This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18 Review: The Wedding

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And just like that, Kate married her own Jack Pearson.

All of This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18 focused on Kate and Toby's wedding, and brought the whole Pearson clan together, minus Jack, who was there in spirit.

Before we even got to Kate's big moment, however, we were gifted with scenes of Jack and Rebecca's 40th wedding anniversary. 

Kate Gets Married - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18

While it was obviously a dream-sequence, the emotion was not lost. Seeing Jack old and gray, yet still devilishly handsome, dancing with his beloved wife and sitting with his children almost outshined Kate's moment. I say 'almost' because Chrissy Metz was perfection in that dress!

It was the wedding and celebration that should have been but, unfortunately, would never be.

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Even without Jack physically there, everything revolved around him as usual. 

Kate couldn't go through with the ceremony without his Daytona t-shirt as her something old. When Toby forgot it at home, she ran off to the ice-cream shop only to find that the original was sold.

Meanwhile, Toby's parents, who we finally met, came to town for the wedding and weren't Kate's biggest fans. Did they ever even meet her? I'm not sure. 

Hope you're enjoying your last day as my fiancee because by this time tomorrow you're going to be my straight-up wife.


Her father called Kate unstable, which was upsetting on many levels. Yes, her bond with her deceased father may seem odd but that's because they never met Jack. 

Thankfully, Toby stood up for the love of his life and told them they were either going to be supportive or they were going to peace out. They stayed, which was good considering Toby's brother never even bothered to attend.

Old Man Jack - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18

Still, there were a few moments when I was scared that Toby was defending Kate, and she was going to be a runaway bride. 

I'm so glad that didn't happen and that Kate's love for him never wavered.

In fact, her whole "soul search" wasn't because she was conflicted about Toby; she was just looking for a way to properly say goodbye to her father.

It was part of her realization that she had to make room for this new and incredible guy in her life.

Seeing her dump Jack's ashes was like a weight lifted off of our shoulders. You may not feel it, but we, the audience, have also been holding in our breath whenever there's any mention of Jack. 

This is a disaster Randall. This is huge. We lost the bride on the wedding day. That's like the number one don't for wedding coordinators.


It was time to let go, and that doesn't necessarily mean forgetting, it just means we're opening up your life to new experiences. which are sure to come next season as the episode felt like the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. 

I also love that even in the absence of her father, Kate was surrounded by exceptional men who spent the whole episode making sure her big day was perfect and even walked her down the aisle. So much sibling love! Kevin definitely has a future in wedding planning!

Men of Honor - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18

Not only did Kate make peace with her father, she also slightly patched things up with Rebecca. 

It was upsetting to see Rebecca think twice about everything she said, did and wore, just so she wouldn't upset Kate, but it was also kind of sweet that she realized this was an issue and didn't want to take away from her daughter's moment. 

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There is no upstaging the bride on her wedding day, ever. 

However, Kate was the bigger person and acknowledged that their relationship was always tense because she always aspired to be like her.

Rebecca: I want today to be perfect for you in every way that you've ever dreamed about. And I know that sometimes I can make you, you know, so I just want to stay out of your way, okay?
Kate: Mom, I know that our stuff, it can be complicated, sometimes, but it's because all that I've ever wanted was to be like you. I want to be a singer like you, I want to be a mom like you, I want to have a marriage like yours. Mom you are not in my way, you are my way.

Again, if there's ever a time for a heart-to-heart moment with your mother, it's on your wedding day.

I was convinced Kevin was going to sleep with Madison, and I could just picture that trainwreck happening in front of my eyes. They are both great people but not great for each other! 

But like I said, this episode felt like the Pearsons' letting go of what burdens them -- toxic behaviors. And as such, it meant Kevin was putting an end to sleeping around. He was ready for something more serious.

Toby and Kate's Wedding Day - This Is Us

In a surprising, but endearing, twist, Kevin and Zoey get together and who knows, maybe we'll be attending his wedding next. 

That is after he gets back from Vietnam! Kevin holding his father's picture from Vietnam means that we're all going to get to know Jack on a deeper level. We'll finally get to see Jack's army days! 

The addition of Zoey also allows us to see that this isn't Beth's first go-around at fostering; Zoey's childhood was much like Deja's.

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Since This Is Us Season 2 Episode 17 was hyper-focused on Deja, the wedding could have done without her storyline, especially because she was back to being "mean," as Beth called her.

It isn't surprising that she resents Beth and Randall. In her mind, if they hadn't come looking for her, she wouldn't have returned to their house and her mother wouldn't have abandoned her.

Beth: Man, she's mean.
Randall: I miss Deja classic. No, Deja classic was when we first met her and she was all quiet and sully. I miss Deja 2.0 when she was all used to us and sweet and she told me all my jokes were corny but secretly she liked 'em.

Having your mother terminate all parental rights probably shocked her, especially since she did everything to help her mother out. 

She's too young to realize her mom was doing it out of love so she could have the best life possible, but I do wish she would at least give her new family a chance. 

She's Mean - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18

She knows what rock-bottom is and she knows what a bad life is, so she knows her life now is promising and that they love her. And since she turned to Randall during tough times and enjoyed being back in their home, she loves them too. 

I don't know what will happen to her after Randall realizes she bashed in his beloved car, though. That hurt. Not only because it was an expensive car but because they are good people who do not deserve this at all.

The time-jump gave us some scenes with 50- or 60-something-year-old Randall and adult Tess. He nudges her that it's "time to go see her" to which Tess replies, "I'm not ready."

Randall: Oh man, she's crazy.
Kevin: Yeah man, don't let me sleep with her.

Who are they going to see? My mind automatically jumps to the worst possible scenario --  Beth sick, dying, or dead. It's definitely a popular theory floating around the web, although producer and co-showrunner Issac Aptaker denied it. Still, I don't believe him. 

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And if they aren't visiting Beth, could he be referring to Deja? I hope Beth's worst fear of her dancing on a pole hasn't come true! 

Oh, Child  - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18

Kate and Toby may have just had this romantic and unifying moment, but unfortunately, it seems short-lived.

While Randall is giving his speech about not having control of your future, we flash-forward to what seems like shortly after the wedding. Toby looks really ill and Kate is being strong and taking care of him. 

Did he have another heart attack? Is it just a cold and the writers are trying to freak us out? We'll have to wait till next season for all the answers, unfortunately, but leave it up to This Is Us to take one of the happiest moments in life and ground us with a dose of reality.

Thoughts on the wedding? Was it everything you hoped it would be? Do you wish Madison played a bigger role? What are those future scenes all about?

Make sure you catch up on the season and watch This Is Us online! And don't forget to leave your comments below! 

Till next season This Is Us Fanatics! 

The Wedding Review

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Beth: Man, she's mean.
Randall: I miss Deja classic. No, Deja classic was when we first met her and she was all quiet and sully. I miss Deja 2.0 when she was all used to us and sweet and she told me all my jokes were corny but secretly she liked 'em.

Hope you're enjoying your last day as my fiancee because by this time tomorrow you're going to be my straight-up wife.