The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13 Review: Line in the Sand

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Its been a while since we've had an old fashion game of "Where's Jude?"

He was sick with the flu, and Stef was down and out, too. That left Lena running the school, minding the kiddos, and babysitting Tess on The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13.

All hail Saint Lena Adams-Foster. Those fierce curls should have formed a halo around her head.

Not Alone - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13

It was a lax hour for The Fosters. It's on the verge of being called a filler episode, but sometimes, we Fosters fans have to relish a breather.

Ximena was finally granted her stay. She can roam freely without fear of being detained until her DACA is sorted out. Technically, anyhow, but more on that hiccup later.

It didn't come without a struggle. First, Callie and Ximena had to prove that Ximena didn't say anything aggressive or threatening about America in her initial protest. It sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

In this technological/information age multiple people should have been recording her speech, right? Wrong! This is where the storyline required a side-eye.

Ximena's Supporters - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13

People record everything now.

Ximena gave an impassioned speech, took part in a large demonstration, and dodged someone throwing a smoke bomb into the crowd. It's inconceivable that "Chad" the president of the selective rights club, or whatever the club was called, was the ONLY one in that sea of people who recorded everything.

Callie was the cutest in her unsuccessful attempts to appeal to "Chester" with the Constitution, reason, and compassion, in hopes that he would fork over video footage. It was footage that supported something he's fundamentally against. Did she miss the smirk on "Chase's" face?

He lived for the debate. I did, too. The teen discourse was engaging albeit frustrating at times.

Callie brought heart and morality, but "Cameron" brought semantics and wordplay. A rousing game of semantics and wordplay is irresistible.

Mystery Fellow - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13

It was anti-climactic for this particular issue because the outcome was relatively predictable.

We surmised that "Cody" spent too much time attempting to dissect the Constitution and not enough time reading the student handbook. Naturally, he didn't realize that whatever you use the school's property (the camera) for, they have rights and access to it.

Long story short, Callie could obtain the footage spitefully being held hostage, and she could use it to save Ximena. Whereas now, "Cory" and his club can busy themselves bitching about how the student policy is unamerican and unconstitutional. Good luck with that, "Colin."

How long will this "win" last, though? We have ourselves a pissed off ICE agent with a vendetta, so it's unlikely that it will last longer. He was eyeballing Ximena and Callie both, but he took his stalking one step further by following Callie.

Poppy Speaks - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13

This debacle with Jenna and Tess is disturbing, as well. Tess' husband senses her odd behavior, and the poor guy resorted to asking Stef to spy on his behalf.

They need marriage counseling or something. Tess needs to be honest with Dean before she does something regrettable. It's not fair to Dean. It's not fair that Stef is put in the middle of it, and it wasn't fair to Lena. She was forced to play chaperone during a "girls night" that felt more like an unofficial date for Jenna and Tess.

Tess needed to hear everything Stef doled out. Stef is excellent at giving advice; I hope she's receptive to it, though. She missed out on her therapy session, but it may have been intentional.

STEF: What are you doing, Tess?
TESS: What do you mean?
STEF: With Jenna, flirting with her in front of my wife last night. Dean has no idea what's going on with you to the point where he's asking me if I know anything, and I don't know what to say to him. Even if I did, it is not my business to. You need to be honest with yourself, Tess, and with your husband, or things are going to get really messy.

Emma joining the derby team was certainly an intentional move. She's terrible at masking her jealousy. If looks could kill, Poppy would be dead a thousand times over.

Emma and Jesus have endured more than the average young couple; they love one another, but it isn't enough. They have been out of sync for some time. They're not the most compatible and are better suited as friends.

It's not because of Poppy, either. Although, Jesus and Poppy would make a cute couple. No, it's all on them.

How satisfying was Jesus' mature response to the unspoken tension though? Typically, Emma is the mature one.

You can't be the only thing in my life that makes me happy.


Poppy has become Jesus' friend, and he wanted to support her. But also, he wanted that job as manager because he's good at it and needs the confidence boost.

Mariana is exhibiting some surprising maturity as well. Evidently, she and Callie are being set up for their spinoff because they're making rational decisions and showing growth for a change.

Mat was never comfortable with Mariana playing the field, but he's also a normal Senior terrified about starting anew elsewhere. Mariana is correct in her assessment. He's holding onto the familiar and needs a push.

Mariana made the right choice for both of them. Wyatt, in all of his wanderlust and unexpected wisdom, inspired her, but Mariana is doing Mariana. I'm beyond pleased.

Twin Bonding - The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13

On the flip side, the resident mature kid of the bunch learned to live a little. It's a relief that Grace not only told Brandon to stop treating her like a make a wish kid but also reminded him to take care of himself too.

He requires a reminder or two to let go and have fun. Brandon taking on the Senior prank shocked everyone, even his old girlfriend found it attractive.

Thankfully, her shoulder rub didn't turn into a jealousy thing between her and Grace. Although, Grace's errant comment to Callie was a true laugh-out-loud moment.

Grace: It's so awkward being in a room with someone who has slept with your boyfriend. Mind if I hang out with you?
Callie: No.

Brandon is devoted to Grace, and she knows it. Grace's mom is taking notice of his unwavering devotion, too. His gifts were thoughtful and sweet.

Also, Lena embraced the whimsical senior prank by the end. It was a success!

Are you worried Grace will take a turn for the worse? Will something else happen between Callie and Ximena now that they'll be under the same roof together? What is up with that disgruntled ICE agent? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

As always, you can watch The Fosters online right here at TV Fanatic if you need to play catch-up. 

Line in the Sand Review

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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Grace: It's so awkward being in a room with someone who has slept with your boyfriend. Mind if I hang out with you?
Callie: No.

I feel like I don't get to see you anymore. Not alone.