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On Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 4 the women are closer than ever, and this time Eve gets gifts from Villanelle.

One of them contains a massive clue to the young woman's identity.

Eve may not know it, but she thinks in much the same way as the woman she once admired.

Their similarities become more apparent the more we learn about each woman. The more the tables are turned, their behaviors are more in tune.

While Eve is mourning her friend and colleague, Bill, she's also discovering her taste for blood.

She wants to kill Villanelle with her bare hands.

Who will be the hunted and huntee by the time this is all over?

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Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Elena: So what do we do now?
Eve: I want to kill her ... with my bare hands.

That's what we're going to call this asshole from now on. Villanelle.