Hawaii Five-0 Review: Double Trouble

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Somehow, tonight's two episodes jammed together actually both delved into the subject of family: a happy accident, no doubt.

First, Adam helped out a deaf homeless man reconnect with his family on Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 16.

Even the case of the week had something of a family angle, as the greedy killer ends up trying to save her children from the gang for which she was laundering money. A stretch, granted, but still family.

Befriending a Homeless Man - Tall - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 16

Finally, something for Adam to do, even if it was tangential at best to police work.

Instead, he was doing something more akin to community service, befriending Hal and helping him to improve his life.

This behavior wasn't unexpected as Adam has been somewhat adrift outside of work (actually, inside of work too, come to think of it). He was slowly moving into his apartment, but his breakup with Kono still haunted him.

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I was wondering if this episode might have been shown out of order. On Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 15, Adam joked that Jerry had more boxes in his basement office than he had moved into his new apartment.

Since he'd gotten help in recent months, he decided to pay it forward and aid Hal, helping him look for work and cleaning him up so that he could reunite with his family. Adam's family may have gotten shattered, but, dammit, Hal's didn't have to be.

Team Gathering - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 16

Fortunately, Kamekona was there with some folksy wisdom for Adam, having him examine his motivations for helping Hal.

The housewarming dinner at Adam's apartment was heartwarming, as he thanked those who had helped him through his rough year.

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Now, if only the powers that be could figure out how to use him at Five-0, something beyond being Backup #3. He's got specific skills. Use 'em.

Unfortunately, Adam, Jerry, Junior, and Tani all have strong computer skills. That's great for the less-skilled McGarrett, Grover, and Granddad Danny, but kind of redundant for viewers.

As for the case itself, props for shining a spotlight on the beauty products Ponzi scheme.

Helping a Friend - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 16

Beyond that, the victims were those ponying up thousands to sell the products. But that isn't nearly as sexy as the poisoned Instagram-modeling sales queen bleeding out every orifice in a mermaid costume. You don't see that on every show.

Using the beauty company to launder gang money was a different twist. But the case seemed to get closed rather quickly, to allow more time for Adam. I guess that was a better use of the time.

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Tani's obsession with mermaids was funny, even though her in there with all those little girls seemed a little off. Still, it's got to be hard to swim like that.

A gripe: Let's feature Noelani in an episode. She gets more screen time on Magnum, P.I., for crying out loud.

The No-So-Little Mermaid - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 16

Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 17 was a Junior spotlight.

That's cool. He and Tani are still being fleshed out after only most of the two seasons.

Junior is a walking family issue. He's still making peace with his sister's death and his relationship with his father remains on shaky ground, although it's improving.

This time out, it was his longtime sweetheart Layla. He went away to serve and kept serving. She got bored and moved on.

To a thug, apparently. A well-meaning thug, but a thug nonetheless.

Junior is Torn - Tall - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 17

Perhaps a more seasoned officer would step back from a situation where he's personally involved. Based on this show's history, probably not. But in a perfect world ...

No, Junior has to be utterly sure of Tory's involvement before he chances to mess up the orderly life of Layla and her son. At least McGarrett was understanding about it. Likely because he's done the same a time or three each season.

But then again, it's his task force. He can go off on a hunch. He only reports to the governor, who mostly doesn't want to know when McGarrett is off freelancing. As long as nothing blows up or there's no international incident.

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Poor Tani had to cover for Junior while he was off checking out his hunches, lamely interrogating Layla and confronting Tory. That's their thing, covering for each other's bad impulses.

I keep wondering when those two are going to cease being brother and sister and enter into a romantic relationship. It's seemed like an obvious step since they both got added to the team. Danny even had them married in his fever dream after he had been shot on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 16. But not yet.

Grilling a Teller - Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 16

At least Junior determined he was being set up by Tory, so he returned the favor by taking sufficient backup. Why those moron robbers didn't ditch Tory and run, I don't understand. Instead, they got mowed down for their troubles.

Of course, it came down to Tory opting for suicide by cop. I figured Junior could have just winged him, but I guess that's not how they're trained.

Tani ended up getting an outpouring about Junior's relationship with Kayla and how he messed it all up. Then Layla slapped him, primarily for her own bad choices.

Junior can't seem to win.

To get through an off week, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Are you glad Adam seems to be in a better place now?

When will Tani and Junior get together?

Which case of the week did you prefer?

Comment below.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

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