Power Season 5 Episode 9 Review: There's A Snitch Among Us

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This show just doesn't let you catch your breath, huh?

Some of you may still be reeling from everything that transpired in Power Season 5 Episode 8, and maybe you were hoping for a calmer hour to set up the season finale. Well, that's not what this show does. 

There was no calm on Power Season 5 Episode 9. Just deception, death, and one hell of a cliffhanger. 

Family Meeting - Power Season 5 Episode 9

The fallout from Kanan's death was briefer than expected, but then again every character on this show has about 20 different things going on in their lives that are pulling them in different directions. 

Tariq's assertion that he was the reason his family got a win was expected, as Tariq has genuinely morphed into Ghost Jr. He's arrogant, opinionated, and thinks he's the smartest person in any room. Gone are the days of the quiet son who was ignorant of the depths of his parents' situation. 

Instead, Ghost and Tasha are staring at a child they've ignored for far too long. 

Ghost: What do you want from me, Tariq, huh? What do you want from me, boy?
Tariq: Teach me the motherfucking game, Ghost.

It's almost as if Ghost is only seeing Tariq for the first time. And he's staring in the mirror. 

Tariq is hungry for the money, power, and respect he saw a man like Kanan possess. He's completely desensitized to the death and despair that follows this lifestyle and can only see the other side of things. The side where he's the boss, calling the shots, making the money and being on top.

Father and Son Beef - Power Season 5 Episode 9

It's hard to imagine anyone can alter Tariq's path at this point. Raina's death didn't do it. And neither did Kanan's. In fact, his betrayal of Kanan seems to have given him more incentive to continue forward on this path. And now that he's linked up with Vincent, I can see a more significant conflict next season between Ghost and the Italians. 

While Tariq is off trying to be the new Kanan, Ghost is scrambling all over trying to figure out how a plan could go through without it being his idea. 

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I swear Ghost is more upset that his Dre plan wasn't THE plan and less that it went so horribly wrong. Sure it failed in spectacular fashion, but it was the better move for everyone. 

And now that Ghost is aware Kanan set him up to Vincent, maybe he will begin to see that Kanan didn't have his back as much as he thought he did. 

But Ghost really can't even properly deal with Tariq, because he's got a whole host of other issues. 

Vincent and Tommy - Power Season 5 Episode 9

First off, there's the Teresi problem. Ghost always knew he couldn't be trusted, but Angela gave him the proof he needed to get Tommy to see that his father was in fact, a snitch. 

Going to Vincent was a bold move and very strategic. That news coming from Ghost may have set Tommy off on a different course than the one he ultimately chose. 

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It was hard to see just where the showdown between Tommy and Teresi was going because while Tommy has shown to be ruthless when he's crossed, Teresi is his flesh and blood. Teresi is his father. 

Did anyone else think he was going to let him go at first? Or give him a second chance? I know we all watched Tommy kill Holly way back when, but I still couldn't wrap my head around Tommy being able to pull the trigger on Teresi himself. 

Tommy: Teresi, you was right.
Kate: I told you a million times, you're too trusting.
Tommy: I fucking killed him, Mom.
Kate: You did the right thing.

When sad, Tommy is usually numb. After Holly's death, he was practically catatonic. But with Teresi he was emotional, even allowing himself to break down for just a moment in his mother's arm. 

Teresi's change of heart was too little, too late. The damage was the done the second he agreed to a deal and no matter how much he tried to protect Tommy, leading the Feds towards Ghost would still put Tommy in jeopardy. 

Teresi had long overstayed his welcome, and after killing Sammy so callously to save himself, it was time to deal with him. 

Father and Son Concerns - Power Season 5 Episode 9

But let's backtrack to the photos of Teresi meeting with Mak and Saxe. The ones Angela brings to Ghost after Mak tells her that their informant is Tommy's father. 

Was anyone else screaming because you knew it was a trap? For as much as I wanted Tommy to know that his father was the real snitch, I wish things could have been more thought out than just kill Teresi

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Angela is smart enough to know where this was headed, but she has failed time and time again to see that her entire office is against her. I've long maintained that Angela was a horrendous lawyer, but not heeding Donovan's warnings or seeing any of the signs that she was in danger were next level terribleness. 

Now she is backed into a corner and getting out means turning on everyone. From Ghost to Tasha, to Tommy. 

Is there a way out of this? It's not looking good for Ms. Valdes or Mr. St. Patrick. And while we may have no idea where things are going, I think we can agree that this season finale is going to be one for the ages. 

Proctor and Ghost - Power Season 5 Episode 9

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Proctor really came through, huh? When push comes to shove, he couldn't dime Ghost out. Warning him about the bug wasn't unexpected, but it was a great scene between the two. He has always wanted Ghost to put himself first, and he's now given him a legitimate reason to do it.
  • Dre dimed out Alicia and Cristobal to save himself because that's what Dre does. So, anyone else wondering what his purpose on the show is now?
  • Is there a single character on this show that doesn't just show up at Angela's apartment? And does she not have a doorman? 

We only have one more episode left in this thrilling season, and I want to know everyone's finale predictions! Do we live in a world where Ghost and Angela would turn on each other again? Or will all the talk of being a changed man find Ghost finally taking responsibility for all of his actions?

The Power Season 5 finale is shaping up to be the best one yet. Make sure you come back here next week and in the meantime watch Power online right now, so you're all caught up!

There's A Snitch Among Us Review

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Power Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Ghost: What do you want from me, Tariq, huh? What do you want from me, boy?
Tariq: Teach me the motherfucking game, Ghost.

Ghost: And family doesn't go behind each others back.
Tommy: You, you're kidding with that shit, right?