Killjoys Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Greening Pains

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Apparently, The Lady isn't as stuck in the Green Space as everyone wants to believe.

And she was after Delle Sayeh and D'avin's baby on Killjoys Season 4 Episode 5.

The Killjoys not only had to hide him but to save him from by killed by his Hullen side.

Desperate Measures - Killjoys

You knew this Hullen-human hybrid wasn't going to have an easy time of it. Need I say more than Delle Sayeh is his mother?

But the poor guy had his own body fighting against him.

I'm trying to figure out why that was happening. As I recall, Delle Sayeh was impregnated by Gander and other Hullen faithful to The Lady using Aneela's research.

The Lady wanted that experiment to succeed as part of her plans of conquest. So what went wrong? Was Aneela's research faulty? Or did Gander blunder in his execution? I'd bet on the latter.

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Zephyr can't catch a break. She came up with a miracle cure for Hullenization on Killjoys Season 4 Episode 4, which enabled her to birth that baby.

Unfortunately, just like when the baby was in utero, the child continued to grow at an exponential rate. And an exhausted Zeph had no solution.

Pip did have a good point. With a growing boy aboard Lucy, they really need more than alcohol for sustenance. They can't always depend on having access to bar food.

Having children being kidnapped around Westerly was certainly an added wrinkle since that meant Zeph couldn't return to her well-stocked lab on the Armada.

That's because, as Dutch deduced, The Lady was having Hullen take those children in search of the miracle child.

Dutch seemed much more like her old self this episode like she was shaking off the abuse by The Lady during her time in the Green Space. They're going to need her sharp if they're to have any chance of winning the upcoming war.

It was also Dutch, the former assassin, who figured out that it was some kind of bioweapon that was affecting the child, and that they needed to find an expert in that field who wasn't on Westerly.

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This gave Pip his chance to shine since he knows sketchy characters in every field. As proven with Kravin, not all of them share fond memories of Pip.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Killjoys is visiting the different planets throughout the J. This episode, Pip took the Killjoys back to the dark world of Utopia, first visited on Killjoys Season 1 Episode 7. It was clear from the smirks on their faces that they remembered Utopia fondly.

I loved the complicated caper that the trio had planned of which Pip was ignorant. It all looked so smooth in their visualization of it.

Pip must have been out of touch with Kravin for some time. First, Pip seemed to think they had a friendly relationship, which doesn't seem to be the case with many of Pip's contacts. Second, he didn't know that Kravin had gone digital.

That second fact sent the Killjoys' scheme went out of the window. Fortunately, John has a way with computers and was able to disable Kravin with the phrase "Stop, you asshole."

An incredibly dumb scene was D'avin's battle with Kravin's man-mountain of a bodyguard. What was he thinking, pumping all those sims into his system? That's no way for a new father to act.

The most fun couple on this episode was Lucy and Kravin. You can take the creep out of the flesh, but you can't take the flesh out of the creep. But they did work well together, finding an antidote to save the child.

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Whatever has a hold on Pip finally manifested itself, as he took the boy and tried to leave Utopia, going who knows where. Hopefully, Zeph can figure out that he's got a robot spider onboard.

D'av promises to be a good father to the boy (please give him a name soon) but I'm not at all confident about Delle Sayeh as a mother. That said, I hope the writers don't try to humanize her. Her snarky self has been quite enjoyable as is throughout the series.

Meanwhile, back at the Armada, changes were happening. As Weej the Hullen warned Turin, "Something is wrong." Sharp as ever, Turin noted the Hullen "dolls" were facing a different direction than the last time he saw them. Then they disappeared.

Finally, Weej protected Turin from the Hullen marching to the exits. Is it possible Turin has, at last, made a friend? 

Nah. But a more important question is where are all those ships going? It seems like The Lady is gathering her army.

Something I was wondering about: How will the frozen green plasma affect The Lady's Hullen? Weej seemed to have some free will, so will other Hullen as well?

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Then there was that oldest of TV tropes, the odd couple, as Fancy and Gared investigated the missing children. You have to wonder why Gared was taken while Fancy was discarded.

Gared's being held prisoner will bring out the warlord side of Pree. Hopefully, nothing bad happens to Gared. He and Pree are great supporting characters.

At least Dutch finally has a lead about the story Khlyen told her. The devil is certainly in the details. But what does the assassin being male instead of female mean?

To check out those details, watch Killjoys online.

Will Gared be OK? How about Pip? Why does The Lady need the child? Comment below.

Greening Pains Review

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Zephyr: Post-Hullen, you're in perfect neurological shape.
John: Who knew psychotic rage and repeated head bangings could be so rejuvenating?

Dutch: You shouldn't sneak up on people.
D'avin: You shouldn't scream in your sleep.