Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who's Back From the Dead?

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Gabi caused more havoc for Abigail while Jennifer over shared with Stefan, Mimi told Belle the truth about Baby Bonnie, and Rex Brady returned to Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Silvananoir1 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to decide who all of those initials belong to, if Belle should take Bonnie’s case, and the one thing they wish to see on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

If “E.D.” stands for EJ Dimera, then what’s your guess on the rest of the initials: V.A., W.R., A.D., and A.V.? And are all of these people really alive?

Silvananoir1: Honestly my best guesses are Vivian, Dr. Rolf, Andre, and maybe Ava Vitali. I know the last is a massive stretch, but that's the only person I can think of with those initials. I don't actually think that any of these people might come back other than Andre. My real feeling is that this is a big red herring for Jack's return.

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Jack: Vivian Alamain, Wilheim Rolf, Andre Dimera, and (shudder) Ava Vitale. It seems like Kristen is building an army of supposedly dead troublemakers. I wish she'd thrown some good people to try to brainwash. I'd loved to have seen a P.L. in there.

Christine: All of the names listed above make sense but I really hope that Ava Vitale doesn’t come back. It was such a relief to finally get rid of her.

Babysitting Baby Bonnie - Days of Our Lives

If you could choose just ONE thing to happen next week in Salem, what would it be?

Silvananoir1: More Chloe. I've been pretty clear that I love her and I want more scenes of her, Belle, and Mimi together. Either that or can we wrap up the Gabi drama.

Jack: For Chad to wake up and realize what Gabi is doing! Get rid of this story. NOW!

Christine: I want Victor to come across some nanny cam footage of Gabi smacking herself in the head with that platter. I’d love to hear his reaction to that! 

Mimi Returns - Days of Our Lives

Should Belle take Bonnie’s case, even knowing that the baby isn’t Bonnie’s?

Silvananoir1: Yes. Mimi and Belle were best friends and went through a lot together. Belle is right that she doesn't want to be torn between Mimi and Chloe, but I think she'll take the case because at the end of the day Baby Bonnie is Mimi's child. Lucas has no right to her.

The best thing would be to encourage Mimi to just tell the truth. I don't want yet another custody battle.

Jack: No. It's unethical and should get her disbarred. What she should do is tell Mimi to let the chips fall where they may and she will defend her if she is arrested for murder (which she likely won't be).

Christine: No! Bonnie has no more right to that child than Lucas and Belle knows that. Belle is an attorney. She just went up against her whole family to have her mother taken off a ventilator because of her ethics! Where are those ethics now?

Jen Spills Secrets to Stefan - Days of Our Lives

Jennifer told Stefan everything that was going on with Abigail because he promised to back off. On a scale of 1(So stupid she may have a brain injury) to 10 (Best plan ever!), rate that decision.

Silvananoir1: 1. When did she hit her head? Stefan has shown no growth when it comes to Gabigail. I know that Jennifer did this hoping he would step back, but Stefan has made it clear multiple times that he is obsessed with Gabigail, that he believes she is the real person and that if there was an opportunity to bring her back he would take it.

We know it's not real, but Jennifer has put her daughter in harm's way. As far as Stefan knows he has a real chance to not only have what he believes to be his child but the woman he is obsessed with one stroke. This was a monumentally stupid move.

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Jack: -100 isn't a choice? What happened to smart, savvy reporter Jennifer? She should have slammed the door in Stefan's face and immediately gone to file a restraining order.

Christine: It goes down into negative numbers. Even the actress looked like she realized how stupid this entire exchange was. She literally gave Stefan all of the information he needed to manipulate and abuse her daughter.

Kyle Lowder is back. He formerly played Brady Black and is now playing Rex Brady. Do you mind the switch?

Silvananoir1: I don't really mind the switch. It's been many years and Eric Martsolf is Brady now in my mind. As long as they don't pair him with Chloe it's all good to me.

Jack: I don't care as long as the story is good. After all, Josh Taylor played another character and has been Roman for so long I rarely think of him as anything but.

Christine: My only issue is that I love Eric Winter who originally played Rex, but Winter is now on The Rookie so he’s not available. As others have said, Eric Martsolf has been Brady for so long that I don’t even think of Kyle Lowder as Brady any longer, so I’m fine with him playing Rex.

Chad Doubts Abby - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Silvananoir1: I hate Abby/Chad/Gabi story. I mean I despise the BabyBonnie story as well, because poor Lucas, but I hate that they're doing this to the character of Gabi.

Jack: More offensive Gabi garbage, especially Kate deciding to go along with Gabi's plan after all. Also, Eric was really stupid in the way he handled things at the warehouse. All he had to do was leave as soon as he found the tape and this story would have been over.

And why exactly is Sami putting Nicole down when Sami has done far worse things?

Christine: That Kate Roberts is letting Gabi push her around and betray Chad. No matter what you think of Kate, she’s a strong person who doesn’t knuckle under easily, so why is she giving in to Gabi so easily?

Gabi's Plan B - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Silvananoir1: I loved the Teen Scene flashbacks with Mimi and Chloe. I started watching the show around that time and I really watched for the teens.

I was younger back then but almost in high school and I adored the crew. Phloe, Shelle, Mimi, Jan, and Jason were mandatory watching to me. I loved the sniping and the history coming back.

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Jack: I loved that Nicole got the upper hand over Xander and that she found all those other rooms!

Christine: I was so happy to see Nicole fight for herself and get the upper hand on Xander, although I fear it won’t last long. I also like how Chloe is there for Lucas and the baby and has no problem standing up to Mimi. I also think that Chloe’s new haircut looks fantastic.

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