Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 17 Review: Put White on Me

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Otis has some very specific skills. Skills he has acquired over a very...eclectic career. 

That's right, we found out on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 17 that 81's driver can do more than mix a drink and maneuver the extension ladder. 

But not all surprises are good. Kelly could have done without the shock his mother gave him, and the Casey's really didn't need to have their boat rocked any more this season. 

Lapse in Judgement - Chicago Fire

How is it possible that a person who has just been introduced to us is acting noticeably out of character? 

Not that Jennifer seeing Benny was surprise, she straight up asked Boden for his contact info after all, but it did seem like a leap for her to jump right into bed with him. 

Although  maybe the bigger leap was Benny getting back into an actual relationship with her. Last time we saw him he was with some arm candy closer to Kelly's age. 

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Astute viewers caught Jennifer's little slip about what she was doing in Chicago though. The first time she was questioned, she came at her pastor's urging, the second time it was her idea to come. 

Was that just bad writing, or does Mama Severide Sheridan have an ulterior motive? 

More importantly, do we really care?

Stella: Well, your mom hates me.
Kelly: chance.
Stella: Well, she does.
Kelly: She's a saint. She doesn't hate anyone.
Stella: [pause] Whatever you say. Uh, but, uh, you're wrong.

I'm only interested in Ms. Sheridan's antics in so far as they impact #Stellaride. Getting back with Benny is asking for trouble, but that's not really our problem, is it?

As long as Stella stops embarrassing herself, I may be fine with the situation. My vicarious embarrassment was so acute I had to mute the TV during the kitchen scene. That kind of anxiety is not enjoyable. 

Still, maybe Kelly should have Dr. Charles swing by for a casual evaluation at Molly's. Couldn't hurt. 

The Family Severide - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 17

Or maybe someplace more private. Molly's really isn't the place to keep secrets, as Gabby and Matt found out. 

I love me some Gabriella Dawson, but she really needs to stop using Sylvie as her sounding broad and talk things over with her husband instead. 

Even if she had broken the news to Matt about Cordova in a less...public...manner, he was going to feel betrayed. She was screwed as soon as that first shift was over. 

I need more details. When you say a few dates, what do you mean? You mean, dinner and a movie or leave your toothbrush at his place kind of thing?


Even without her pattern of keeping things from Matt, not telling him about her history with Otis' sub was going to cause problems.

It'd be one thing if she legit didn't remember the relationship, but everyone on TV has eidetic memories when it comes to past lovers, even one night stands. 

She needed to take a page out of Antonio's book and recognize that when you travel in small circles, sooner or later word gets around. 

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I am glad the Casey's seem to have worked things out. While heading to the private sector might make sense at some point, it would have really sucked for 51. And for us. 

With everything our favorite couple has been through this year, it was really good to see them communicating in such a (relatively) healthy way. 

I'd really love for them to hit some kind of boring married couple plateau now though. All the up and down is exhausting, and sometimes their drama is just plain silly. Time could be better spent on having other characters shine.

Working Things Out - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 17

Otis has really been breaking free all season, and his acumen at administrative tasks is no different. I understand his sadness at not being able to join his team, but he is good at this side of things too. 

And he was so good with that kid! Here's an idea for an Otis story-line next year: Otis and Cruz sign up to be Big Brothers. There's something I'd love to watch.

One aspect that did bother me about Otis' office work was pity that seemed to be coming from Boden. He didn't seem to believe Otis optimism about his physical therapy, but there isn't a real reason not to. 

I don't know why I can't go a week without stepping in some 51 drama.


Does Otis not know that he's benched for two months or something? Seems like it would be unethical to tell the whole fire house that but not the man himself.

Otis will still be bumming around 51 with his cane on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 18. Even though he's sidelined, maybe his sharp detective skills will come in handy as 51 helps out the FBI. 

Got This - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 17

Casey and Severide will be the ones risking their necks though. I doubt that they'll be able to get out of the situation shown in the promo as easily as they've extinguished other crises. This one is going to take some time. 

Honestly, them just tackling people gets a little boring anyway. It's time to up the ante. 

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I just hope that Stella is helping Kelly work through his feelings about his parents. His usual coping mechanism of drinking, screwing, and repressing isn't healthy under the best of circumstances.

And talking down a guy with a kid and a gun isn't the best of circumstances. 

Cordova: Been a long time since I jumped in a pool fully clothed.
Stella: Oh, well, stick around. We do this kind of thing all the time.

What was your take on "Put White On Me?" Does Otis have a future as a paper pusher? What would your advice to Severide be? Are Gabby and Matt finally back on solid ground? 

Join the conversation in the comments section to share your answers! 

You can watch Chicago Fire online anytime, and past Chicago Fire reviews are always available. 

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

I need more details. When you say a few dates, what do you mean? You mean, dinner and a movie or leave your toothbrush at his place kind of thing?


Cordova: Been a long time since I jumped in a pool fully clothed.
Stella: Oh, well, stick around. We do this kind of thing all the time.