How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Who Will Win?

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Will Laurel win the case against her father?

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 10, Laurel's mother returned to her life, but does she want to help win the case?

Below, TV Fanatics Whitney Evans, Jasmine Blu, and Justin Carreiro discuss all of the big twists, and what's coming next. 

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Laurel's mother is headed to see her daughter. Why was she calling Dominick?

Whitney: I have no idea. Was she in on the plan with Jorge? Was she keeping tabs on Laurel? I guess we will see how this plays out over the rest of the season! And can I just say the casting on this show is always incredible? We've got Esai Morales, Jimmy Smits and now Lolita Davidovich!

Jasmine: Holy crap, I have no idea! What's the relation between Dominick and the Castillo family because I'm starting to wonder if it goes deeper than we know. Maybe she was trying to keep tabs on Laurel too.

Justin: OMG, this is going to be good. Laurel's family has always been mysterious and strangely connected to everything. No doubt her mother will also be holding a few secrets as well, and plenty of reveals for what she knows.

Anything - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 10

Will Nate help out in the class action now that his father could be released as a result of it?

Whitney: I would think so, although we don't know all the details about his father's case yet. Nate's character works best when he's involved with the central plot and regularly interacting with everyone. So giving him a connection to the class action was a good idea.

Jasmine: I'm going to say yes because otherwise, he doesn't fit very well into the storyline. Nate always comes across as the most expendable because he's just sort of there without his own thing if he's not at Annalise's beck and call. This may be an opportunity to develop his character more.

Justin: He'll be involved because it's the perfect opening for him to be included in the main plot with the others. Without it, he's just floating by as a background character.

It's Time to Win - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 10

Was Laurel jumping to conclusions about Frank being the one to cause the premature pregnancy?

Whitney: Possibly, but then again she did say she felt something change. So to her, that was the one thing that could have caused it.

Jasmine: I thought so. There was so much going on in the days leading up to the birth. I felt like it was odd to isolate that one incident and say with such certainty that it was the causal factor. Then, I go back to wondering if she did feel something in that moment, why didn't she do anything about it then? 

Justin: She was jumping to conclusions and wanted to blame Frank. Anything could've caused it.

A Past Murder - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 10

What did you think of Annalise and Bonnie talking things out?

Whitney: I feel like they've had so many of these conversations over the years that I'm kind of over it. Their relationship has been toxic for a very long time and this season gave us a greater insight into why that is. It started off negatively and there has always been a dark cloud hovering over it. They will always be tied to one another, but it's time they both start to let go of the pain and anger they feel towards one another and move forward.

Jasmine: I love a good Bonnalise scene, but I do agree with Whitney. They eventually talk it out in some way or another, but nothing comes of it in the long run. 

Justin: I agree with the others. We go around this wheel and see them work things out. However, give it another season and they will be back in the same habits as usual.

Connor! - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 10

Is there a chance Oliver could leave Connor for Simon if he pulls through?

Whitney: I would say no, but Oliver does seem to be spiraling a bit over Simon and it seems like more than just guilt. They always seemed to have a good rapport, but I never got the impression Oliver was interested in him romantically. But a near-death experience can change people's feelings.

Jasmine: If Simon pulls through, I'll be too busy banshee shrieking at the absurdity of it all to pay attention to them hooking up. I'm letting you guys know this right now. Anything is possible on this show. 

Justin: No way! This entire situation is already a stretch as is, but for Oliver to potentially leave Connor over a guy he barely knew is into him would be ridiculous. I see this is as guilt and could lead to a break-up instead.

Can We Be a Family? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 10

What will Denver want to do about Bonnie's meddling?

Whitney: Knowing this show, it's not crazy that to think he may try to silence Bonnie permanently.

Jasmine: He probably won't do very much. It's cute how he thinks he has power when he doesn't.

Justin: I don't think it will be very drastic. He might try to use it to his advantage, but I could see this being something he deals with in a subtle way.

We Have a Plan! - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 10

What will be the outcome of the big court case next week that will decide whether Laurel gets access to her son?

Whitney: I doubt Laurel will get her son back that quickly, but I hope that she does for her sanity.

Jasmine: Unfortunately,  I think they're going to drag this out a bit longer, so it probably won't go in her favor. I'm dying to meet Laurel's mother though.

Justin: I agree with the others. This is going to be dragged out for a long time to keep the story going. She is not going to get access to her child.

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