers could just sprinkle a little TV magic dust and *poof* every thing is better, but that cheapens things. This may not be a prestige show, trying to hold up a mirror to societal ills or the follies and pitfalls of our times, but give the audience some credit. 

It's a foregone conclusion that Matt and Gabby will work everything out, but unless something magical happens and they come out stronger than before, I think it's also a foregone conclusion that many of us will still be annoyed by this plot. 

Bleary Eyed - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 9

You know what didn't annoy me? The newly introduced characters! It's a crap shoot if I'm more excited about a new love interest for Cruz or HazMat Zach. They both seem great. 

Cruz definitely deserves some love. It's honestly a little bit of a mystery why he's single. It's not like Joe Minoso is hideous, or even average. And that smile! Throw in a wonderful and kind personality, a stable job with room for advancement and tales of heroics...again, how is he single?

Pilar came off a little aggressive with her comments about him showing up right before Valentine's Day, but I think she could be good for Cruz. 

HazMat Zach - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 9

And it's not possibly to have complaints about HazMat Zach. He's hella hot, charming, and helpful.

I suppose there's still a chance he's a player, but we'll have to wait for him to do more than fish out a dead guinea pig from a wall to find out. It's a shame that his relationship with Stella is doomed because of Kelly. 

I maintain that it would have been a nice twist if he'd turned out to be gay. The entire Chicago franchise is lacking in sexual diversity, and you can't tell me there's not humor in two hot girls fighting over a guy that turns out to not be into either of them. 

BFF Hugs - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 9

We'll get to know HazMat Zach a little better on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 10 when he and Stella go on their first date. It's hard to imagine that it goes poorly. 

But how will her date affect Kelly's decision to possibly leave Firehouse 51? I suppose it's possible that the offer he'll be made lets him stay, but it's pretty unlikely. 

Meanwhile, Matt's on board with helping Gabby look for Bria, but what will they do when they find her? After seeing Louis' picture with Gabby's stuff, will he want to open them up the hurt of losing another kid again or will he be on board to temporarily foster her? 

Herrmann [referring to the mysterious smell]: My guess is it's the paramedics. I mean, who knows what they keep in their bunks.
Mouch: Because they're...women?
Hermann: Maybe?
Mouch: That deserves no reply.

So how did you feel about "Foul is Fair?"

Did you find the Case of the Mysterious Odor amusing or was it too drawn out for your tastes? Is there potential for HazMat Zach with Stella, or should he be sent packing so Kelly can swoop in? Was $200 a large enough donation to atone for Otis and Cruz's guinea pig sins?

We want to know what you think! Join the conversation in our comments section below to chime in. And remember, you can watch Chicago Fire online, and if you're a true Fanatic, you can find all the past Chicago Fire reviews here

Foul Is Fair Review

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

It is all kinds of awesome riding with you. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love me some Gabby, but...we click, like ruby slippers.

Sylvie [to Stella]

Herrmann [referring to the mysterious smell]: My guess is it's the paramedics. I mean, who knows what they keep in their bunks.
Mouch: Because they're...women?
Hermann: Maybe?
Mouch: That deserves no reply.