Murphy Brown Set to Return with Candice Bergen at CBS!!

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If you had the chance to relive some of the best years of your life, would you give it a go?

Maybe that's the key to all of the revivals taking place on television lately. Not only do they offer those involved with the shows a chance to do it all again, but viewers are reminded of some great memories, too, and given an opportunity to make new ones.

Candice Bergen and Murphy Brown series creator are heading back into the world of television journalism as CBS has ordered 13 episodes of the award-winning classic that aired for ten seasons from 1988-1998.

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Warner Bros. TV, which was the original studio behind the smash hit, is the sole studio behind the revival.

Now is the perfect time to resurrect Murphy Brown, on the 30th anniversary of its debut. 

Known for its satirical look at current issues and politics, Vice President Dan Quayle once referenced Murphy Brown during a presidential campaign in 1992. 

Murphy Brown kicked up controversy when she struggled with the decision to become a single mother and was one of the most hotly debated programs its time.

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English considered bringing Murphy Brown back for a short stint during the 2012 election, but it wasn't anything too serious at the time. As the political climate has gotten more frenzied, and with Trump's inauguration, things started to gel.

English and Bergen began talking to writers and mulling around the idea that they could really make this work, and in January the project came together, deals were made.

While it's sometimes hard to understand "why all of these old sitcoms are coming back" in some cases what has been done before is just waiting for the right moment to rise again.

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Bergen was at her best as Murphy Brown and the talent surrounding her was also indelible. 

With English on board, they are already in talks with other cast members trying to nail them down to potentially revive their roles on the show, as well.

With the success of Will & Grace on NBC and the upfront excitement for the return of Roseanne on ABC, there is an audience for what has gone before, perhaps shows that never wore out their welcome.

After all, in the finale of Murphy Brown, while under anesthesia and fighting breast cancer (she was cancer free), Brown landed an interview with God who told her not to contemplate retirement and remain with FYI Network. 

If God wanted her to carry on, aren't you excited to see what she has been up to all of these years? 

Tell us what you think about this (awesome) revival.

Will you be tuning in? Where does it stand in line with Will & Grace and Roseanne?

Given the revivals that are appearing, what shows would you like to see revived next?

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