Ghosted Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Snatcher

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Trying to accomplish a work trip when you ask your crush to come along is not easy, but Max seemed to have made it work.

For the time being at least, he and Annie still haven't moved beyond saying they like each other, so maybe Leroy needs to give them another push.

On Ghosted Season 1 Episode 9, Max was caught in a weird situation when Annie tagged alone with Leroy and him on a new mission, and he was focused on impressing her in the process. Meanwhile, Barry got more than he bargained for when he tried to help Ava in her love life. 

Tagging Along - Ghosted

Max had a lot to handle this time around, and he found success in all of it. 

He and Annie getting somewhere in their relationship was worth exploring even if it did take a bite out of the mission. The way his little journey was set up was promising because it showed more of who he was without tipping too much into just his work or romantic life.

Hopefully, Max and Annie get to a stable place in their relationship because so far they are still not together.

There is that mutual understanding that they like each other, but what now?

Annie has -- or had -- her boyfriend, and Max has -- or had -- a wife. Who can even keep up anymore?

Neither of their significant others are exactly big parts of the story, and Max's wife plot seemed to have fizzled out as quickly as it was brought up. As much as it mattered in the beginning, Max's wife wasn't actually a driving force for him to stick around.

It would be great to see that wrapped up either with Max letting the past go or finally coming face to face with her. Odds are she will appear again at some point to stir up some drama when Max and Annie start to get more serious.

It looks like I murdered a Smurf.


Leroy didn't had as big of a part to play which makes sense.

Focusing back on his story though would be important though because sometimes it feels like we know more about Max than Leroy. 

I probably brought this up before, but I have to again. Leroy had a connection with his partner's son that we never see anymore. It was there for one episode and then it was like that wasn't as vital anymore.

I'm not saying that boy should appear again, but it would give some more insight into who Leroy is. 

Maybe when Leroy and Max go on their next solo mission something can bring up Leroy's past as opposed to the focus shifting to Max.

And I'm not saying it is bad that we know this much about Max, as it makes sense for his story to be more forthcoming since he shares plenty while Leroy doesn't.

You mean you've seen the Wizard of Oz?


The mission this time around didn't grab my attention. There were scarier monsters with a much richer backstory so focusing on this snatcher was hard when Max's personal life was much more interesting. 

Not every new mystery has to be as engaging if the personal story of Max and Leroy holds up, and this time it did.

Leroy and Max had more of a shift in their partnership, and Max and Annie connected on the romantic front.

All I am holding out for now is more alien mythology to come up on future missions because this is how the show was introduced, and it would be nice to see that return even for a little while.

Open up that chest cavity and let me see that heart.


Barry and Ava got to bond in the strangest way, and it really stood out.

I'm not sure if it was good or bad, but I'm leaning towards good because they don't always have their own things going on, so this was a nice reminder that they can.

Ava revealed so much, and I am still left wondering why. She doesn't share much about herself, and Barry specifically doesn't seem like the coworker she would think to talk to.

But in a way, that was unlikely and made it way more comedic than it would have been if it was Ava talking to Annie or someone we weren't properly introduced to.

And to be honest, Barry should be the next one to tag along with Max and Leroy.

You saw Batman?


What did you think of the episode?

Should Max and Annie move faster in their growing relationship? And what should be explored in Leroy's life to not feel like he has a small part in the process?

What did you think of the monster of the week? What monster are you hoping to see next time? What are you hoping to see more or less of?

Let us know what you think below.

And don't forget that you can watch Ghosted online right here on TV Fanatic. 

Snatcher Review

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You mean you've seen the Wizard of Oz?


It looks like I murdered a Smurf.