Doom Patrol vs The Umbrella Academy Poll: What Are You Watching?

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Is it a coincidence that both Doom Patrol and The Umbrella Academy unleash their teams on the same day (albeit on different streaming platforms)?

It's hard to guess given that Gerard Way, a creator of The Umbrella Academy, notes he was influenced to write the series because of his love for Doom Patrol.

Robot Man

Netflix has The Umbrella Academy, which will make it a lot easier for its mega-number of viewers to watch all in one sitting.

To watch Doom Patrol, you will need to invest in the DC Universe streaming platform and watch each new installment every week.

What the two shows have in common is that they are both unexpected family dramas (this is a good thing!), much the way House on Haunted Hill and Sabrina have redefined the genre.

Ellen Page as Vanya aka The White Violin

They share a commonality that none of the characters are actually related, and nobody "chose" to become a hero.

On The Umbrella Academy, it was the fate of the seven children adopted by billionaire scientist Sir Hargreeves to become something in the world since they were a part of the 43 infants all born miraculously to mothers on the same day, who earlier in the day had shown no signs of pregnancy.

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The Umbrella Academy kids had no choice but to be special. 

On Doom Patrol, it was the challenges of life thrown at the characters that necessitated intervention by their benefactor, Dr. Niles Caulder. It's more a case of, well, now we have these traits, so what will we do with them?

Crazy Jane

The Umbrella Academy kids trained for years under Sir Hargreeves to become a cohesive crime-fighting unit.

But their experiences didn't suit them, and they parted ways. What brings them together again is the death of their adopted father. 

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Still not persuaded to form a team, it takes another disaster connected to the family for them to realize the world needs them.

The Doom Patrol bands together when Dr. Caulder aka The Chief, disappears to the hands of a dastardly supervillain. 

Robert Sheehan as Klaus aka The Séance

Both groups have a lot of heart. The Doom Patrol's terrible lots in life take them to heartbreaking if awe-inspiring places.

The loss of their father and the realization they need family as much in the present urges The Umbrella Academy to access their powers for the greater good once again.

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We already have favorite characters and can't wait to find out who you feel are the most exciting of the two groups.

So, tell us -- what show sounds more to your liking? Will you have a hard time leaving one for another?

And the Winner is?

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The good news is that watching both is easier than you'd imagine.

While The Umbrella Academy drops all of its episodes on Netflix at once, Doom Patrol will be in the weekly format on DC Universe.

How fortuitous!!

Place your vote NOW and comment below.

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