29 Terrific TV Posses - Membership Not Included!

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Do you ever find yourself watching amazing groups of people on television and saying, "I wish I was a part of that!"? So do we. 

There are some friendships that can only be found in fiction, but even if we don't get to be a part of them physically watching them is (almost) just as satisfying.

Below is a slideshow featuring 29 TV posses that everyone wishes they could be a part of because why not??? 

1. The Serpents - Riverdale

The Serpents - Riverdale
No one has each other's backs more than The Serpents do. With a show full of betrayals and morally gray characters, The Serpents have proven time and time again that there's nothing they wouldn't do for each other.

2. Team Family - The Walking Dead

Team Family - The Walking Dead
Okay, we're not saying that you'd actually want to live through a zombie apocalypse, but if you happened to be there, this would be the top crew to ride it out with.

3. The Friends Gang - F. R. I. E. N. D. S.

The Friends Gang - F. R. I. E. N. D. S.
Who wouldn't love to be part of a group of best friends who conveniently live across the hall from each other? How about always being able to convene in the same place multiple times a day while having full-time jobs and different work schedules? It may not be realistic, but that's what makes it the dream.

4. Team Cockroach - The Good Place

Team Cockroach - The Good Place
No matter what place they were in, these six always looked out for each other. To quote Eleanor herself, the only real Good Place is when they're all together.

5. The Loft Crew - New Girl

The Loft Crew - New Girl
Not only were the members of the loft a hilarious bunch of people, but Jess, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt had the kind of tight-knit friendship that we all strive for.

6. The Runaways - Marvel's Runaways

The Runaways - Marvel's Runaways
Although these teenagers may not always see things the same way, sometimes life just chooses your path for you. In the end, their ability to band together makes them one hell of a dream team.

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