Elementary and Code Black: Premiere Dates Revealed!

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Premiere dates for two of the most popular dramas on CBS have finally been announced. 

Yes, we're talking about Elementary and Code Black here. 

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Thankfully, Elementary has dodged the dreaded Sunday night timeslot this time around and will instead unspool its sixth season on Monday nights at 10/9c starting April 30. 

The show will take over from Scorpion which wraps its season on April 23. Elementary was given a surprise renewal last year from CBS after continued erosion in the ratings. 

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The move was said to be down to the money the series brings with various syndication deals. In short, the show is said to turn in a big profit for CBS. 

A vote of confidence from CBS came in November when the network increased the show's order from 13 episodes to 21 for Season 6. 

Elementary Season 5 concluded with Sherlock hallucinating conversations with his deceased mother, while Joan discovered the severity of her partner's condition. 

Will the show be able to put up a fight on Monday nights? Time will tell. 

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Meanwhile, Code Black will return Wednesday, May 2 at 10/9c. That's a late premiere date for the show, but at least fans can take solace in knowing the series is definitely coming back. 

Code Black Season 2 concluded in February 2017, so it means fans will have gone fifteen months without a fresh episode. That's a long time!

The show's official Twitter account broke the news, and it was accompanied by the following teaser:

The series has added Moon Bloodgood (Falling Skies) as paramedic Rox Valenzuela and Tyler Perez (Scream) as a first-year resident named Diego. 

Also, Melanie Chandra was let go from the series after her contract was not picked up. 

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