Scandal Round Table: Did Jake Go Too Far?

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Things are getting gnarly in the world of Olivia Pope. 

On Scandal Season 7 Episode 14, a key character was arrested after it emerged that Cyrus lied about the hacking of Air Force Two.

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Lizzy Buczak and Paul Dailly discuss all of the big revelations. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Cyrus is scheming once again. Will he be the final villain of the series?

Christine: I hope so! There aren’t a lot of episodes left, and Cyrus certainly has a long history of being a villain.

Cyrus has me wondering if he would have turned on Franciso Vargas so quickly if he had been President, or if it’s just Mellie to whom he can’t stand playing second fiddle. 

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Lizzy: He deserves to be. Deep-down Cyrus has always been the resident bad guy, so it would be a dishonor if they didn't grant him the ultimate villain title. After the hijacking episode, he's even worse than Rowan. 

Paul: I agree. It would be fitting to have this character as the final villain because he’s been hiding in plain sight all along. He always has an agenda.

Want Some Wine? - Scandal Season 7 Episode 14

What will become of Charlie?

Christine: Poor Charlie! He better not end up behind bars for good. One of my most heartfelt wishes for the end of the series is that Charlie and Quinn get to raise baby Robin and live whatever their version of happily ever after may be. 

Lizzy: Quinn better hope Olivia can help her set him free. I wouldn't want Charlie's second chance to be wasted by rotting in prison for a crime he didn't commit. I just want to see them raise baby Robin together and "stand in the sun." Someone has to. 

Paul: It looks like he could be in jail until the truth about Cyrus comes out, and I doubt that will be happening any time soon. Well, in the next two episodes.

I'm Team Olivia AND Quinn! - Scandal Season 7 Episode 14

Will the arrest be the thing that brings Olivia back to the team on a more permanent basis?

Christine: Well, Olivia and Abby are friends once again, and now Quinn is on her doorstep looking for her help, so it does seem like Cyrus machinations are what will bring everyone back together. 

Lizzy: It definitely seems like it. I didn't know how they would redeem Liv so quickly, but they've done it. Abby is friends with her again, Quinn needs her help and even Huck is thinking that maybe the old Liv was back! 

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Paul: Yeah. It seems like the most organic way to do it. Every single time I think Olivia is ousted from her pals for good, something happens to bring her back into the fold.

Olivia Is Not Amused - Scandal Season 7 Episode 14

What are your thoughts on the way Jake made a pass at Mellie?

Christine: I think it was somewhat innocent. They had a moment, Mellie put an end to it and Jake moved on. At the same time, I can see how Mellie viewed it.

She doesn’t want to replay Fitz’s mistakes, she certainly doesn’t want one of Olivia Pope’s leftover lovers, and the only time Jake made a pass at her was when she was literally flat on her back. Yet, oddly enough, I kind of like the thought of Jake and Mellie together. 

Lizzy: Gross. Just gross. They've managed to completely ruin Jake's character, much like Liv's. There has never even been any indication that Jake might be interested in Mellie.

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And even if I wanted to allow it, I simply cannot as he's Liv's ex and she's destined to be with Fitz, Mellie's ex. Liv championing a case about harassment and assault in the workplace only added to the weirdness factor.

Paul: I’m with Lizzy on this one. Jake goes wherever the power goes, and to me, it seemed like he genuinely thought getting up close and personal with Mellie would get him further towards his goal of being the person in control of everything.

Will Liv Call Out Cyrus - Scandal

Did the story of the week capture your attention, or was it lost in the big Cyrus storyline?

Christine: Oh, it definitely caught my attention. There’s a long history with this kind of crap in all sections of society. Scandal has never shied away from tackling socially relevant issues and I was happy they tackled this one. If anything, I was more interested in the case of the week than I was in Cyrus.

Lizzy:  It caught my attention, however, I was flabbergasted that they would want Liv to be the voice for all these women considering her own history with powerful men. Not to mention she's silenced women in support of her clients before and even used people's sexual deeds as blackmail.

At least this time, she's trying to put an end to it. However, I do think the case was used largely to redeem Liv in our eyes. I would have rather focused on Cyrus' ploy to take the presidency. 

Paul: I would have liked the Cyrus plot to take a back seat during such an important episode, but I agree with Lizzy that Liv’s track record should have meant someone else should have been the one to help. But, I guess that was a lazy tactic from the writers to humanize Liv.

Okay. Scandal Fanatics!

What did you think of the latest episode? 

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