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Being in demand is all part of the game. 

That's what Miles realized on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 2 when a satellite radio company asked to air his podcast to get his message across. 

Recognizing that this was the chance of a lifetime, he turned to the God Account for assistance, but he was told to befriend a single mother who was having a difficult time. 

Meanwhile, Cara continued to try and get closer to her mother, but their fraught relationship caused more problems. 

Also, Rakesh was upset when he noticed Jaya was on a date, confirming she had moved on from him. 

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Get caught up on all the latest developments on this heartwarming CBS drama series. 

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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Cara: You know Miles, I think you're looking at this whole God account thing wrong. I mean, why don't you stop seeing it as a nuisance and see it for what it is?
Miles: Which is what ice cream lady?
Cara: Which is, if we find out who's behind this account, that'll make for an amazing story. And if it turns out to be God, greatest mystery of the universe solved. Win-win.

The thing is, I know it's not God. I don't believe in God. But I am determined to find out who this is.