Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Dragon Dies at Dawn

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On Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 6, Misty and Colleen get to the bottom of Davos' antics while Danny tries to confront Davos head on, failing miserably.

It's another case of Danny making terrible choices even after other people tell him it's a bad idea and he acts like he knows exactly what he's doing.

Such writing only works when we actually believe that the character knows what they're doing -- and with Danny's history, he really doesn't. He's winging it and essentially wandering aimlessly with the fist, no game plan in mind to help with the triad war.

Double-Fist - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 6

With a character as strong as Walker here to ground Danny, it becomes much more entertaining. She's not here to put up with his crap -- she doesn't mess around.

Now, even if Danny's is completely foolhardy, it immediately became much more believable because the strength behind Walker's claim of being able to successfully defeat Davos is much higher.

You dare to speak of tradition after you abandoned ours? You see, Danny you feel that you can just walk through this world as if it belongs to you. You value nothing, because your privilege has afforded you everything. You've never had a heritage of your own. A culture you must honor and protect.


In Danny's case, as many characters have pointed out, Danny doesn't have any past record of successfully talking down Davos. Why should this time be any different?

The fact that Danny's simplistically awful suggestion is included and also torn down by other characters just seems indicative of lazy writing.

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Walker is only here for the money, so she follows Danny into the fray. Considering Walker's track record, I was half expecting her to actually capture Davos -- but I wasn't expecting the second fist. Now that was a surprise!

Dissuasion - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 6

Seeing Walker's full transformation into Mary was truly a chilling, magical moment. Between the sensory details of the rain and the police lights, it became an Orphan Black-esque juxtaposition that is wholeheartedly welcome in the Marvel world.

I noticeably recognized the pitch change from Walker to Mary's voice as well as the movement and intensity, which made it all the more eerie and devastating.

Walker: I was not playing you. If I do my job right, you never see my face. It was an accident. I was following you and must have hit a trigger.
Danny: A trigger?
Walker: An environmental cue that sparks an emotional response, bringing an alter to the fore. Mine goes by Mary. Mary, Mary, sad and contrary.

I'll never tire of Mary/Walker scenes, especially now that Walker has been redefined less as a villain and more of a free agent. She's not purely evil -- she's acting of her own accord and although that may include dubious motives, she does have a heart and a conscience.

(She wants a cabin in Arizona! Honestly, that's kind of sweet -- it reminds of Rachel's desire for a remote cabin in the woods on UnREAL.)

Mary, Mary, Sad and Contrary - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 6

Colleen's fight scene in the tattoo parlor was probably the best so far this season -- with a close contender being the restaurant kitchen fight. What set this apart was the small smirk that lingered on Colleen's face the entire time, bringing a sort of playful, delightful tone to the scene.

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Even though she has said she's hanging up her katana and leaving her life of fighting, there's something innately fiery in her core that drives her. Danny usually leads her astray, but on the other hand, Misty leads this energy in a positive direction.

What the hell is this? I said habanero. This is, like, teriyaki? Next time, pick a gas station with a better selection. Look, I'm very, very serious about my snacks.


In this scene, Colleen seemed to genuinely love teaming up with Misty, knowing that she was going to win the fight before it even started. It's a bit of cockiness that only shows itself when absolutely necessary -- and it's very warranted, given her skills.

The car conversation while they were driving seemed a bit heavy-handed considering the obvious setup for a Nightwing team-up (especially Misty suggesting that Colleen become a cop). However, it's nice to see that their friendship is blossoming beyond just fighting with each other.

Siblings United - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 6

Each of them carries her own strengths, which makes them a fantastic duo -- Misty brings a kind of brilliant strength during confrontation due to being a cop, while Colleen tends to take a calmer, persuasive route at first before moving into swift and agile force.

Joy's and Ward's roles both seem to be diminishing, now that Joy is no longer teamed up with Davos. However, they both have vital resources that the team will most likely needed, but the fact that they still can't work out their differences has gotten tiring.

Davos: I don't eat meat. Killing animals for sustenance is a disgrace.
Chen: Of course you don't. You're just a vegetarian that kills people.

It's been six episodes of them arguing over the same thing without any outcome or change, which is exhausting and uninteresting to watch.

There's four episodes to go, and Davos seems like he's pretty set on trying to eradicate evil and crime in New York City. If that's really all he's after, it looks like it might be a repetitive last few episodes.

Ward: You have no idea what I spared you from. There were so many times that I wanted to tell you. I would literally pack a bag, buy plane tickets, get into a car, drive to your place, thinking, "How am I gonna tell you that we need to run away and start over?"
Joy: But you didn't do it.

Usually Marvel shows tie in a larger, more threatening factor into the mix, such as Kilgrave's ability to control an increasingly large number of citizens in Jessica Jones or the Hand's presence that threatens civilians in Daredevil.

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Right now. Davos isn't as formidable of an opponent as past villains, even if he is going around defeating (albeit killing) people stirring up trouble. It's possible that Davos has a greater plan on hand, but given his strict and regimented lifestyle and supposed morals, it seems unlikely.

Do you think the team will try and pursue Mary? What do you think is Davos' next move? Let us know in the comments below!

The Dragon Dies at Dawn Review

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Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

What the hell is this? I said habanero. This is, like, teriyaki? Next time, pick a gas station with a better selection. Look, I'm very, very serious about my snacks.


Davos: I don't eat meat. Killing animals for sustenance is a disgrace.
Chen: Of course you don't. You're just a vegetarian that kills people.