17 Ways Jim and Barbara's Love on Gotham Is the Most Epic Ever!

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The most epic thing happened between Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon on Gotham Season 5 Episode 4.

They rekindled their romance in the most passionate of ways! 

The two former lovebirds have always been meant for each other.

Despite Jim's long-standing romance with Lee and Barbara's love affair with Tabitha, neither have gotten over their failed romance.

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It's one that never should have ended in the first place, but that's just how the ball rolled in their crazy world.

Babs and Jim's newfound romance (or night of passion, if you will) shouldn't have surprised anyone!

Epic love never fades away, and we have the reasons for you below!

When you're finished drooling over all these hot moments between Jim and Babs, you can watch Gotham online to see how each of these moments developed.

1. Jim and Babs Forever

Jim and Babs Forever
It was a moment of weakness for Jim, but it was a long time coming. He finally gave into his feelings and desires. Bad girl or not, Barbara had helped Jim numerous times with many cases and on the worst few days of his life, she remained by his side. Jim and Babs forever!! As it should be.

2. The Beginning

The Beginning
In the beginning of the series, Jim and Barbara were engaged. It was true love, but Jim put Barbara in danger and she needed her space and left Gotham. He was glad she was out of danger, but the love he had for her never went away.

3. Jim's Best Ally

Jim's Best Ally
Barbara wanted to show Jim she was on his side and helped him during his investigation into the Wayne murders. She helped him get into an all-female club so he could confront "The Lady" and while it at first seemed she tricked him, she ended saving him in the end. He was surprised but still didn't fully trust her because he was still blinded by his love for Lee.

4. Hurt Feelings

Hurt Feelings
After helping Jim with "The Lady," Babs thought her and Jim could go back to the way it used to be but Jim had no interest in that. At least not yet. It crushed her, but she never stopped loving him. And after that, Jim knew he could count on Barbara as an ally as needed.

5. The Competition

The Competition
Lee always knew that Jim still had deep feelings for Barbara and it bugged her to no end. She even went so far as to make sure Barbara knew Jim was hers -- while Barbara was in a coma!!! If that isn't insecurity, we don't know what is!

6. Deep Desires

Deep Desires
When Jervis Tetch blew Red Queen dust in Jim's face and caused him to have major hallucinations, it wasn't Lee that Jim's subconscious mind chose to guide him on his journey, but Barbara. She meant more to him that he even realized.

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