Colony Season 3 Episode 6 Review: The Emerald City

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I love the vast difference in Colony Season 3 Episode 6 between the sweet, clean Swiss Alps chalet and the dirty, devastated Bowmans.

Visually, it was striking as they moved from Snyder scenes to Bowman scenes. The privileged versus the non-privileged.


Dangers On the Road - Colony

First, let's talk about Will. His emotions were palpable, and he hardly said a word. Josh Holloway did an excellent job portraying the burden of losing a son. He was a mess, and the pain on his face was all too real.

Bravo, Josh!

Yes, all the Bowmans were depressed at the loss of Charlie, but it seemed to have hit Will the hardest. He prides himself on taking care of his family and keeping them safe.

Will and Katie Bowman in Seattle - Colony Season 3 Episode 6

After everything Will went through to save Charlie from Santa Monica, it was such a blow for him to wind up dead in the end.

Will was determined they were done with colonies. He wasn't in control there, and he couldn't protect his family properly under someone else's rules, but then Gracie's life was at stake, and they didn't have a choice.

Why would a colony be advertising to take people in? LA had overcrowding issues from the go.


You could tell Will didn't want to take the car from that family, but they wouldn't let Katie go with Gracie, so what was he supposed to do?

I get the family in the car was short on room, but it's not like they would get pulled over by the cops if Gracie sat in the back and Katie sat between the husband and wife in the front. Come on!

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Who in their right mind is going to put their sick and dying 11-year-old child in a stranger's car and take them at their word?

No one.

No one in today's world and no one in the Colony world, either.

No one.

It's understandable Will resorted to using his gun. That might come back to bite the Bowmans in the butt, but who cares? There are no public servants keeping anyone in line in the wilds outside various colonies, so anything goes.

Bram seemed almost cheery despite his brother's death, which I thought was odd considering what happened to Charlie that his sister lay there dying.

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He was set on going to Seattle. Of course, he wanted to help Gracie, but I think Bram would like a little normalcy in the world again.

He wants a place that represents life as it was before.

Julian: The car's yours, sir.
Snyder: Soooo, that means I can drive it?

Bram's suspicious, and he's smart, but he wants to be able to relax. He wants to believe there is a place where they can settle, but deep down Bram knows the truth.

When Katie was talking to him about taking care of Gracie if she and Will got taken away, Bram said he didn't want to do it. Not because he doesn't love Gracie, but he's done with all of it.

The whole situation has made Bram grow up too fast, and the reality is hitting him.

There's no going back, only forward, and forward is damn scary.

Back in the bright, clean, and well-dressed land of the privileged, we had Snyder.

Snyder in his Switzerland Chalet - Colony Season 3 Episode 6

I was happy to see we didn't have to live without him on the show because, as you know, I love him.

He adds a flavor no other character on the show does, and I think Colony needs him to be ever-present in some capacity.

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I would like to know what he's thinking, though, because you could see the wheels turning when he woke up from that nightmare and asked Julian for the incident report.

He scanned the descriptions of the dead until he got to Charlie and stopped. Right then and there, he formed a plan.

Helena: I need to send rendition orders to the Santa Monica and San Fernando blocks, but their proxies are resisting me.
Snyder: Lee and Flemming? Tell those idiots too bad.

We don't know what that plan is yet, but it involves using his cunning and savvy to propel himself into a higher position of power. He starts right off playing dirty pool with the proxies.

Classic Snyder.

I'm sure Helena Goldwyn missed his unique talents. She needs him because she can't do what Snyder can do. Who can?

Snyder will keep an eye on the Bowmans from wherever he is. That much we know.

He's got a soft spot in his heart for all of them. Yes, I know he betrayed them, but it's nothing personal for Snyder. He has the superb ability to keep business and pleasure separate.

Helena Goldwyn Meets with Snyder - Colony Season 3 Episode 6

Even though he played a double agent, his intention was never to hurt the Bowmans, and that's not going to change.

Once he gets into a better position, Snyder will run across the Bowmans again and help them.

It could come sooner than later since the Bowmans are in Seattle and tried to pass themselves off as the Daltons.

Uh, no. They're busted already.

If they come for us, you have to look after your sister.


Since Will is one of the chosen ones, as we saw evidenced when he and his family got corralled in the street, they won't throw him in jail.

My prediction is they're going to use the handy dandy algorithm program to place Will so that the Occupation can use his skills and status to their advantage.

I don't think Will's going to care what they do with him. He got Gracie the medical help she needed, and she's on her way to recovery.

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I have to be honest, I didn't think Gracie was going to make it. Her sepsis was bad. Maybe the aliens have shared some medical knowledge and Seattle has a suped-up ER!

Over to you, Colony fans. We got a peek into how the proxies are chosen. What do you think of the algorithm program? Were you worried Gracie wasn't going to make it? Do you have any theories on what Snyder's up to now? Let me know in the comments. 

We had such an active discussion after Colony Season 3 Episode 5, and I'd love to see it continue.

If you've missed any Colony episodes, you can watch Colony online and catch up. While you're here, catch up on all your favorite shows, and get in on the conversation with people who love TV as much as you do.

The Emerald City Review

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Colony Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Julian: The car's yours, sir.
Snyder: Soooo, that means I can drive it?

Why would a colony be advertising to take people in? LA had overcrowding issues from the go.