Alone Season 5 Episode 5 Review: The Bowels of Hell

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On Alone Season 5 Episode 5, we still have seven contestants fighting for $500,000, and one of them doesn't make it past day 23.

Each person has their own struggle in this game.

Some of them have a hard time getting food, some psych themselves out by overthinking, and some just aren't prepared for the harsh Mongolian environment.

Sunrise in Mongolia - Alone Season 5 Episode 5

We're into week three, and everybody seems to be finding their groove.

Britt found his sweet spot for fishing, catching nine in two hours. The only problem with that is attracting bears. He's already heard bears near his camp at night and seen evidence of them in the area, so he needs to be careful.

My number one fear is being ripped apart by a grizzly.


He's still the most stable one of the bunch, and his spirits are high because of his fish bounty. 

How long will the fish run once winter hits? If he relies too heavily on the fish, and they're not as available when the temperature drops, he might be in a tough spot.

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Britt could get out of his spot if he started drying the fish and making jerky for the winter. 

Fish jerky might not sound all that appetizing, but if he can stock up, it might get him through the winter even if he doesn't find another source of food.

Larry has Dizzy Spells - Alone Season 5 Episode 5

He needs to figure out a way to make his catches last, and how he's going to store them. He wants to benefit from his good fortune, but he's not going to want those bears getting any closer than they already are.

One person who did a bang up job of hunting animals is Dave.

He knows he has to hunt to eat. It's his thing! He's good at it, but his shots haven't been perfect, so his kill isn't dying right away.

Dave's not cool with that.

Well, that was a pretty intense headrush.


When he started sobbing about all the animals he's killed in his 23 days in Mongolia, he looked pretty close to a tap.

That would be a shame because he's such a contender. He may become a vegetarian for the remainder of his stay or turn to insects.

No matter what he decides to do, he needs to do it quick. Emotional breakdowns will take you down faster than anything. He can't afford to let his emotions take over, or he's going to do something rash.

Is That a Bear? - Alone Season 5 Episode 3

He might tap before his time.

He might tape before his time like Jesse. Not that Jesse didn't have a good reason, but he wasn't doing too bad. He had a nice shelter, a good attitude, and skills. The only thing lacking was his luck with food.

Funny how some of them have so much luck fishing, like Britt, when others have none.

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Aren't they in the same stinkin' place? Different parts, but still.

Anyway, we all know what bad gut pain can do. The leader of the body is not the brain, everyone, it's the digestive system.

I feel alive when I walk with a bow in my hands.


If it halts, you halt. It rules all.

It's sad Jesse had to tap for his stomach issues, but I'm sure all of us can understand the pain he must have been suffering. Jesse was doing this for his entire family, so he must have thought he was in real danger to tap out.

His family isn't going to be angry or disappointed as he suspects. If they are, they didn't deserve for Jesse to put his life and health on the line for them.

I'm sure his family will feel bad for him and tell him that he did his best and it's all okay.

At least, I hope so.

Dave is Going Hunting - Alone Season 5 Episode 2

One person we're not getting to see too much is Brooke. It would be nice to get her on camera and find out how she's doing. We saw a little bit about how she's making things to keep her mind busy, and that's great. Smart. Her time on camera, though, has been brief.

Larry is concerned about his lightheadedness. It's probably just dehydration, but it's no joke. He's addressing it pretty quickly, though, so at least there's that.

Larry going down like a sack of potatoes in the wilderness was frightening.

If he hit his head, how could he tap?

He couldn't. He would just lay there and bleed to death.

It's like somebody pulling barbed wire out of my stomach.


Think about how crazy that is.

Luckily, he recovered and is addressing the problem. Fewer dandelions. We'll see if that works.

So, there are six people left, and my money is going to Britt, then Dave.

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If Dave can get over his animal cruelty pain, he'll give Britt a run for his money. Some people say they're in it for the long haul, and some people act on it. Britt acts on it.

It just may be Britt vs. Dave in the end.

Maybe it would be a good idea for the Alone producers to shoot off a cannon when somebody taps, like in The Hunger Games.

But maybe they think by telling the other contestants, it will give the remaining too much motivation to stick it out.

And the game has to end at some point. Right?

Over to you, Alone fans. What are your thoughts on Jesse tapping? Would you like to see more from Brooke? Do you think Dave's love for animals will send him packing?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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The Bowels of Hell Review

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Alone Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

I feel alive when I walk with a bow in my hands.


Well, that was a pretty intense headrush.