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Did Olivia get the evidence she needed to prove Cyrus planned the hack on Air Force Two?

That was revealed on Scandal Season 7 Episode 14 when she turned to her former allies because she felt Mellie's life was in danger with Cy pulling all of the strings. 

Meanwhile, Mellie decided it was time to find out the truth about what happened, but did this bring her closer to Olivia?

Also, the Gladiators questioned whether letting an old ally back in would spell the end of their work. 

Use the video above to watch Scandal online right here via TV Fanatic. 

Get up to speed on all the backstabbing right now. 

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

I know who you really are. … You’re at the top of the heap, and everyone knows who you screwed to get here. … She couldn’t see how disgusting this place is, and how you fit right in. She was better than you because she wouldn’t play this sick game. She followed you into the swamp and it sucked her under.

Alisha's Father

Jake: Clearly, I misread the situation.
Mellie: I am not starting an affair in the Oval with a subordinate. … I will not be another Fitzerald Grant and Olivia Pope. Nor am I interested in sleeping with someone who was slept with Olivia Pope.