Elementary Renewed for Season 7 at CBS

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Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson have many more cases left to solve at CBS. 

The procedural drama has landed a renewal for Season 7 just two weeks after its Season 6 debut. 

Elementary Season 6 is averaging 4.7 million viewers and 0.6 rating among adults 18-49, right in line with Elementary Season 5's results. 

Helping Her Partner - Elementary Season 6 Episode 1

It ranks 26th out of 27 scripted series on CBS, but like we've been saying a lot over the past couple of days, the network owning a show nowadays is key to keeping it around long-term. 

This time last year, while most were expecting the drama series to not make the cut for Season 6, it was obvious there were a lot of metrics that could save it. 

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CBS pockets at least $3 million per episode of the series made with a lucrative syndication deal that covers video-on-demand and reruns on TV. 

That's before the international sales are factored in, so there's no question about whether the show makes money for the network. 

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With domestic ratings for most shows on the downside, the networks are looking to own more shows as opposed to bringing them in from outside companies. 

A similar case this season has been The CW's Dynasty. It was a domestic failure for the network, but CBS Television Studios were making a profit on it before it even hit the air. 

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It has a deal with Netflix that makes CBS a lot of money, so moving the show to the lower viewed Friday nights is said to have kept the show on the air alongside the deal. 

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CBS canceled Scorpion just yesterday, but the show had no syndication or streaming deal, so it doesn't make the network much in the way of money with diminished ratings. 

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Elementary Quotes

I often wonder if I should have been born at another time. My senses are unusually, some might say unnaturally keen, and ours is an era of distraction. It's a punishing drumbeat of constant input. It follows us into our homes and into our beds. It seeps into our... Into our souls, for want of a better word. For a long time, there was only one solution for my raw nerve endings and that was copious drug use. In my less productive moments, I'm given to wonder.... If I had just been born when it was a little quieter out there, would I have even become an addict in the first place? Might I have been more focused? A more fully realized person?


Sherlock: Learning to see the puzzle in everything? They're everywhere once you start looking, it's impossible to stop. It just so happens, people and all their deceits and illusions that inform everything that they do tends to be the most fascinating puzzles of all. Of course, they don't always appreciate being seen as such.
Watson: Seems like a lonely way to live.
Sherlock: As I said, it has its costs.