Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13 Review: I Walk the Line

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Meredith and DeLuca are dating officially.

After Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13, it seems they might have ended the love triangles. At least that is how it looks for now.

There are more pressing issues of which some of the various love triangle participants can concern themselves.

Hot Dads - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13

DeLuca is ecstatic that he won the girl, and he was ready to go forward full-steam ahead. We found out that Meredith apologized to Link offscreen for standing him up on Valentine's Day. As expected, he was kind and gracious, and it was further proof that he may be too good for this establishment.

Anywho, Meredith found another way to postpone a real date with DeLuca via her needing to speak to Maggie.

While we all knew Maggie didn't give a damn about who DeLuca dated and even attempted to set Amelia up with him, it's respectable that Meredith has learned from the errors of the past and wanted to be upfront with her sister first.

There was no shortage of Merluca moments until Meredith could clear that up, though. DeLuca got a kick out of distracting the hell out of Meredith with all the smizing and head tilts while holding up the surgery board because I guess he didn't have anything else to do.

I have three kids, and I'm not getting on the back of a motorcycle, so I'm driving.


So, it seems like Meredith is committed to dating DeLuca right now. The two of them were headed out for a lovely evening. Anyone else finds it, let's say amusing, that she feels the need to remind him that she's a mother of three all the time?

This time it was because of their method of transportation; Mer didn't want to take his motorcycle for a spin, so the mini-van shall work for now!

I don't have an issue with a single mother getting her groove on with a hot guy, but it continues to be odd that DeLuca either never thinks about or doesn't consider a plethora of things regarding her status as a single mom.

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It's not the only thing that defines her, and it's fantastic that he doesn't have an issue with it, but there is a level of aloofness that stands out a great deal. It's something we didn't see with Link (though he was mostly irrelevant in the end), and we didn't see it with Nick (he had a niece he was taking care of), and we didn't see it with Riggs either.

Easy and Breezy - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12

The only reason Meredith didn't consider dating the accidental blind date guy John was due to his feelings about kids. Her children are part of her, so even if she didn't plan on bringing guys around them anytime soon, they are still part of the experience.

I wonder though, is it any better for a guy to have no problem whatsoever with a woman with kids but who also doesn't consider the impact of her having them?

Nevertheless, Merluca is dating, holding hands, and kissing at the hospital without a care in the world, so I guess we're doing this for the time being. May the odds be ever in their (and some of your) favor.

A Date

Some of the best Meredith scenes were with Maggie. Why don't those two perform surgeries together more? They should!

First, Maggie couldn't care less about Mer dating DeLuca although she agreed that it was unexpected. I'm sure someone will find a reason to think she was problematic in some way. She was mostly distracted by working on her former med school classmate.

Kimberly was condescending and annoying. What adult woman still calls another person "Magpie?" As much as her presence irritated the hell out of Maggie, Kimberly did make a valid point about it making Maggie feel better that someone she loathed having to come to her seeking help.

Excellent sharing, Maggie Pierce. Please try not to kill her, and if you do, make sure it isn't on purpose.


It was still a difficult position for Maggie because she didn't want to treat her former nemesis, but she also didn't want to be responsible for her death, and her prognosis wasn't looking good.

Fortunately, everything worked out in large part due to Jackson's support (did you catch him commending her for sharing?) and Jo and Meredith's innovation.

The addition of Levi and Jo during this case offered up some funny moments. Jo especially was hilarious, and even though she has had a minor role and been in the background for a while, her growth as a character is apparent.

She's flourishing and has become a sought after doctor. She has found her niche. In addition to that, she's so damn supportive and proud of Alex that it's endearing.

A Nemesis

Alex had some bumps in the road, and he doesn't always know how to handle a crisis or some of the paperwork, but he's excelling at his role as chief.

His weekly food table for the interns was a fantastic idea, and he's right, it does boost morale and make the underlings, so to speak, feel appreciated and valued instead of the usual mild hazing that happens.

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He even has his picture on the wall! I can understand why Miranda would feel jealous and insecure. It's only natural, especially when you consider that she has worked through many of her issues, and she's itching to get back to work.

From the looks of her scenes with Jo, she is still working on their research, so it's not like she's idle with nothing to do. Before Richard could even say anything to her though, it was apparent she wasn't looking at the situation from the best perspective.

Comforting Seamus - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13

It's the natural order of things. The mentee becomes the mentor, and how can you ever be jealous of your protege? You have a role in their success! Richard quickly pointed that out because Miranda was his mentee and did the same to him.

It's what he groomed her for, and Alex's success is what Miranda groomed him for too. Yeah, Miranda was annoying, but the scenes between her and Alex are some of the cutest.

She challenged their contract and wanted to return to her position. I loved that Alex didn't bat an eye before telling her no and that he would fulfill his contractual obligation. He also has grown so much, and he's had one of the best journeys over the years.

Miranda: I didn't even expect you to survive your intern year.
Alex: What?
Miranda: I'm saying I"m proud of you, Karev.

It was adorable when a slightly annoyed Miranda still told him that she's proud of him. Alex and Meredith are her babies, and they are the only ones of her mentees left, and look at how well they are doing?

Owen is not doing well. The case with the shooting victim was odd in a few ways. The series attempted to throw in a few appeals for gun control via the victim's father ( Billy Boyd!), but they rarely landed right.

Proud Wife

There wasn't enough happening there for it to stick or for them to make a thing out of it, and then they also used the same guy to bring some humor in when no one, particularly Alex, could understand what he was saying because of that Scottish brogue of his.

It did make me think of Kevin McKidd's real accent and chuckle, just as I chuckled at his genuine appreciation of the La Scots Pipe Band. They and the Scottish love were awesome.

Seamus - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13

The Owen and Jackson friendship/ dad bro-ship is something else that is awesome. I liked their interactions.

Of course, those were the sweetest moments for Owen since he spent the rest of the hour worried about what the arrival of Not Betty's parents meant for Leo.

Am I the only one wondering if Jennifer Grey and Debbie Allen were on set together? Dance icons!

Anyhow, Not Betty's parents were sympathetic and seemed to be decent people, until they weren't. The situation is heavy and emotional, so it's not that they are terrible, but the tension was terrible, you know?

Betty's Parents

Not Betty bailed form rehab, so now Amelia is concerned about her, and so are her parents. The pain and fear they must have experienced in the past year and a half are unimaginable.

They didn't even know about baby Leo. I loved the scene Amelia shared with Mrs. Dickinson. She tried to provide some comfort to the woman from the other side of things. She knows how much hell she gave her mother when she was a teen.

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That scene also felt like it might tie into the upcoming Amelia-centric hour and perhaps the arrival of her sister. Amelia remains estranged from the rest of her family, and there is a lot to explore there, especially since Amelia has come into her own.

Mrs.Dickinson: I'm a good mom, I don't know what you must think.
Amelia: I don't think anything.

That's why it was awful that Mr. Dickinson used that conversation against her and Owen is angry at her for it. Amelia has stepped into this role as support, sponsor, and she has owned her past and has been using it to help other people. There is nothing about that of which she should feel apologetic.

The Dickinsons are operating under desperation.

They want their grandson, and that makes perfect sense. He's their family and an extension of their daughter. It's absurd that they thought they could walk out of the hospital with him like it's no big deal.

Not Betty told everyone, including social workers that her name was Betty Nelson, so that is what is on record. They couldn't come in with all of these claims without going through the system first.

Owning her Past -Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13

Also, Leo is in the system. Amelia didn't follow the proper channels to take in Not Betty, but Leo is in the foster system. Owen is right; they have to take the issue to court.

Owen has to realize though that he is Leo's foster parent. There was no promise that he would ever be able to adopt Leo and his resentment towards Betty all this time has stood out.

He's probably going to lose Leo to his grandparents, and there is nothing that he can do about that. I get his pain, but he needs to stop lashing out.

Will there ever be a time when Amelia and Owen aren't hurting each other? What is most disturbing as this arc unfolds is that Owen in all of this time still doesn't understand addiction.

Worried Parental Figures - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 13

No one is saying addicts are easy to deal with, and those who have ever had to deal with them are entitled to their feelings as well.

It's hard on them, and sometimes the drive to understand addiction and support addicts without denigrating them comes at the expense of their loved ones who may feel like they aren't allowed to express their feelings without seeming unsupportive or ignorant to addiction as a disease.

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Owen's anger or his callousness often surpasses his compassion when he speaks about anything related to addiction, and it's a noticeable issue considering he is in love with an addict.

Owen is entitled to his feelings, and he doesn't have to deal with something he can't understand, but Amelia doesn't deserve to be in a position where someone doesn't understand her struggles or journey.

At the moment, Owen is so out of touch here, and it has come up far too often (when he's angry) for it not to be an issue or his truth.

Visting  (Not) Betty - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12

No amount of "otherizing" Amelia and considering her the exception to the rule will save their relationship if he doesn't reflect on that.

Teddy did some self- reflection and concluded that she and Owen are destined to be friends. You can be soul mates without sharing a romantic link.

I'm giving a shoutout to the underused interns who were scene-stealers. Casey was there to work with Owen, and it is always cool when the veterans join forces.

Seniors rocking with the poly. Like it!


Quadri made an appearance too, but Helm's line about seniors getting into the poly lifestyle was hilarious.

You couldn't figure out which guy was the husband or if all three people were together as one. It left Teddy so confused.

After a talk with her patient's husband, she realized that there is a way for her and Owen to be in one another's lives while still maintaining relationships.

It seems as though things are getting serious with Teddy and Tom. I respected that he saw she was grappling with something, was hurt that it may have meant she didn't have feelings for him, but he gave her space to figure things out without calling her on it.

T & T - Tall

Despite my assertion that Tom and Meredith would have made a kickass couple, that wasn't in the cards. I like Tom and Teddy together.

Tom treats Teddy well. She isn't a consolation prize with Tom. He has a genuine fondness for her and likes spending time together, and he isn't the least bothered by her pregnancy.

I also feel like Teddy may be a good match for Tom. They seem to get each other, and they balance each other out so well. He's been missing a family but there has been yearning for one, and he may have found it.

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics! Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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