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It's a regular routine for Oliver who finds himself in prison after admitting he's the Green Arrow. He works out in his cell, takes a shower and attempts to eat his meal in peace, despite being harassed by inmates he sent to jail. He also has a recurring nightmare where Felicity is killed by Diaz. 

Outside, Oliver is approached by an inmate named Stanley who asks Oliver for protection. Oliver refuses to help him. A brawl between two inmates erupts which allows three enemies of Oliver to jump him. Ben Turner is taken away and tells Oliver he's a dead man. 

Meanwhile, in Star City, a criminal is caught by someone dressed as the Green Arrow. 

Diggle visits Oliver and gives him an update on Felicity, William, and Diaz. Diggle worries about the mental toll it must be taking on Oliver trying to keep a low profile. 

Felicity, who is under a new identity named Erin, is working at a coffee shop. While working she sees news about the new "Green Arrow." Laurel Lance, who is now mayor, assures the press that Star City is against all acts of vigilantism. 

Dinah who is now captain of Star City PD questions Stint, the man "Green Arrow" caught. She is forced to let him go. 

Rene is teaching a boxing class to kids in a rundown gym in The Glades. One of the students says The Glades needs a hero after his house was robbed. The student from Rene's class approaches a man who works for Stint and wants to buy a gun. Rene finds him and tries to fight them off. He is outnumbered until the "Green Arrow" rescues him. 

He visits Dinah and the two have a disagreement over the new vigilante. They visit Diggle and Curtis at ARGUS and get Curtis to find Stent's location. 

Sampson and Brick trap Oliver in his jail cell. They demand Oliver take Turner's place in their three-man operation and threaten Felicity and William. Stanley sits with Oliver at dinner. Sampson and Brick use Stanley to try and entice Oliver into joining them. He denies them again and lets them beat up Stanley. 

Oliver later sees how bruised and battered Stanley is and tries to explain himself. He says he's just trying to avoid doing anything that prevents him from getting back to his family. Stanley calls Oliver a coward. 

Dinah and the SCPD are about to bust Stent and the new vigilante. They almost have him but Rene as Wild Dog helps the vigilante escape. 

Diaz returns and corners Felicity and William in their new home. Felicity does her best to fight him off so William can run away. While this is happening, a bunch of Diaz's men attack Oliver while he's showering. One of the henchmen tells Oliver that Diaz found Felicity and she's dead. 

Oliver is desperate to make a phone call, but the guard tells him he has a visitor; it's Felicity who was rescued by ARGUS. Oliver asks her to go back to witness protection. She assures him William will be sent to boarding school, but she is done hiding. 

Felicity tells William that she has to send him away until they find Diaz. She gives a rock that symbolizes reconnection. 

Oliver, who is warned by the guard not to be a hero, beats up Brick and Diaz's henchman before getting on his knees and cooperating with the guards. 

In a flashforward, an adult William travels to Lian Yu. He finds rummage from the shipwreck, which includes wood with Robert Queen's named carved in. He is confronted by the "Green Arrow" who turns out to be an older Roy Harper. 

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

I love you and I will always, always wait for you but I can't let what happened to William and I happen again. I can't. I have to fight back. You of all understand that.


It makes sense now why there is a new Green Arrow out there, because the old one is a coward.