The Fosters: Ending After Five Seasons!! What's Next?!

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We have bittersweet news for you, The Fosters Fanatics!

According to Deadline, Freeform has ordered a three-episode series finale event of the series for next summer, meaning the hit drama will come to a close after five seasons. 

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The purpose of the finale event is to provide closure for some of the characters while setting the stage for a spin-off fronted by Maia Mitchell & Cierra Ramirez. 

The network has already handed out a 13-episode order for the offshoot which will be set several years in the future and will focus on Callie and Mariana as they move on to the next stage in their lives. 

That new stage will find them moving to Los Angeles, with Mariana likely working in the tech world while Callie would continue to work in the world of social work. 

Beauty and Poise - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 9

The report states that one more cast member from original series may be making the jump to the spinoff, but it would be confirmed at a later date. 

There are still ten episodes of The Fosters Season 5 left to air, and they begin airing January 10 on the network. The season will end with the two-hour 100th episode, before returning in the summer for the aforementioned limited run. 

“Both of them will be faced with the challenges of working in a cultural divide all the while pursuing their dreams that have been laid into those characters throughout The Fosters,” said Freeform’s EVP programming and development Karey Burke. 

Mariana the Social Butterfly - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 7

The idea for the spinoff came from the show's writing executive producers, creators Peter Paige, Bradley Bredeweg, and Joanna Johnson. 

“It’s really about expanding the universe and continuing the legacy of The Fosters but in a different venue,” Burke added. 

While the parent series is coming to an end, the characters will still pop up on the spin-off. 

“We plan to have all characters from the original series make guest appearances,” Burke said.

‘The Fosters has been consistently groundbreaking and award-winning, it very much has helped define a brand that we want to continue and advance in platforming stories and characters that feel authentic and relevant to our audiences,” continued Burke. 

The Face You Make When You're Finally Drama-Free - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 8

Burke confirmed in the report that watching the show and the topics it covered made her want to work on the cable network. 

“The show has never strayed from controversy, it’s never strayed from important social topics. It helped first ABC Family and now Freeform not just be a part of this national conversation but lead it."

"It’s really been an important bedrock for this channel, and the future path that we’re taking on today with shows like The Bold Type and Grown-ish, which premieres tonight. We’re extremely proud of it and hope to continue its relevance with the new series.”

Sister, Sister - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 5

Over to you, The Fosters Fanatics! What do you think of this news?

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