NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 13 Review: Cac Tu Nhan

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Wouldn't you think 13 weeks would be enough to solve the Mystery of the Missing Hetty?

Well, you'd be wrong. The search for Hetty barely began on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 13.

So it's more frustration and more Mosley, at least for a while. And it will be a minimum of four weeks before we see more. Way to win over discontented viewers!

Discovering a Clue - NCIS: Los Angeles

At least things are heading in the right direction now. Southwest, in this case.

Hetty made one serious mistake. She made Eric her insurance policy. It took him months to remember the book she had given to him.

It's a good thing that Hidoko recently landed in Los Angeles, otherwise, everyone else would still be trying to figure out which of Hetty's knick-knacks was the key to finding her. You'd think she would have left more obvious directions.

And while Hidoko knew the cipher, which translated Failed Action Skin into Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, it didn't do much to help them locate one small woman in a city of 8 1/2 million.

Going off the reservation and keeping Mosley in the dark absolutely wasn't the way to go. Even though she's far too by the book, she does have connections that could be helpful if they let her, you know, help.

Serious Situation - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 13

Despite their questionable decision to dodge Mosley's calls, Hidoko essentially told Mosley that the team is very loyal to Hetty and will do anything to help her. So they helped out as best they could, including doing plane tricks to Vietnam.

I must have blinked at the wrong time because I'm uncertain how Eric and Nell managed to get a live video feed inside the bar Hetty first visited upon landing in Vietnam. That enabled them to spot Chegwidden and Langston at a table in the back.

I'm calling foul on the whole cell phone call to the bar, even though it was very amusing. I get bad cell reception at times in the U.S., yet Eric can place a call from L.A. to Ho Chi Minh with no problem. Really?

Captive Hetty - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 13

The whole search for Hetty has been rather slapdash, largely because Hetty purposefully didn't tell anyone what she was up to.

She apparently went to Vietnam to ransom Harris Keane, the "kid" who assisted her unit and who everyone thought was KIA. It was some kind of debt of honor.

But it was ill-conceived to go in without backup. I can understand her not taking her current team, as they still have most of their lives ahead of them. But how about involving Chegwidden, Langston, and Bridges? With Agent Orange hanging over them all, they have nothing to lose, and they know the lay of the land.

At the very least, she should have found a less cryptic manner to let somebody know her plans.

And another thing, why could Callen and Chegwidden share a drink but fail to share information? It may just have been that Hetty left no trail, but there was no reason they couldn't work together. The current team has access to resources, while the older agents have, let's say, deniability and freedom of movement.

But no, from the way Chegwidden and Langston bolted from the bar, I'm guessing the two groups are going to pursue separate investigations when sharing notes would be more efficient. Otherwise, how can they come together at the end to rescue Hetty?

Preparing for a Trip - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 13

So instead, Callen and Sam spent their time leaving the office to look for information, while Kensi successfully attempted to use deductive reasoning. Deeks alternated between being a wise ass and giving pep talks. Then the quartet left for Vietnam with precious little intel.

But hey, at least we know their cell phones will work.

While Hidoko has blended in nicely, I think it's taken until now for Mosley and the squad to get a little over the hump. She seems to be going along with plans of action that are important to team members even if she doesn't always understand. Like flying off to Vietnam with no jurisdiction, no weapons, and no plan.

Now, if only Hetty can hold on until one or the other of her rescue parties find her. I like her odds against her interrogator, Allen, but I'm not so sure if Keane is going to survive versus the hungry tiger. I'll think he'll make it since I cant see Hetty going all the way there for nothing.

SPOILER ALERT: Prepare for a rerun Jan. 21, the Grammy Awards Jan. 28, and Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4. So maybe we get Part II a month from now? That's truly discouraging.

In the meantime, you can watch NCIS: Los Angeles online. Go to previous seasons if you want to see Hetty.

Are you disappointed this is a two-parter with a huge gap between installments?

How do you think it will work out? Can Mosley be saved?

Comment below.

Cac Tu Nhan Review

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I once had a dream that Hetty and I were in a hot tub with Charles Nelson Reilly and Grimace, and that got disturbing.


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Nell: I wouldn't put anything past Hetty.