Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Chapter Eighty

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We're going into the future on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16, and things aren't as peachy or optimistic as we'd like them to be. 

A flash forward nine-weeks into the future reveals that poor Xiomara is really struggling with her chemo. 

She went into it with an open mind hoping to stay positive until she reached the finish line, but when her cancer friend passed away suddenly after being in remission, it dawned on her that this was going to be a lifelong battle. 

A Little Too Real - Jane the Virgin

It's interesting that the series decided to take that route considering they never mention Rafael's cancer at all. Some fans even forget that he was ever even sick. It's definitely a more realistic approach.

This worries me, though, because if this is Xo's realization, it means we're in for a longer battle than previously expected. And it also brings up the possibility Rafael will have some kind of cancer-related scare in the near future. 

I think it’s just hitting me that there is no finish line. I thought once chemo was over I’d put it in the rearview mirror and leave it behind, but it doesn’t work like that. Donna was fine. For five years she was fine and now, she’s not here anymore and that just sucks.


Watching Xiomara go through the cold caps was painful; it felt just like watching a loved one sitting in that chair. The makeup department really tried their best to make Xo look thin, frail and sickly and at times, it was a bit too intense. 

The only thing really keeping her spirits up and her mind off of the sickness was listening to what everyone else was dealing with, which was also a realization that her life has been put on pause. I hate cancer. 

I'm High as a Kite  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16

In Jane's world, we went from Jane and Raf being a blissful couple to them not having enough money to afford a one-bedroom apartment to them barely seeing each other as they worked towards their ultimate goal. 

The reason they didn't have enough money? Mateo broke a four-thousand dollar vase at a flea market. 

Personally, Jane's reaction was way too calm. I mean, almost non-existent! You can bet that if my kid broke such a pricey object because he was being careless after I repeatedly told him not to do karate in the street, my reaction would be vastly different.

Jane the Virgin: Is the Third Time Really the Charm for Jane & Rafael?

That's four-thousand dollars just down the drain. 

While Alba may not have been right in spanking Mateo (for a completely unrelated reason) she still had a point -- this kid needs to be disciplined. 

And Jane and Rafael aren't really good at laying down the law; they're way too lenient. 

River Fields: It’s cheesy.
Ro: It’s romantic. And romance is what telenovelas are about. A pornography of emotions. This can’t just be an ordinary American soap opera.

A kid like Mateo needs a lot more structure than, for example, Petra's two minions. 

The spanking-debate is divisive-- people either see it as a good thing or a terrible thing -- however, something needs to be done about him!

It hurt seeing Alba and Rafael on the outs with each other, especially because they've always been such good friends. Besties, even. 

Forgive Him  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16

Alba's declaring "her house, her rules" was definitely a bit out of character, but given what her daughter is going through, I can understand why she needs some semblance control. And where else can she get it if not at her own home?

This really bothered me while watching the episode but where did Raf go live after he moved out of Alba's place? I thought both of them moved back in with her in order to save up money. 

Jane stayed behind but Raf moved on because of his pride and principles. Did he go back to the studio apartment? Why didn't Jane just move back in with him? Yes, living in a studio isn't ideal but neither was sleeping in separate bedrooms because Alba is so old-school or living apart. 

The thing I have always loved about Jane is how much she values dreams. When the going gets tough, it's easy to lose sight of what you really want for the immediate reward. Raf could have taken the anti-dream job simply to get them back on their feet, but Jane didn't want that for him. 

The most important piece of real estate in my future isn’t some big hotel, it’s a one bedroom apartment with you. That’s my dream.


Her naivety is admirable sometimes, however, I know so many people who are working those dream-killing jobs and evening out the playing level by working towards their ultimate goals on the side. It's definitely not impossible. 

Eventually, that's what Raf decided to do and I think it was one of the first moments where he put someone else ahead of himself. 

He's a father now and he needs to provide for his children and his family. He's really grown up, man! 

This Could Be Our Home - Jane the Virgin

Plus, this job will not only give them stability, it'll give them more time to spend with each other which is crucial to making a relationship work, especially one that has such a wobbly past. 

Personally, I think Raf should save up enough money and open his own hotel on the beachfront like the one they envisioned with his sketchy partner. 

Still, this is a telenovela after all so their adorable moment was cut short by a surprise call from Rose who said she had something for Rafael that would change his life forever. 

River: I underestimated you.
Ro: Thank you, most people do.

Since Raf was inquiring about his birth parents it's safe to say she probably has some news about them. 

Given that the episode was all about "the dramatic telenovela twists" my brain immediately went to the craziest thing I could think of -- Xo and Ro had a baby that they gave up for adoption and it was actually Rafael. That would definitely throw a curveball for Team Rafael. 

Telenovelas are Life  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16

Petra and JR hit a few hiccups when JR met her villainous mother. Despite Petra's warning, JR still let Magda get into her head and eventually questioned Petra's story about the night Anezka died. 

You can always tell Petra is trying to cover something up when she gets really winded about something. She freaked out on JR and told her she needs her significant other to be in her corner only because she knew that if JR started digging, she'd realize Petra was lying this whole time. 

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However, what Petra didn't expect is that JR would prove her loyalty by telling the truth and getting disbarred.

This made Petra feel even more guilty because again, she's definitely responsible for what happened to Anezka. That doesn't make her a terrible person per se because Anezka deserved everything that came her way but still, JR deserves to know the truth. 

I’m not talking about your overrated bushes you diabolical diva.


Will she fess up to JR? Will this break them up? Or will JR find out on her own and turn on Petra? I just don't see these two lasting for a long time. 

Seeing both River Fields and Xiomara high as a kite and watching telenovelas was really the highlight of yet another fantastic episode. 

Ro really owes Xo for finally getting River on board with his vision. And it's about time River understood what a telenovela actually was; she was taking out everything that made them great! 

Will the American version of Passions of Santos launch Rogelio into superstardom? 

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Chapter Eighty Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

River: I underestimated you.
Ro: Thank you, most people do.

River Fields: It’s cheesy.
Ro: It’s romantic. And romance is what telenovelas are about. A pornography of emotions. This can’t just be an ordinary American soap opera.