Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Will Owen Lose Leo to Not Betty's Parents?!

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Owen and Amelia may be on the outs again. After the arrival of Not Betty's parents on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13, Owen's fear of losing Leo may have driven Amelia away again.

Elsewhere, Maggie had to deal with a nemesis, and she was unfazed by the burgeoning relationship between Meredith and DeLuca.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Rachelle Lewis, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the latest hour!

Meredith and DeLuca are officially dating. Are you surprised that Maggie handled it so well?

Stacy: No, I'm not surprised. Maggie is long over DeLuca, and I never thought she would have a problem with Meredith dating him if that's what makes her happy.

Rachelle: Nope not at all. I don’t think that Maggie was that into DeLuca when they were together. He was a fling to her, nothing super special.

Jasmine: She seems happy with Jackson, and she was pushing Amelia in the direction of DeLuca, so I'm not surprised by her reaction either. She wants her sister to be happy.

Do you think Owen will lose Leo to Not Betty's parents if they go to court for custody?

Stacy: This is a hard one. I wish I knew more about what the laws were regarding custody in Washington. As his birth mom, I assume if Not Betty managed to get clean and wanted to fight for custody, she'd have a good shot, but I'm not sure what rights her parents have to him.

I mean, their daughter disappeared for months, and they had no idea where she was, so they're not exactly proving their case for being fit parents.

I think Owen has a chance to win if it goes that far. Of course, if Not Betty dies from an overdose, her parents would probably have a legal right to him (unless she has a will we don't know about?)

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Rachelle: I hope not, but I think he will. It is so complicated because Not Betty did put Leo in foster care, and Owen is his legal guardian. Owen and Amelia are the only family he has known so that a judge might take that into consideration.

However, the grandparents are his biological family, and that carries a lot of weight. Their issues with Not Betty will definitely come into play, but legally they will likely have the upper hand if she does die. I honestly hope Owen does not lose custody. I like the little family he and Amelia have created.

Jasmine: I also love the family that he and Amelia have formed with the kids, and I don't want to see him lose custody either. However, I do think they may get custody of Leo. For one, Owen was just a foster parent, but also, Not Betty lied about who she was, so her parents would have had the option if everyone knew who she really was.

Betty's Parents

Was Amelia wrong for sharing her experience with Mrs. Dickinson or do you think Owen reacted poorly (again)? Will Amelia's addiction always interfere with their relationship?

Stacy: I don't think Amelia was wrong, but it was probably not the best decision. Owen definitely reacted poorly. Amelia's intentions were in the right place, so even if it might have been a mistake, he shouldn't have gotten so angry at her. Like she said, they're not married, so it shouldn't affect Owen's ability to fight for him.

Rachelle: I think Amelia was trying to let Mrs. Dickinson know she was not to blame for Not Betty choices.

I don’t think it even occurred to her that her story could come back to jeopardize her or Owen's relationship with Leo. Her heart was in the right place. Owen’s reaction was poor but understandable. His only concern is losing Leo, who he considers his son.

I think Owen has underlying issues with Amelia being an addict that he has never truly admitted to himself or her. I think him dealing with Not Betty and now facing the possibility of losing Leo are bringing those to the surface. If he doesn’t face his issues with Amelia’s addiction head on it will always interfere with their relationship.

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Jasmine: I felt like Amelia's heart was in the right place, and she didn't do anything wrong, but she didn't think it would come back to bite her or Owen.

I hated Owen's reaction to it because of that and his responses to anything that relates to addiction; I have concerns about their relationship. He needs to come to grips with addiction and his feelings about it before he can succeed in a relationship with an addict.

Worried Parental Figures - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13

Are you happy Alex chose to ride out his chief status until the end? What did you think about Bailey's jealousy?

Stacy: I'm not happy from a story standpoint, because I want to go back to the old Alex and see him in the OR again. From his perspective though, I'm happy that he stood up for what he wanted and that he's managed to excel at the position after his rough start.

Bailey's jealousy was silly and a little childish, especially switching the pictures. Alex has managed to prove her wrong time and time again, and he doesn't get enough credit, but I'm glad she told him she was proud of him, even if it was a little backhanded.

Miranda: I didn't even expect you to survive your intern year.
Alex: What?
Miranda: I'm saying I"m proud of you, Karev.

Rachelle: I was happy he chose to ride it out. Alex has not only been the best when it comes to commitment, and he is seeing his chief role through until the end. I, too, would like to see him back in the OR more often and treating kids because he is so good at it.

I liked that Bailey was jealous. It takes a lot to rattle her cage, and I loved that it's Alex of all people who brought one the green-eyed monster in her. Jealousy is not a trait that Bailey lets people see in her. She is usually so in control, so watching her be jealous was a refreshing change.

Jasmine: I'm also happy he stuck it out. It was a mark of his maturity that he didn't let Bailey get to him. I was proud of him.

I thought Bailey's jealousy was amusing and understandable. I loved that it meant she did her job well. It was so cute when she told him that she was proud of him. I love Alex and Bailey moments.

Proud Wife

Do you think Teddy is really over Owen and ready to move on with Tom?

Stacy: I don't know. Her speech to Tom made it seem that way, but there have always been "more than friends" feelings between Teddy and Owen, and I am not convinced they won't resurface.

They're about to have a kid together, which is going to complicate all of their relationships. Personally, I hope she's really over him. I don't particularly want to revisit them as a couple, and she seems happy with Tom.

Rachelle: I think so. I think she realized that she and Owen will always be friends first and that those more than friends feelings should not be acted on.

I think the feelings will always be there, but she knows she has to move on. I don’t want to see them as a couple. I like them being close friends; the show already has too many couples.

Jasmine: I'm starting to think she is moving on. They'll always be friends, and she'll always have feelings for him. She seems happy with Tom, though, and it's the happiest she has been in a long time.

Tom and Teddy

What was your favorite and/or funniest moment?

Stacy: I liked that Meredith refused to get on DeLuca's motorcycle. She does have three kids, and they've already lost one parent. If this relationship continues, DeLuca may need to buy a car.

Rachelle: Hands down when Bailey walked out after talking to Alex saying how she didn’t expect him to survive his intern year. It was her way of saying she was proud of him, and I loved it. Even though she wanted her job back, she let him know he has come a long way.

Jasmine: I also loved it when Bailey told Alex that she was proud of him. I loved Jo fangirling over Alex, too.

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