Good Girls Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Mo Money Mo Problems

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So the burning question from the end of the pilot is answered relatively quickly. And well it's not exactly much of a surprise.

SPOILER ALERT! Boomer is alive! Boomer is alive and being held in the Boland children's tree-house. Yes, you read that correctly. Beth and Annie hog-tied Boomer and schlepped him up into a pretty expansive tree house, complete with a big purple slide.

Was this the wisest decision? Of course not, but then again neither was robbing the local grocery store. And now on Good Girls Season 1 Episode 2 the ladies have more than just that robbery to deal with.

Paying Back the Gang - Good Girls

Boomer surviving the Jack Daniels to the head was somewhat of a given, but there really was no telling how they were going to get themselves out of this situation. And clearly by holding him on her property, Beth didn't know what to do either.

As we get to know the ladies better, it seems pretty clear that Beth is the de facto leader, Ruby is the voice of reason and Annie is the wildcard.

These are all subject to change of course but that's where we are right now. And honestly the roles fit everyone nicely. They're all strong, formidable women and tremendous mothers, but their personalities could not be more different.

Y'all are already getting charged for kidnapping. We mine as well ransom his ass, too.


It's funny that the person I've dubbed as "the voice of reason" is the who comes up with the ransom plan, but it's oddly kind of a brilliant plan if it works. You get the money, give it to Rio, then you can figure out what to do with Boomer later. The number one thing is getting the money because without that everyone is dead.

Annie & Grandma- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 2

Was anyone else wondering why Boomer's racist grandmother just had a bag of cash hidden behind her dresser? It was such an odd place to hide that much cash, but then again she was an odd woman.

Had Annie found that cash and not Beth, the ladies probably would have been free of Rio for good. But Beth is the polar opposite of her little sister.

Now we knew none of the ladies were going to die in the second episode of the season, but the montage of them each respectfully saying goodbye to the people in their lives was very well done.

While Ruby made an abundance of lasagnas to make sure her family wouldn't go hungry, Annie showed up at her exes mansion in the pouring rain talking about training bras and it was enough to make you teary eyed.

Sharing A Moment- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 2

Speaking of Annie's ex, I'm wondering if she had come up with a better lie, would he have given her the money? From the looks of that house, he has money to spare and I'm thinking if he needed to come up with $60,000 in a pinch, he could probably make it happen.

I'm very curious about when the men of this series are going to be pulled into the ladies situations. Stan is such a standup guy and a model husband, I can't see him every turning his back on Ruby.

And even Dean seems to have realized that he was a selfish jerk who lost his wife and his home for a short-lived fling with a wannabe actress. By the way, didn't Beth pay said actress five grand to get the heck out of Michigan? Why is she still there?

Looking On- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 2

The other man of the series is Rio and is he not the most charming gang leader you've ever seen? He's menacing, yet oddly likable if that's possible.

No matter how threatening he can be, I think he has a little soft spot for the woman because he gives them more chances than I assume most gang members would give to people that stole from them.

Beth's speech with a gun to her head is one for the ages and so in touch with the America of 2018. The deaths of three suburban women won't just fade into the back pages of the local newspaper. That story will be all over every morning show and cable news outlet.

Excited Beth- Good Girls Season 1 Episode 2

Maybe no one can link Rio to the murder, but it's very possible they link the women to the robbery and then link the grocery store back to Rio and company. And do they really want to risk that for a few thousand dollars they could probably make back in a few days?

While the ladies think they're in the clear once Rio lets them live, it turns out they are far from down with him. And I for one can't wait to see what craziness they're going to get into next.

Okay fanatics, what did you guys think about "Mo Money Mo Problems"? What is Boomer going to do next? Where is Rio sending the ladies?

Drop me a line down below and remember to watch Good Girls online anytime so you're all caught up!

Mo Money Mo Problems Review

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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Annie: He knows about the store.
Beth: He was going to the cops.
Ruby: Does he know about the gang, too?
Annie: Hell no, that's way above his pay grade. He's like the definition of middle management.

Beth: Who do we know?
Annie: To rob?
Ruby: To ask for money, Annie!