Arrow Season Premiere Photos Reveal a New Look for Felicity

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Arrow Season 7 might as well be subtitled "the season of change."

Oliver (Stephen Amell) is well and truly incarcerated, and his friends and allies are on the outside attempting to move on following all of the action that brought them to their knees on Arrow Season 6

However, Oliver's wife Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is embracing a whole new look, as teased by the official stills from Arrow Season 7 Episode 1

My New Look - Arrow Season 7 Episode 1

Oh yes, that is the tech genius with pink-tinged hair, and we are totally digging it. 

If you watch Arrow online, you know that Felicity has generally had blonde hair since the series debuted. That's not to say we haven't witnessed her change her locks before. 

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She did have black hair with some purple thrown in during her days as a young hacker, so there's that. 

Felicity visits Oliver in Slabside Maximum Security Prison, and we think it's fair to say that she's worried sick about something. 

Worried - Arrow Season 7 Episode 1

Could it be that Oliver's on the inside with people he got sent there, or could there be a new villain wreaking havoc in the city? 

We have no idea, but there's sure to be some growing pains for husband and wife as they navigate this dark chapter that finds them well and truly apart. 

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Felicity's life will have changed for the worse because the public now know her as the wife of the elusive vigilante known as Green Arrow. 

That could explain the change in appearance, we guess. Still, it will be fun to watch how Oliver reacts to this big change for her. 

Pink Hair - Arrow Season 7 Episode 1

With that said, it looks like all of the returning series regulars will have to speak to Oliver through the glass as he serves time for his crimes. 

The official stills released also tease a moment between Diggle (David Ramsey) and Oliver, but aside from that, there's no telling what they're talking about. 

It's unclear at this stage just how long Oliver will be spending behind bars, but it would benefit the story more to keep him there for more than a handful of episodes. 

All of the information that's been teased leans on the prison storyline, so it might be used as a plot device to switch up the storytelling mechanics of the series. 

Arrow Season 7 Poster

A show approaching its seventh season needs to change things to remain fresh, so we're all for it. 

As previously reported, Arrow is on the move. The veteran series is moving from Thursdays to Mondays. 

What are your thoughts on Felicity's new look and the focus on the prison storyline?

Hit the comments below. 

Arrow Season 7 debuts October 15 at 8/7c.

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