The Passage Season 1 Episode 3 Review: That Should Never Have Happened to You

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Shauna Babcock, where have you been?

The Passage Season 1 Episode 3 was a Shauna-centric installment, and it was a refreshing change of pace to introduce this new perspective. 

At the top of "That Should Never Have Happened to You," I was cautious about going on the flashback journey with Shauna this early into the series' run, but it was a pleasant surprise. 

Shauna's Pain - The Passage Season 1 Episode 3

Before Project Noah, Shauna was desperately trying to rebuild her life following years of sexual abuse. It was a commendable move to try to save as much money as possible for the course she wanted to take, but it was obvious the money was going to go missing. 

Shauna: Clark Richards ... still naming people Clark, huh?
Clark: I may be the last one.

Danny was one disgusting individual, and while I'm surprised we got to see her literally sticking the knife into her mother, I wasn't surprised we didn't get to see what she did to Danny. That crime scene with his remains probably went down as one of the most grotesque. 

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What we know now of her childhood and the way she flew off the handle with the man in the bar confirmed my suspicion that her thirst for blood started long before Project Noah. 

The torture she endured was challenging to watch, and I'm glad Clark felt the same way. Now that he's witnessed her past, he's beginning to realize that she's a product of sexual abuse and terrible parenting. 

Clark in Pain - The Passage Season 1 Episode 3

Clark and Shauna share a past, and we don't know that much about it aside from the fact that Clark was not willing to allow her to get hurt before her cheat meal with the agent. 

It was perfectly obvious that Nichole was picking up on the connection between the pair, but there's no telling what she could or will do to Shauna to get rid of her. 

Shauna: What is this place?
Clark: You ok.
Shauna: This seemed like a good deal, but…

Nichole is all about finding the cure, and doing anything to get rid of Shauna could compromise the whole mission. The face that she was about to test on a child hit her when Amy emerged from the truck. 

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That was a pivotal moment because it showed a more vulnerable side to Nichole. She may be blinded by the fact that the pandemic is less than 60 days away from hitting U.S. soil, but she also knows that if she harms this child, she will not be able to forgive herself. 

All we need now is for Nichole to get the flashback treatment to fully understand her motives. 

Making a Plan - The Passage Season 1 Episode 2

Then there's Fanning. This man is pulling strings in a lot of ways. For a start, he urged Shauna to upload all of her past to Clark's brain. 

It makes me think Fanning thinks Shauna can manipulate Clark to an extent, and potentially use that as a means of escape from the facility. 

I make dead look pretty good, right?


While I agree that Clark can probably be manipulated by Shauna now that he knows the truth, I don't know if it's possible in this narrative for a human and a vampire to be in the same room without the vampire's thirst for blood kicking in. 

Shauna got bullied to the point that she killed the guard on The Passage Season 1 Episode 2, but that puts a big question mark over her future with Clark. 

As for Fanning entering Brad's mind, I didn't expect that, but then again, I didn't expect Brad to make it out of the room and into the place the vampires were being held. 

Making a Point - The Passage Season 1 Episode 3

The facility was supposed to be like Fort Knox, so this peeled the paint off the wall for me. It's entirely possible that Jonas allowed this to happen so that Brad would have to speak to him. 

At least, that's what I'm telling myself because it would be ridiculous to assume the security would be that flawed. 

Away from the facility, I loved Lila's plot. It's fascinating that Brad is trying to bring the company down from the inside, while Lila is on the outside trying to prove a point. 

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I don't know why, but I'm getting the feeling that Sierra is going to be part of Project Noah, and that she's going to be a mouthpiece for them to the outside world to skew events in any way the powers that be want. 

That's why I'm concerned about the upcoming meeting between Lila and Sierra. It can't be that easy to get the media involved so early on, right?

Brad Goes After the Agents - Tall  - The Passage Season 1 Episode 2

Also, I was far too quick to rule Lacey as deceased. Sorry about that one, you guys. My jaw dropped when Lila showed up in a hotel room with some chicken broth while Lacey was messing with her guns. 

Lacey should be good at protecting Lila, and I hope the former finds a way to attend the meeting with Sierra. 

That's all I got The Passage Fanatics. 

This show is one of the best newbies of the season, but it feels like something that would be more suited to cable or streaming. 

What are your thoughts on all the action?

Hit the comments below. 

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That Should Never Have Happened to You Review

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The Passage Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Shauna: What is this place?
Clark: You ok.
Shauna: This seemed like a good deal, but…

Shauna: Clark Richards ... still naming people Clark, huh?
Clark: I may be the last one.