29 Terrific TV Posses - Membership Not Included!

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Do you ever find yourself watching amazing groups of people on television and saying, "I wish I was a part of that!"? So do we. 

There are some friendships that can only be found in fiction, but even if we don't get to be a part of them physically watching them is (almost) just as satisfying.

Below is a slideshow featuring 29 TV posses that everyone wishes they could be a part of because why not??? 

1. The Serpents - Riverdale

No one has each other's backs more than The Serpents do. With a show full of betrayals and morally gray characters, The Serpents have proven time and time again that there's nothing they wouldn't do for each other.

2. Team Family - The Walking Dead

Okay, we're not saying that you'd actually want to live through a zombie apocalypse, but if you happened to be there, this would be the top crew to ride it out with.

3. The Friends Gang - F. R. I. E. N. D. S.

Who wouldn't love to be part of a group of best friends who conveniently live across the hall from each other? How about always being able to convene in the same place multiple times a day while having full-time jobs and different work schedules? It may not be realistic, but that's what makes it the dream.

4. Team Cockroach - The Good Place

No matter what place they were in, these six always looked out for each other. To quote Eleanor herself, the only real Good Place is when they're all together.

5. The Loft Crew - New Girl

Not only were the members of the loft a hilarious bunch of people, but Jess, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt had the kind of tight-knit friendship that we all strive for.

6. The Runaways - Marvel's Runaways

Although these teenagers may not always see things the same way, sometimes life just chooses your path for you. In the end, their ability to band together makes them one hell of a dream team.

7. The Delinquents - The 100

Allegiances may have changed over the course of the show, but there's no arguing that the delinquents were the OG's of the 100. They were just 100 kids sent to the ground who had each other's backs no matter what. We'd give anything to go back to the good old days.

8. The Girls of Scarlet - The Bold Type

Kat, Sutton, and Jane are the epitome of healthy female relationships. They show nothing but support and love for each other and would do anything for each other's happiness. Like they said themselves, they're a package deal.

9. The Sirens - Gotham

There are plenty of things to be said about this group, but first and foremost they are absolutely badass. It'd be impossible not to feel invincible alongside these guys.

10. The Shadowhunters - Shadowhunters

This particular group of Shadowhunters love each other more than should be humanly possible. Which makes sense since they're not humans. Although Magnus and Simon may not have angel blood coursing through their veins, they are of course included in this amazing group.

11. NYC Police Department - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

These guys may not always get along, but at the end of the day, they've got mad love for each other. Throughout the show, this group of people realized the importance of working together and being part of a team. And let's be real, you would never be bored hanging with this squad.

12. McCall Pack - Teen Wolf

The members of Scott McCall's pack may have changed over the years, but it was always made up of an awesome group of friends. However, no one can argue that Stiles, Lydia, Scott, and Allison really brought the show to it's prime.

13. The D.E.O. - Supergirl

The members of the D.E.O. always have each other's back. No matter what consequences may come out of their choices, they always do what's best for each other.

14. Original Team Arrow - Arrow

Team Arrow has changed drastically throughout the years, but we'll never forget it's heart and soul. In the end, the show will always boil down to Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.

15. Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch - The Office

The number one reason we'd all want to work in this paper company is due to the lack of work that actually gets done in the office. It was comical how the show portrayed Michael's constant shenanigans, movie days, and birthday parties as something the office didn't enjoy. Although if you were working in sales, we could see how the distraction may not be the best for commissions.

16. Team Awesome Force - Killjoys

This team clearly has a lot of love for each other. No matter what these three are up against, there's nothing they can't overcome as long as they're together.

17. The Time Travelers - Timeless

It's safe to say that these guys have been through quite the ride together. If you're ever looking to hop in a time machine, this group is the one to do it with.

18. The Original Interns of Seattle Grace - Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy definitely does not shy away from killing off or writing off original characters. Meredith and Alex may be the only two left of their original intern group, but it's no secret that these five characters were better together.

19. Team Flash - The Flash

Barry Allen may be the fastest man alive, but even someone with superpowers can't fight evil without a reliable team behind them. Everyone on Team Flash always brings their A-game when it comes to looking out for the world and looking out for each other.

20. The Winchesters - Supernatural

Although Castiel may not be a Winchester by blood, he has proven countless times that Sam and Dean are his family. These guys have literally gone to hell and back for each other and they would do it again in a heartbeat.

21. Dungeons & Dragons Players - Stranger Things

It seems like the better questions is -- who wouldn't want to play Dungeons & Dragons and hang out with this awesome group of kids?

22. The Gang - Happy Endings

Did they have an official name? Probably not, but they were my in sync than any other friends on television. Whether it be for Halloween, a dinner party, game night, or a night of beers, or babysitting there is no group more together and before their time (dammit) than the gang on Happy Endings.

23. The Chanels - Scream Queens

Sure, they spent a lot of time either running for their lives or planning attacks on others, but they were some of the most quippy and well-dressed gals on campus and off. So much potential gone in a poof!

24. The Legends - Legends of Tomorrow

Their ranks come and go, but what never wavers is their intensity to endure all endeavors with the utmost humor. And booze. Let's not forget booze! First stop in any new timeline is the nearest watering hole. Yes, we want to hang with Canary and Heat Wave!

25. The Scooby Gang - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

One of the original gangs to emulate in this era was the Scooby gang on Buffy! Will a new incarnation of slayer and friends be able to capture the same magic? It's going to be very difficult. Just look at how quickly this bunch fell into line when met with horror at the door!

26. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - GLOW

Nobody works harder or plays harder than the gorgeous ladies of wrestling, and they don't discriminate. You don't even have to be in the greatest shape as long as you're game for the best time you can have in the ring with your new BFFs. Win!

27. The Liars - Pretty Little Liars

The ladies of Rosewood could teach a masterclass of lying. The only teensy issue of becoming a part of this posse is you have to keep your phone charged and stay on your toes. If someone isn't trying to bury you alive, you might be kidnapped, fed a giant lie by your best friend, or planning your fake death while your unknown twin is moving into your bedroom. Cray cray!

28. Desna's Ladies - Claws

The ladies who work for Desna at her salon have struck gold. She would kill for their safety, and holy moly, she has done just that. Rest assured if you fall under her spell, you'll do some criminal things, but you'll have a good time, too!

29. The Librarians

Why are so many teams we want to snuggle up to gone forever? The Librarians were not only intelligent, but they got to play with relics, transcend time, and have all kinds of mystical adventures. Our street cred would have risen with any of these posses. Who guessed one day we would long to be a librarian?!

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