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Laurel was in the hospital and Annalise told Michaela that she needed to entertain the idea that Laurel hurt herself. 

Michaela did not want to listen, but Laurel later told her about Frank hurting her by accident and it starting the pregnancy. 

Michaela took this to Annalise and Annalise turned to Isaac to get her out of the hospital. 

She returned to the apartment but realized Frank was staying and that he still had Dominick's phone. 

Laurel answered because her mother called the phone. 

Oliver continued to check on Simon and even lied to the hospital that Simon was in the closet and that he was his boyfriend. 

Connor and Asher had to peel him away from the bed. 

The boys continued to look into the class action lawsuit and found that Nate's father was in prison and one of the potential clients joining the case. 

Nate told Asher that someone at the company witnessed a scuffle between Asher and Simon recently. 

Michaela investigated, but Tegan told her to leave it be because they were all in a lot of trouble because of what had happened. 

Annalise and Bonnie made up with each other after another crazy argument. 

Bonnie then recorded Denver to implicate him in a crime. 

Denver met with Jorge and said they needed to deal with Bonnie. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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