The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Sanctuary

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Oh, The Fosters. You will be sorely missed.

As expected, The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10 picked up where "Prom" let off with Callie, Ximena, and AJ in Pastor Nicole's church. It appears as though a significant portion of what remains of this beloved series will be dedicated to Ximena's immigration storyline.

Oh, right. If you haven't heard the news yet,  this is the last season of The Fosters, and it has officially been canceled. Fret not, we're going to at least get some wrap-up and a spinoff.

Stef Leads the Way - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10

Prior to this unfortunate news, the DACA/Immigration storyline was on par with all things The Fosters.

It's relevant, cutting-edge, and commendable that they tackle these real-world issues and do it so well, as I raved about in The Fosters Season 5 Episode 9 review. However; knowing that the show's days are numbered, well, part of me aches for as many storylines as we can get for as many of the main characters as possible. 

That gripe aside, after the excitement and intensity of the summer finale, the conclusion was understated. It wasn't bad, far from it, but I can understand why this installment wouldn't have been tacked on for a full-blown two-parter finale as I had secretly hoped over the summer.

Angry ICE - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10

Let's talk about those ICE bastards. What complete and utter pricks they were! Putting aside the fact that they felt they were just doing their job or whatever the hell it is they claimed, the way they went about the entire situation was all wrong.

There is no way you slice it where they didn't come across as though they had their unmentionables in a bunch because they didn't like Ximena's speech about immigration. They were pissy and underhanded at every conceivable turn.

The empty threats were beneath them, and the anger they expressed because citizens knew their rights and exercised them made me scoff in disgust. Look, not all ICE agents are the devil, that should go without saying, but these jackasses sure as hell were.

My favorite moment of WTF-ery was when they called the FBI in hopes of getting them involved to haul AJ and Callie out like they were harboring Bin Laden and not a 17-year-old girl in a prom dress.

Any Regrets?! - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10

Worse yet, Ximena is the perfect friend for Callie because she, too, fails to give adults pertinent information. Ximena's DACA papers expired, and she didn't want to renew them and give up her current address because she feared ICE would round up her parents.

She had a valid reason to be fearful because ICE proved (and sadly have proven in real life as well) that they don't mind bending or flat out breaking a few rules (or laws) as a result of an increased crackdown on immigration. 

It's a catch-22. If she renewed, then she risked exposing her parents and having them deported. If she didn't renew, she jeopardized her own status and risked deportation along with her parents. Her fears were valid, but not letting Stef know about all of that was not.

The OG Fosters - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10

As usual, that left Stef (and Mike) scrambling to find a way to protect Ximena, look after Poppy, and keep Callie and AJ from being arrested for their actions. 

Stef has to save Callie's ass so much it should be considered a full-time job with pay that isn't headache and heartache. The two best laugh-out-loud moments were the quotes. Half of Callie's family casually acknowledging that Callie "pulled a Callie" again made my day. Take a look at these gems and bask in the hilarity with me:

Lena: What did you say to Callie about getting involved in all this?
Stef: I don't know exactly what to say to her.
Lena: Well, at least she didn't put her life in danger.
Stef: Yeah, well, I guess that's something, huh?
Lena: It was for a good reason.
Stef: It always is, isn't it?

Stef is me. I am Stef. Same, Stef, same. Then there's this sweet but funny moment between Jude and Noah when Jude had to acknowledge Hurricane Callie.

Jude: I hate not knowing if Callie is OK.
Noah: Well both our moms are there. Everything is going to be fine.
Jude: You don't know that. You don't know Callie.
Noah: Whatever happens, I'm here, always. I love you.
Jude: I love you, too.

Just think, if you haven't already tired of all of the fun-filled, anxiety-inducing, teeth-gritting "Callie's at it again" moments, you can catch even more of them with even fewer breaks in between when Callie and Mariana get their very own spin-off!

Callie did a decent thing for Ximena. She took it public, which was enjoyable because it really highlighted how social media is the most critical tool for fighting the good fight, protecting yourself and loved ones, and holding others accountable. There is power in every click of the button.

Not So Fun Sleepover - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 10

A couple of clicks were enough to bring masses of pissed off people to protest (because protesting is like a side job these days). Ximena may have to hold herself up in that church for a bit longer, but her story is out there and that makes a huge difference.

I was quite fond of Pastor Nicole, and not just the passion and outrage she expressed when the agents were camped outside of her church, but because of her conversation with Ximena about God.

Pastor Nicole had some questionable moments in the past -- Callie had to lay into the woman once before -- but explaining to Ximena how she sees God and what God means to her was one of the best moments of the hour. It was one of the best quotes, too.

Ximena: Thank you so much for everything that you're doing for me, but I don't know how to pray to a God that allows my family to be torn apart.
Pastor Nicole: Oh, I don't pray to that God either. I don't believe in a God that controls every little thing that happens on Earth. I don't think that God controls who wins a football game or the Grammy's. I believe in Emmanuel, the name we give Jesus at Christmas. It literally means "God with us," and God is with you always, on things big or small. In the strength you have to keep going, in your hope, in other people.

AJ still has feelings for Callie. He expressed as much with her if the fact that he abandoned his date to help her out didn't already speak volumes. Their interactions were pretty darn sweet for the most part. They have always been great friends.

I think knowing that is what made her shut down any romantic advances AJ was attempting to make, and it led to her making the best decision ever, (I know, Callie made a good decision, I'm as gobsmacked as you are!) by telling Aaron that they should just be friends.

She and Aaron didn't start off in a good place; they jumped right into a relationship instead of working up to it. Thank God, this may mean single Callie is here to stay. I've been Team Single Callie for a while now. She needs to work on herself first.

Callie: I care about you so much, but...
Aaron: But, what?
Callie: I think we need to take a big step back.

But I doubt that'll stop you Ximena and Callie shippers from shipping them, especially now that we know for sure that Ximena is a lesbian.

Callie should be single, but Jude and Noah are the cutest cuties to ever cute, and when they exchanged "I love yous," I squealed. They were touch and go for a bit, but now that Jude's relationship with Noah is on solid ground, he can focus on trying to save Anchor Beach.

He and Mariana won't be able to do that if Mariana doesn't tell Lena about Nick's message, though. So much was going on that she never had the chance.

Secret helper

All the chaos, and Lena still managed to reassure Jude and Mariana, save Poppy from CPS, and be a shoulder to lean on when Brandon confided in her about Grace. This is why the moms are awesome and why they deserve more than a hot shower, but like a vacation or something. 

Everything about Grace and Brandon's situation is devasting, but when it comes down to Brandon being Brandon and pledging his love for Grace and his undying support for her and her mother, I just...he's only 18-years-old, you know? 

Why didn't she want me to know?


That kid has had so much deep, dark, sad stuff in such a short period of time. It's like he never gets to be a kid. He hasn't had a normal, age-appropriate, easy relationship with a girl since Talia in the first season. 

The only thing I need out of this storyline is for Grace not to die. Obviously, for Grace's sake, because I do like her, but also for Brandon because damn, he never catches a break.

Did you enjoy the episode? How long will Callie be single? What do you hope to see before the show wraps up for good? Feel free to vent discuss your thoughts in the comments.

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